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Professional Weed Vape Reviewer
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I’m an independent, honest, and unbiased vape reviewer dedicated to helping you find the best dry herb vaporizer.

I’ve been committed to owning, testing, and reviewing EVERY. SINGLE. VAPE. for 5+ years now.

I cover every relevant vape and rank their quality and performance regardless of business relationships or affiliate opportunities.  My vape reviews are notoriously unbiased and often brutally honest, again, regardless of affiliate relations.

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The ONE by POTV is one of the best budget vapes of 2023. Simple, small, and effective.

TKO Ball Vape

The newest desktop vape has more balls than the rest and it’s perfect.

2023 Dynavap M+

The new M+ features a finless tip that’s been optimized for better thermal extraction. It’s Legit.

Freight Train Pro

This is the newest ball vape on the market and the potential best new desktop.

Angus Vaporizer

The Angus is a portable vape that’s powered by a halogen light bulb. This vape is still in development & review.

About Troy

I quit my job to pursue my passion for dry herb vaporizers and medical cannabis products.

Passionate cannabis enthusiast, full-time creator, grower, reviewer

I’ve always been passionate about cannabis, even growing up in IL where weed was super illegal at the time. I knew from a young age that this plant is a way of life.
After a crazy 20-year career in the dot-com space, I quit my job to pursue my own passions. Now I create content about topics I’m passionate about – like weed vapes and Weber grills

I test and compare cannabis products to help people make better buying decisions.  I own them all and I produce in-depth vape reviews and comparisons to help others have the best cannabis experience – without smoke.

Dry Herb Vapes are my specialty – these are vapes for weed

Choosing the best dry herb vaporizer can be daunting. There are a lot of great vapes available and each delivers a unique vapor experience. Some vapes are fast and powerful while others are slow and gentle. There are micro-dosing vapes as well as megadosing.

There are hundreds of TERRIBLE vapes on the market. Please do your research before buying a G-pen or a Pax.

I’ve put together this list of the best dry herb vaporizers for every budget and for every type of cannabis user. With 100+ vapes on my shelf, if I could only keep one – it would be the Mighty.

These are the vaporizers I use the most:

My Top 3 Dry Herb Vapes

Mighty+ Vaporizer


Dual battery for all day power

Thick, tasty, fluffy vapor

USB-C Fast Charging

Full Temperature Control

Almost always in Troy's pocket

#1 Best Portable Weed Vape

Flowerpot B2 (The King)


Hardest Hitting Vape 2022

Single hit extraction

Double Deckers (Dabs + Flower)


Almost Always on Troy's Desk

#1 Desktop Vaporizer

dynavap M

Dynavap Vapcap M

  • MUST HAVE: 99% 99%

Battery Free Vaporizer

Butane torch powered

Cheapest Dry Herb Vape

USA Made, Stainless Steel

Key to the Dynaverse

#1 Budget Vaporizer

Weed Vaporizers 101: Types of  Vapes

Vape Carts


Wax Pen

Dabs & Concentrates

Puffco Peak & Portable Dabs

Dabs & Concentrates

Dry Herb Mighty Crafty Vapes

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Nugs & Flower

Desktop Vapes & Hardest Hitting Vapes

Dry Herb + Dabs

There are 5 different types of weed vapes.  The basic dab pen or vape pen from the dispensary is great with the right vape battery, but nothing compares to a true flower or concentrate vaporizer.  I really dedicate my time and energy to Dry Herb Vaporizers and Heavy Hitting Desktop Vapes.

The Ball Vape Revolution is upon us and new heavy-hitting vaporizers have changed the way we smoke! These desktop vaporizers have an open airflow and produce thick smoke-like vapor. These hard-hitting vapes hit as hard or harder than dabbing!

Most are looking for portable vaporizers because cannabis is illegal and they need something that can be hidden away.

I’ve put together a guide to the best portable vaporizers as well as summarized my favorites and the most popular options below.

My #1 Portable: Mighty +


The Mighty+ and Mighty OG are my most used and most carried portable weed vaporizers.

The Mighty+ is the size of two iPhones stacked screen to screen. It’s an incredibly easy-to-use vape that cranks out clouds of fluffy and delicious vapor.

The Mighty+ is the fastest and easiest vape to unload and reload.

With two internal batteries and fast USB-C charging, the Mighty+ is powerful enough for heavy smokers.

The Mighty may be big for your pockets. It’s little brother, The Crafty+ offers similar vapor in a smaller package.  For those on a budget, check out the PotV One or the HR Rogue.

Most Popular: Pax 2 & Pax 3


Pax vaporizers are trendy and popular. The Pax 2 and Pax 3 have sold tens of thousands of vapes since their launch in 2012.

