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The Arizer Go, or ArGo is the latest dry herb vape from Arizer. Very Small!

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The Arizer Go is the latest vape to release in 2017. A surprise, really, considering Arizer has already launched the updated and improved Air II and Solo II.

The ArGo solves the age-old Arizer portability problem. The Air and Solo models use a separate and/or protruding delicate glass stem – “portable” only if you are willing to take the precaution. The Go still uses a glass stem for that tasty pure vapor, but the oven is recessed and the stem stays concealed within the body of the vaporizer.

The size of the unit is 1″ x 2″ x 3″ – the size of a deck of cards. More compact and carry-able than any other Arizer vape.

The Arizer Go stem holds as little as .05g (with a screen) or as much as .25g. I usually vape about .15-.2g per bowl.

The ArGo uses the same hybrid heating native to the Arizer portable lineup. It’s a unique combination of conduction and convection.

Loading weed into the stem is easy and touch-free

Arizer Go Vapor Quality

The vapor from the Go is gentle and flavorful, while still packing some power in the longer draws. I vape at 385 for ten minutes.
The first few draws are whispy but extremely terpy and bright. Draws 3 through 7 are full and hearty, absolutely delicious. The 8th hit is the first that makes me cough – a touch of dryness is introduced. Sometimes at this point I will raise the temp and finish the bowl warmer, other times I’ll just ride this temp for the remainder of the session. The vapor will dry out a bit and lose its taste. Flavor profiles vary from strain to strain, and even more so with quality. Expect 15+ pulls over 5-20 minutes, depending on your temps and draws.

The interface of the vape is simple. Three buttons in total – a MODE button, a PLUS button, and a MINUS button.
Turn the Arizer Go on by holding the MODE and PLUS buttons down together. An on-screen timer will countdown when it beeps and says HI – let go. Within the interface, you can customize the power on a timer, the session timer, the screen brightness, the beep volume, and change between C and F.

The vaporizer does NOT start heating until you press the PLUS or MINUS button. It heats up in about 45 seconds. It’s not super fast, but it’s not terribly slow either.

After vaping 7 grams. The reclaim is easily harvested with stem milk.


This is one area where the Arizer products normally shine bright. The Go follows suit; however, the recessed oven is a little trickier to clean. I’m glad Arizer included their nice poker/dabber tool. No brush is included, which surprised me. The poker tool works just fine for knocking debris from the oven – if you can see that far down. I’ve also used a q-tip with some ISO alcohol to wipe it out. A regular q-tip is just barely long enough to reach, not long enough for any leverage. #usetweezers

Battery – Removable 18650

Alright, ultra portable AND a removable 18650. The included battery powers me through 5 or 6 ten-minute sessions. Totally respectable. I’ve used several other batteries, including the Samsung 25r and LG HG2. They’ve all worked fine with no hums, whistles, clicks, or strange behavior. I haven’t noticed any extreme performance differences compared to the OEM battery.


I’ve always given Arizer some shit for the delicate portability, but the ArGo puts it all aside. I’ve been carrying this for a month straight and I often forget it’s in my pocket. Sometimes I have to check the same pocket TWICE to find it. It’s small and sleek. It’s FUN to carry, I can keep it locked and loaded with a spare stem in my shirt pocket. The button interface is ‘feelable’ so it’s easy to turn on in your pocket. There’s an audible beep, pull it out, lock it down, go to town. It’s completely palmable and very easy to conceal in public.

Conclusion – Cliff’s Notes

The Arizer Go checks a LOT of boxes on the demands list:
– ultra-portable
– glass airpath
– hybrid heating
– clean, pure, tasty vapor
– removable 18650 battery
– lifetime warranty on the heater, 2-year on defects/etc

It’s a high-quality unit with the vapor and performance matching Arizer’s reputation.
It’s at the top end of the price range and the top of its class.
It’s perfect.

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