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Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer Review

The Mighty+ offers the same great vapor and form factor as the original Mighty vape, but with fast and convenient USB-C charging, a ceramic-coated bowl, feet, and improved software.

The Mighty has been the #1 reviewed and recommended portable herb vape for 5 years now. While many other vapes hit harder or taste better – none match the ease of use and reliability of the Mighty.

Mighty+ has been released on Sept 24, 2021. Now with USB-C charging and a ceramic-coated bowl, the Mighty+ delivers the same tasty fluffy vapor in a compact and easy-to-use pocketable vaporizer.

Mighty Vape Status 2023: Other portable vapes may hit harder or taste better than the Mighty, but no other portable dry herb vape delivers the reliability and ease of use of the German-engineered Mighty Vaporizer. It’s still a King, but now there are other Kings too.

The Mighty Plus retails for $399 and you can click here to check it out directly from Storz and Bickel. Read on below for my full Mighty+ vaporizer review.

Why I Love the Mighty+

The Mighty vaporizer is the portable vape I reach for most often. It’s simple to use and the most enjoyable vaping experience. The Mighty is a portable vaporizer powerful enough to vape several bowls in a row and put your whole crew on the moon, but it’s gentle enough to share with your Mom.

Sometimes you’ll see me out and about carrying TWO Mighty+ vaporizers. Double-fisting the Mighty is life.

Mighty Vaporizer History

The Mighty vaporizer is made by Storz & Bickel in Tuttlingen, Germany. Storz & Bickel is famous for inventing the Volcano Vaporizer, an iconic desktop vape that’s been a market leader for over 20 years!

In October of 2022, I traveled to Germany and toured the Mighty+ vape factory. It was amazing!

The Mighty was originally released in October 2014 and is considered a top vape by reviewers like Vape Critic and Vaporizer Wizard.

The Mighty+ was released in October of 2021 as a new product and the original Mighty vaporizer is still being produced and sold.

Design & Build Quality

Mighty Plus Vaporizer - Included in the Box
Mighty Plus Vaporizer – Included in the Box

The body of the Mighty is rugged plastic. It almost feels like a tactical flashlight or something. It’s solid and heavy, but it’s still plastic. With constant usage, certain areas of the vaporizer may become slightly more fragile than the rest – but reports of significant damage are still infrequent.

The mouthpiece and the vapor path are PEEK plastic and the vapor doesn’t have any plastic taste or smell.

The two batteries will provide power for about 8-12 sessions, depending on how hot and hard you vape.

Simple & Easy Interface

Mighty Plus Storz and Bickel Vaporizer
Mighty Plus Storz and Bickel Vaporizer
Mighty Plus Power Button
Mighty Plus Power Button

Simply twist the top of the Mighty 90° to open it and reveal the bowl. Load a pinch of your dry herb into the bowl or oven. The Mighty bowl holds as little as .05g and as much as .2g but works best with about .15g of medium-ground cannabis.

Replace the top cap by lining up the screen and the bowl and giving it a clockwise twist. Turn the vaporizer on by pressing the bright orange power button on the side, the Mighty will vibrate.

Adjust your temp using the up/down arrows and the handy LCD screen. The Mighty will be ready to vape in about 50 seconds, it will vibrate again to let you know.

How Does the Mighty+ Work?

The Mighty uses a combination of conduction and convection to vape your weed. There’s no smoke or combustion, only pure vapor rich with THC and terpenes. The oven of the Mighty is aluminum lined and gently heats the herb. The intake air is also heated before it enters the oven, giving the Mighty vaporizer a very thorough and dense vapor that fills the lungs and leaves you satisfied.

The Mighty is a high-powered vape packed with two internal lithium-ion batteries. The Mighty uses a patented heater technology that blends convection heating with a conduction bowl. This hybrid heating is ideal for quick heat-up time and powerful vapor.

