Before you go out buying a dry herb vaporizer because it’s POPULAR, I implore you to explore this helpful guide of portable vaporizers I’ve put together below.

The vaporizers on this list are the best portable vapes on my vape shelf. These are the ones I’d carry and use. Scan through the Vape Help & Best Vape Lists below for quick tips and recommendations.

Best Portable Vaporizers

Mighty+ Vaporizer

Mighty Plus Storz and Bickel Vaporizer
Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer

Mighty+ Vaporizer – The Mighty+ ($399) is my most used and most recommended portable dry herb vape. It’s easy to use and fun to share. The vapor is full, fluffy, and delicious and the Mighty is very easy to load, unload, and reload. The Mighty doesn’t have a replaceable battery. It has 2 internal 18650 batteries and will vape 8+ bowls per charge. Read more about the Mighty Plus in my Mighty vape review.

You can click here to check out the Mighty+ directly from Storz and Bickel ($399). I also recommend POTV ($319) as an authorized S&B retailer.

Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty Plus Vaporizer
Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer

Crafty+ – I wasn’t really a fan of the Crafty until they updated the Crafty+ ($279) version to a better battery. I’d still rather carry the Mighty+ and have a few extra bowls worth of power and easy temp control, but the Crafty+ offers the same great vapor in a smaller-sized vape. Crafty+ packs the same perfect vapor as the Mighty+ but in a smaller, less-featured package.

You can click here to pick up the Crafty+ for $279 directly from Storz & Bickel. I also recommend POTV ($223), they are a Storz & Bickel authorized retailer.

OG Mighty

Original Mighty Vaporizer
Original Mighty Vaporizer

OG Mighty – The Mighty OG ($349) reigned King of the Vapes until it was dethroned by the Mighty+ The Mighty OG has an aluminum bowl instead of ceramic coated and it uses a wall plug to charge instead of USB. The Mighty OG is the same great vaporizer as the Mighty+ but without USB-C charging and a nonstick ceramic bowl.

The OG Mighty retails for $349. Click here to pick it up directly from Storz and Bickel. Check out POTV ($279) as well.

Best Cheap Vaporizers

I get it, you’re on a budget. Being cheap doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice though! Below I will recommend the best cheap vaporizers to make sure you get a good product at a good price.

Dynavap B Series

Dynavap B Series
Dynavap B Series

Dynavap B – By far the best bang-for-your-buck vaporizer is the Dynavap. The new Dynavap B is a budget-friendly $49. The M is an all-stainless-steel vape that will last a lifetime. Or pick up the BB3 glass stemmed vapcap for an affordable all-glass vape that fits 14mm bongs natively.

If torch-powered portables aren’t for you and the Dynavap Induction Heaters aren’t your thing, there are still several cheap portables I recommend.

Read more about all the Dynavap models in my Dynavap Vaporizer guide.

You can click here to check out the entire lineup directly from Dynavap. POTV is also an authorized retailer.

Davinci Miqro-C

Davinci Miqro-C Vaporizer (Green)
Davinci Miqro-C Vaporizer (Green)

Davinci Miqro-C – The Davinci Miqro-C is a portable dry herb vape the size of a key fob! It offers Pax-like performance with a replaceable battery system for a mere $99.

You can click here to pick up the Miqro-C directly from Davinci.

Best for Beginners

Portable vaporizers like the Xmax V3 Pro ($109) and POTV One ($99) are perfect for beginners and casual cannabis users. They are both pocket-friendly and come with everything you need to vape dry herbs. 

If you plan to vape daily, you’ll probably want to upgrade to a Mighty+ ($399), or a Pax Plus ($250) but the XMAX V3 Pro and the POTV One vaporizer will fit the needs of most beginner vaporizer enthusiasts.


