We review cannabis vaporizers and other marijuana related products. All of our reviews are unbiased and objective.

We do not sell ANYTHING. If we believe it’s a good product, and the merchant selling the product or service has an affiliate program, we will link to that product/service with an affiliate link. This means we might be paid a small commission if you buy the product or service. This is how we pay our web hosting bills and keep our lights on (and hopefully pay for all the vapes we buy).

Why are we explaining this?

Because the FCC feels that need to explain that in detail because they think you might not be smart enough to see the difference between a real review and a bullshit review on your own.

They think we might be willing to sell our reputation for an affiliate commission. They are wrong. But we have to put it into writing so we don’t get in trouble 🙂

If you think the affiliate links are offensive – don’t click them.