How to use the Mighty+ Vaporizer

Mighty Plus Chamber and Cooling Unit
Mighty Plus Chamber and Cooling Unit

The Basics:

  1. Load your herbs
    • The Mighty bowl holds .15g-.25g of dry herb, ground or whole-nug.
  2. Vape Heatup
    • Turn your vape on and wait for it to heat up. The Mighty heats up in less than a minute
  3. Enjoy Vapor
    • The Mighty session will last 3 – 6 minutes and fully extract your bowl in 5 – 12 full draws or hits.
  4. Empty the Vape
    • Dump your spent weed, or ABV/AVB.
    • Some choose to eat their ABV because it still contains THC!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Mighty Plus Bowl (Chamber)
Mighty Plus Bowl (Chamber)

With daily use, a quick brushing of ABV from the chamber and screens IMMEDIATELY after each use is highly recommended. Get it wiped out while it’s still hot, otherwise, it becomes harder to clean.

Mighty Quick Cleaning Method: This tip was part of my Mighty Tips & Tricks video and it’s completely changed my life. With this method, you no longer need to do all the nasty soaking and scrubbing. Here’s how to clean your Mighty vaporizer the EASY way: After vaping a bowl, preferably at maximum temperature, open up the cooling unit and use a couple of q-tips to swab out the internals and the vapor path. While the cooling unit is still hot, all of the reclaim and nasty goo will wipe right off with a dry q-tip. Use an alcohol prep pad or a spray of ISO if you really want it clean – but it’s really not needed.

Deep Cleaning (Optional): If you’re not using the quick-cleaning method, about every week or two of daily use you’ll need to do a deeper cleaning. The cooling unit comes apart and is relatively easy to clean. There are a few different rubber ring seals to deal with, as well as the screens. When deep cleaning, you’ll be dealing with a minimum of 4 parts, 7 if you remove the o-rings to clean them. As always, iso alcohol will come in handy – along with Q tips, paper towels, and for this unit – bendable pipe cleaners and an ISO container large enough to give the cooling unit a quick.

Unloading and re-packing the Mighty is pretty quick, 30 seconds or less. Deep cleaning takes about 10 minutes, longer if you need to soak your screens. Chances are, you’ll need to soak your screens 🙂

Mighty+ vs Original Mighty

In back-to-back hits, both the Mighty and the Mighty+ produce thick milky clouds of delicious vapor without any loss of performance. Both heaters recover lost heat quickly and have no problems with getting overpowered.

The Mighty+ has an improved heater that could potentially release more convection heat calories than the original Mighty; however, the difference in the vapor is indiscernible.

The original Mighty bowl is Aluminum while the upgraded Mighty+ has a ceramic coated bowl for easier cleaning.

I don’t envy your buying decision here – but I can help. The VAPOR is the same. Before the Mighty+ came out, the original Mighty was the #1 portable herb vape. The vapor is the same.

Mighty Plus USB-C Charging Port
Mighty Plus USB-C Charging Port

The biggest upgrades to the Mighty+ are USB-C and the Ceramic Bowl. The Mighty+ also has boost mode.

USB-C is a great upgrade, but if you don’t already have a 45w charging block your Mighty+ is going to charge SLOWER than the Mighty OG ever did. The Mighty+ Fast Charger is an additional $25 accessory.

When spending this much I think I would still go for the Mighty Plus but don’t pass up a good sale price on the OG Mighty.

Mighty+ vs Crafty+

I see other reviewers constantly giving the Crafty just as much love as the Mighty, but I just can’t agree. Sure the vapor from the Crafty is every bit as good as the Mighty, but the Crafty doesn’t have on-body temperature control. I like to step through the temperatures to maximize the efficiency of my dry herbs and get the most vapor and flavor possible. With the Crafty vaporizer, you use your phone and a Bluetooth connection to adjust your vape temps.

My biggest complaint with the Crafty, and the reason the Mighty is the only vape on this page worthy of your attention, the Crafty just can’t handle marathon sessions. The Mighty can vape bowl after bowl after bowl without issue. The Crafty will tap out in the 3rd bowl – either from overheating or a dead battery.

The underwhelming Crafty battery isn’t just an issue for marathon use either! On long bong rips, the Mighty will drop 7-10 degrees and recover before I can pass it. The Crafty will drop 15-20 degrees and needs a good 15 seconds between hits to recover temp.

The Mighty vaporizer is where it’s at.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Alternatives

The Mighty isn’t for everyone! Maybe it’s too big, too expensive, or just too much plastic! Whatever the reason, I’ve got you covered. Here are some alternatives to the Mighty vaporizer.