XMAX POTV V3 Pro Vaporizer
XMAX POTV V3 Pro Vaporizer

XMAX V3 Pro – Upgrading in style, features, and performance – but still on a budget – the Xmax V3 Pro checks a lot of boxes at only $109. The XMAX V3 Pro also features a replaceable battery system but a much bigger battery. 

Check out my XMAX V3 Pro review for more info

You can click here to buy the XMAX V3 Pro from POTV.


POTV One Vaporizer
POTV One Vaporizer

POTV One – The POTV One ($99) can literally fit in the palm of your hand while simultaneously milking up a fat bong. Don’t let the size of this device fool you, the POTV One vaporizer features a 30-second heat-up time, a hybrid heating system, and precise temp control.

Read more in my POTV ONE review and.

You can click here to check it out directly at POTV.

Best Battery Life

Battery life is important if you plan to be away from a power source for more than a few bowls and that’s why I trust the Mighty+ and the Solo 2 vaporizers.

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Solo 2 – The portable vape with the best battery life is the Arizer Solo 2, it can vape 12+ bowls per charge and it’s charged via USB-C so you can even add a battery pack. 

The Solo 2 used to cost $300 and it was competitive with the Mighty. Now that it’s $135 it’s hard to ignore! The all-glass vapor path gives the Arizer Solo 2 an upper hand in the flavor department and the super large internal battery powers through about 13 bowls per charge. 

You can click here to pick up the Arizer Solo 2 directly from Arizer for $145. I also recommend POTV which has it for $135.

Mighty Plus

Mighty Plus Vaporizer
Mighty Plus Vaporizer

Mighty Plus – The upside to the Mighty+ vaporizer ($399) is the portability. While the Mighty+ is a decently-sized vaporizer, it will still fit safely in my pocket. The Solo 2 is a bit thicker and you need to take extra caution when storing the glass stem. The Mighty+ vapes 8-10 bowls per charge.

Both units charge via USB-C, feature easy-to-read displays, and are easy to operate. If I had to pick one, my vote would be the Mighty+ but purists will go for the all-glass vapor path of the Arizer Solo 2. Read more info in my Mighty Plus Review.

You can click here to check out the Mighty+ directly from Storz and Bickel ($399). I also recommend POTV ($319) as an authorized S&B retailer.

Arizer Air MAX

Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer
Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer

Air MAX – The Arizer Air MAX ($229) has the same great Arizer portable vaporizer benefits, plus a HUGE removable battery. The Air Max replaces the legendary Arizer Air 2. It’s a slim-style vape, similar to a vape pen with a glass stem. The removable 20650 battery is large enough to vape about 12 bowls per charge.

All of the Arizer portable vapes have essentially the same vapor with subtle feature differences. Click here to check out the Arizer Air MAX directly at Arizer($229). You can also check out Air MAX @ POTV ($199).

Best Conduction Vaporizers

Conduction vaporizers vape slower and heat your herb continuously. The effects from conduction vapes are typically more “stony” and sedative. Conduction vaporizers are meant for 5-15 minute sessions. Portable Conduction vapes are great for that heavier stone like smoking delivers.

Battery-powered conduction vapes like the Pax Plus and Davinci IQC are pocket-friendly and easy to hide but usually require longer sessions especially when compared to on-demand vaporizers.

Davinci IQ2

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Purple
Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Purple

Davinci IQ2 / IQC – The all-metal body Davinci IQ2 and IQC are classy and powerful vapes with a removable battery for true portability. 

The Davinci IQC lacks adjustable airflow like the more intuitive IQ2 and the IQ2 also boasts better materials plus dosage tracking software built into the vape. 

I’m working on a lot of Davinci vaporizer content but for now, you can click here to check out the Davinci IQ2 directly from Davinci.

Pax Plus

Pax Plus Vaporizer
Pax Plus Vaporizer

Pax Plus / Pax Mini – The Pax vaporizers are extremely popular for their small size and easy interface. First-time vaporizer owners will appreciate the simple bowl and sippable robust vapor. The new Pax Plus and Pax Mini are the more pocket-friendly options in the category and offer excellent battery life for their size. 