These simple conduction vapes are super small and compact, fitting in the palm of your hand.

The Pax 2 and 3 are great for beginners or casual cannabis users, but daily smokers find themselves upgrading fast.

See my Pax Buying Guide if you’re interested in a Pax vaporizer or check out my list of Pax Alternatives.

The Pax 2 is on my best budget vape list, but neither the Pax 2 or 3 are in my top 10 best portable vapes.

Must Try: Dynavap Vaporizer

The Dynavap is a truly unique weed vaping experience. Consider it the one-hitter of dry herb vaporizers.

The Dynavap makes a small amount of weed go a very long way.

There’s a small learning curve to the Dynavap, and mastering the Vapcap may take 5 or 6 tries. Dynavap gurus become one with the vape and have built relationships with their vaping experience.

If you’re brand new, my Dynavap 101 video is a great place to get educated fast. My Dynavap Buying Guide compares the modern Dynavap lineup.

Puffco Peak & Proxy

The Puffco Peak has nearly become synonymous with e-rigs and portable dab devices. While there are several similar devices worth comparing, the Peak and Peak Pro reign supreme in the e-rig category.

In 2022 Puffco released a modular atomizer and dry pipe – the Puffco Proxy.

Micro dab rigs similar to the Puffco Peak: Focus Carta, Core 2, iSpire Daab. There are a few more weak imitators that I’m not going to mention here.

There are a lot of fakes and frauds on the internet these days. I’ve put together a trusted list of the best online vape stores HERE.

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is a legendary device with over 20 years of desktop vape dominance.

The Volcano Classic has been improved and upgraded over time but remains the same full convection balloon-blowing vaporizer.

In 2019 Storz & Bickel made huge upgrades to the Volcano vape and launched the Volcano Hybrid.

The Volcano Hybrid boasts even stronger vapor with its added conduction-heated herb chamber. The Hybrid Volcano also features a full temperature display, touch-screen buttons, and Bluetooth app integration.

I LOVE the Hybrid and can’t imagine going back to the Classic Volcano. The Hybrid vapor tastes a lot better and extracts faster.

Dabs & Dabbing /E-nails & E-rigs

E-nails are great for dabbing at home without the hassle of torches and fragile quartz bangers.

Cheap e-nails are pretty common and even found on Amazon, but there are worthy reasons to spend more for a quality setup.

I’m still working on a full buying guide. Testing e-nails requires a lot of concentrates and concentration.

My favorite E-nails are the MiniNail and the T-Bucket, and the T-bucket production is currently on pause.

MiniNail makes a few different nails. I really like the Hybrid Deep Dish with SiC. They recently launched an XL version with a massive 30mm wide dish.

If Torch Dabs are more your thing, you are in good company. Terp Slurpers are my favorite way to dab and I dab all day, everyday.

Magic Butter Machine

Whether you call it “weed butter” or “magic butter” – canna butter has never been easier.  My wife prefers edibles over smoking or vaping cannabis, and as a grower, I have a lot of trim to use for making infused food at home.

I’m a big fan of both the Magical Butter Machine and the Ardent FX. The Ardent gets used a bit more because it decarbs and infuses while the Magic Butter Machine only infuses.

Some classic snobby stoners prefer to crush nugs with fingers or scissors. I want my trichomes to go in my vape, not on my hands.

Weed Grinders are an essential tool for the modern cannabis user, whether they’re smoking or vaping the herb – it needs to be ground.

The *best weed grinder* is one that will work quickly and reliably to produce consistently ground herb without mutilation.

The best 3-piece weed grinder is the Brilliant Cut Grinder. It’s hands-down the nicest herb grinder to use. The BCG is a threadless design with a buttery smooth action, even after pounds and pounds of California’s finest.

The best 4-piece is the Santa Cruz Shredder. The SCS is a classic threaded grinder with highly refined teeth and edges. The Santa Cruz has the fluffiest grind consistency out of all the weed grinders I’ve tested.

Other Guides

As stoners with many interests, some of our popular content isn’t about vaporizers!

For psychonauts and psilocybin mushroom users, my Guide to Lemon Tek documents the best way to eat magic mushrooms. This video was recently deleted from Youtube!

Smokers looking for emergency around-the-house items to smoke with can turn to our list of DIY Smoking Devices

ABV Guide

– Already Been Vaped, the dumbest acronym around. Also known as AVB, Already Vaped Bud, equally silly. This is what your weed turns into after it’s been vaped. ABV still has THC and cannabinoids in it and you can get high by eating it or extracting that THC.

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