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My name is Troy and I'm a dry herb vaporizer geek. I fell in love with vaping weed when I realized how much more higher than smoking it got me. Plus I went from smoking 2 grams per day to vaping a gram per week with a dry herb vape. Dry Herb Vape 101:

How to use a dry herb vape

What is a dry herb vaporizer?
How do dry herb vapes Work?

Last week I fought through 3 hours of traffic and nearly peed my pants driving through Los Angeles. I joined Kristen Yoder at the Purple Haze Radio studios where she hosts her Soil to the Oil podcasts and internet radio shows. We got high and talked about how crazy the cannabis industry can be and how […] > Continue Reading!

Healthy Rips FIERCE Update

Healthy Rips Fierce UPDATE

I’ve been getting a shit-ton of requests for info and updates on the HR Fierce… I apologize for all of the delays, but I need to make sure I have a properly functioning unit before making a review. One of the blue gaskets of my device didn’t make a good seal. After seeing my device […] > Continue Reading!

Vape Collaboration: RBT + 420vz = ZOMG

Over the past 15 months, I’ve met and worked with a majority of the brands and manufacturers in the weed vape space. I started my journey with a vision of bridging the gap between vape users and the manufacturers who produce them. Educating and guiding consumers while helping manufacturers align with our expectations and needs. […] > Continue Reading!

Sticky Brick 101: Everything You NEED to Know about the Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Follow the Sticky Brick road and it will lead to some of the quickest and hardest hitting dry herb vaporizers available. The Sticky Bricks are powered by direct heat from a small pocket torch and the intensity of the vapor is controlled by your torch-technique and inhale speed. The Sticky Brick’s unique wooden body and […] > Continue Reading!

Boundless TERA Mouthpiece Mods – Solo Stem Mod + Wooden WPA

boundless tera mouthpiece mods

The Boundless TERA is an extremely powerful dry herb vaporizer. It’s a convection powered vape capable of massive vapor clouds and lung-busting bong rips. Some prefer to eliminate the plastic mouthpiece from the Tera and improve the vapor path. There are two easy options for this. The first uses a type of glass stem from […] > Continue Reading!

Firewood 5 Review – True On-Demand Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Firewood 5 is the latest hand-made dry herb vape from Marc over at Firewood Vapes.  The Firewood 5 is dry herb vaporizer with simple push-button controls and an on-demand convection heater. Hold the button, take your hit, put it away or pass it to the left. This dry herb vape has several upgrades over […] > Continue Reading!

High Times Acquires Dope Magazine

This morning Forbes announced the acquisition but retracted the article an hour later. Google still lists the headline in its results but the URL returns a 404 error and there’s no trace of it on Forbes.com. Marijuana media mogul Bess Byers, imcannabess, called attention to the news and the deletion today with a series of […] > Continue Reading!

Firewood 5 Now Available in a Variety of Woods

Firewood 5 wood varieties

  The Firewood 5 is one of my favorite on-demand dry herb vaporizers. It’s a handmade, artisanal vape with a removable 18650 battery, glass vapor path, and an updated full convection heater. Full Firewood 5 Review & Video Perhaps the most unique feature of the Firewood 5 is the multi-bowl loading system. This ceramic magazine packs […] > Continue Reading!

xvape vista mini

At the Champs Tradeshow a few months ago I brought home a beta vape from Xvape. The vape was a TINY little dab rig with wireless charging and a leak-proof, ‘peak-like’ design. Oh! And a retail price of $130!! The Vista Mini from Xvape had me excited, but with an extreme sense of caution. This […] > Continue Reading!

The Vivant RIFT is an ultra-fast heating dry herb vape with an on-demand conduction oven. It’s a $200 vape with a few unique features: On Demand conduction – Full flavored robust vapor is seconds away Modular Heater – fully remove the heater to clean or replace Vivant RIFT Review Video In this video review, I […] > Continue Reading!