The Silver Surfer, or Silver Surfer Vape – SSV, is a classic desktop vape that’s been around for more than a decade. It uses a ceramic heating element to vaporize your herb. (skip to SSV Modification video)

7th Floor Vapes SSV - Silver Surfer Vape - 420vapezone Edition

It’s always been a powerhouse and simple to use once you get the hang of it – but for a newcomer, it’s like learning to ride a unicycle.

The Glass Bead Era

Glass beads are everywhere lately. We’ve seen them in cooling stems, in bongs, and even inside dry herb vaporizers.

The G43, by The Vape Critic, is powered by a heating coil and glass beads as a convection heater. The Glass Symphony is a desktop vape that utilizes the same technology.

The balls work wonders in both situations. The additional surface area and thermal mass can quickly cool down hot vapor as it passes through the cooler balls. Or the hot balls can quickly heat up the cool air and serve as a super-charged convection heater.

The thermal mass of the glass balls packs a massive capacity of calories, ready and waiting to be unleashed onto your bowl.

Glass balls are the magic behind the G43 and the Glass Symphony.

Glass Balls in the Silver Surfer (SSV)

I added 200 glass balls to my SSV. The glass balls are 3mm diameter, purchased from ebay.

Glass Ball Mod for 7th Floor Vapes SSV

The glass balls turn my 7th Floor Vapes SSV into a POWERHOUSE unlike any other dry herb vape in my collection. The SSV 43 Symphony hits harder than my G43 and harder than my flowerpot.

I used two screens from DDaveMod. The small screen is his 14mm rimmed basket screen I believe. The larger screen no longer appears to be available on his website.

Supplies used to mod SSV / LSV

I bought 3mm glass balls off ebay. They’re also available on Amazon.

I used screens from DDavemods. The small hat screens came with his EQ microdosing kit. The larger screens are from something different – maybe he will remember?