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420Vapezone Discord

Discord is an environment built for chat and more casual conversations and gaming.

The 420vapezone Vape Discord is the home to text and video channels. Dedicated vaporizer categories and channels are setup for in-depth vape discussions and vape help.

Troy himself, as well as hundreds of other dry herb vape enthusiasts, are online daily helping new members find the best vape for them and helping decipher the differences between the plethora of vapes on the market.

We recommend using the Discord App (PC or Mobile), however, the 420 Vape Discord is also accessible via a web browser.

Rules of the 420vapezone Discord

  1. MUST BE 21 or older
  2. Be Nice. Don’t be a dick. Dickish comments will be removed. Repeated assholery will be kicked.
  3. No trolling. Don’t antagonize others or instigate arguments.
  4. No Spam, Self Promotion, or User Sales.
  5. Brand Representatives MUST have an obvious username and @brandrep role
    — Makers and creators are clear to share their content but should consider a 10:1 ratio of natural: promotion
  6. No Sourcing/asking or offering plugs (includes THC-A & CBD)
  7. No Religion or Politics
  8. Keep Vape-Specific channels ON TOPIC. Threads are encouraged, Off topic threads are welcome.
  9. DON’T CROSS-POST/DOUBLE-POST. Pick a channel.
  10. Be Respectful to Moderators and Mod Decisions.

Community Session & Voice Chat Rules

Access to the 420vapezone sessions is a privilege. We come together as a community to sesh together and share company with a like-minded community.

  1. Clothing Required. Cmon now, your tits aren’t that great.
  2. Be mindful of your audio. Use headphones if needed. Many users have upgraded their microphone and headphones for a higher fidelity experience.
    Use Push-to-Talk if your mic sucks.
  3. Positive vibes. No Toxicity. – We’re vibing here, mind the vibe. Non-vibers will lose session access.
  4. Don’t Interrupt others. Share the mic.
  5. Mind the conversation. Don’t free-associate.
    The sesh is not your personal google.
  6. Company Representatives should be considered OFF DUTY.
    Respect that. Send a DM instead

Gaming Sessions
We sesh and game at the same time.

  1. Game chatter is not allowed in sesh rooms, move to a gaming session
  2. Gaming/Streaming is allowed in the sesh rooms as long as it isn’t disruptive
  3. Visitors are welcome in gaming channels, but must be mindful of the gamers