Look for my Pax Plus / Pax Mini reviews soon. The Pax Plus retails for $250 and you can click here to pick it up directly from Pax Labs.

The Pax Mini is basically the same vaporizer minus a few features and overall the much better buy at $150. You can click here to see the Pax Mini directly at Pax Labs.

Best Butane Vapes

Butane vapes are great for disconnecting from the grid and getting high without batteries and plugs.

Dynavap Vaporizers

Dynavap M Series Vaporizer
Dynavap M Series Vaporizer

Dynavap – The Dynavap vaporizers ($49 – $200) are the most popular portable butane vaporizer because it offers a familiar interface. The Dynavap Vapcap loads like a one-hitter but vapes the weed instead of smoking it.

The Dynavap Vapcap is a must-have for any cannabis enthusiast or micro-doser. It provides a fun and familiar vaping method and an oddly satisfying experience. Check out my full Dynavap vaporizer review for more info and scroll down to see pricing and which model is best for you.

The Dynavap lineup runs from $49 for the B series, all the way up to $200 for the Dynavap Omni series. You can click here to check out the entire lineup directly from Dynavap. POTV is also an authorized retailer.

Which Dynavap is Right For You?

  • Start out with the Dynavap B if this is your first vape! It’s the simplest and the cheapest Dynavap model that uses a silicon stem and a stainless steel half-bowl. The Dynavap B holds as little as .01 or as much as .1g
  • The M is an all-stainless steel version with a larger bowl and more o-rings. It’s $30 more than the B and can hold twice as much in its bowl.
  • The Vong and BB stems are both compatible with bongs and bubblers. The Vong is better for carrying or traveling with its titanium crowns and wooden or titanium centerpieces.
  • BB glass stems come in a variety of sizes and colors for affordable at-home bong usage. These glass stems offer condenser-free vapor with an all-glass vapor path. They’re tasty, but the balls do gunk up fast.
  • The Omni is the most luxurious and lightest of the Dynavap vaporizers. It’s an all-titanium device with an adjustable airport and twisted condenser cooling. The Omni is my favorite Dynavap to carry.

Sticky Bricks

Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer
Sticky Brick OG Vaporizer

Sticky Brick – Vaporizers like the Sticky Bricks ($99 – $200) use the hot air from torch lighters as convection heat to vaporize your herbs. Sticky Bricks can hit hard and fast or soft and slow. They’re the quickest heating portable vaporizer and a true instant-on as they’re powered by a small butane torch.

Sticky Brick Vapes are hand-made in the USA out of responsibly harvested woods and borosilicate glass. The Runt and the Junior are my favorites in the lineup, but the OG is super fun to hit. If you plan to carry your vape, the Sticky Brick Jr is your best bet – it has a magnetic cover to protect the glass.

Check out my full Sticky Brick review for more info on all the different models. The suite runs from $99 for the Flip Brick, up to $200 for the Hydrobrick MAXX. You can click here to check out the Sticky Brick vaporizers at Planet of the Vapes.

Best Convection Vaporizers

If you’re looking for convection, you’re looking for flavor. These vapes deliver. Small, on-demand vaporizers like the Xmax V3 Pro and the TinyMight 2 are the most popular convection vapes. 

Tinymight 2 Vaporizer
Tinymight 2 Vaporizer

TinyMight 2 – The TinyMight 2 ($349) has a mild learning curve to use and master, but it’s worth it. I recommend picking up the glass WPA and an additional mouthpiece with an extra cooling unit.

You can click here to check out the Tinymight 2 from POTV, the only authorized retailer in the US.

While they may come close, very few portable convection vapes can compare to desktop vapes. Check out my best desktop vaporizers guide for some plug-in convection options or my ball vape guide for the heaviest hitting desktops.