Healthy Rips Rogue – The HR Rogue vaporizer is cheaper than Mighty and similar in battery performance. The Healthy Rips Rogue is half the price of the Mighty+ but probably 85% of the vapor performance. The Rogue has a huge battery and can hang with the Mighty+ bowl after bowl. The Rogue also has full temp control and USB-C charging, and it only costs $150.

TinyMight 2 – The TinyMight 2 Vaporizer is a great alternative to the Mighty Plus. This is the closest thing to a “Mighty Killer” we have. It only has half the battery power as the Mighty, but it uses a removable 18650. The TinyMight2 is full convection and it’s more flavorful AND more potent than the Mighty+.

Airvape Legacy Pro – The Airvape Legacy PRO is nowhere near the Mighty in terms of ease of use and maintenance – but the ALP puts out better vapor than the Mighty+ with near-instant heat-up times.

Mighty+ Review Conclusion [TL;DR]

Mighty Plus Display and Box
Mighty Plus Display and Box

The Mighty+ is a great dry herb vape with really good vapor quality. It’s a bit on the BIG side, so it may not be a perfect pocket portable for everyone. But, I actually like the size. It’s great for passing around. I use mine mostly on the couch in the family room – where a desktop vaporizer wouldn’t be acceptable. I already carry a giant phone, the Mighty+ is fine in my pocket. The battery life is really really good and My Mighty+ still serves as my preferred portable vape as we roll into 2023.

The Mighty+ retails for $399 and you can click here to check out directly from Storz and Bickel. Scroll down to see some more buying options + coupon codes if available.

Buying Options and Coupon Codes

Shop Mighty+ Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel$399
Planet of the Vapes$319

Shop Original Mighty

Storz & Bickel$349
Planet of the Vapes$279

Pros and Cons

Mighty Plus Vaporizer

The Mighty+ offers the same great vapor and form factor as the original Mighty vape, but with fast and convenient USB-C charging, a ceramic-coated bowl, feet, and improved software.

Product Brand: Storz and Bickel

Editor's Rating:


  • Vapor Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Digital Display
  • USB-C Charging
  • Dosing Capsules
  • Great for Groups
  • Easy to Use
  • Warranty


  • Size
  • Price
  • Efficiency
  • Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Low Max Temp

Frequently Asked Questions

I get so many questions via email and youtube comments about the Mighty! It’s my personal favorite vape and my highest recommendation.

It’s such a magnificent vape, I figured I’d make a list of all the frequently asked questions.

Can the Mighty+ vape wax? (dabs, shatter, oil)

Yes! Use the included concentrate pad. Heat up the Mighty with the pad in it. When it’s hot, drop a small dab on the pad and close the top. You can also add your dabs directly to your flower bowl!

What temperature should I use with the Mighty+?

This is really up to your personal preference and individual needs. Vaporization is most effective when starting low and gradually increasing the temperature. Start at 365F and incrementally increase to 390ish for maximum flavor. Sometimes I go straight to 410 just to quickly vape through a few bowls.

What’s the difference between the Mighty+ and the Crafty+?

The vapor is pretty much identical. The Mighty is bigger but still pocketable for most. The Crafty has one less battery – it takes longer to heat up and has fewer sessions per charge. The Mighty has on-device exact temp control, while the Crafty relies on a Bluetooth mobile app.

Is the Mighty+ pure convection? Pure Conduction?

No. The Mighty, Mighty+, and Crafty vapes all use both conduction and convection to produce their magical vapor. This heating method is referred to as hybrid heating.

Is there a NEW Mighty coming out soon?

The Mighty+ launched in 2021 but did not replace the Mighty vaporizer or the Mighty Medic. Jorgen Bickel, CEO of Storz & Bickel teased a new device on his Instagram in 2022 but has since removed the photo.

Is the Mighty+ Vape hard to clean? How do I clean it?

With the right technique, cleaning the Mighty vaporizer is quick and easy! Over the years of carrying The Mighty as my daily weed vape, I’ve developed some cleaning tricks that make cleaning it much easier.

Can the Mighty+ be used with a bong?

The Mighty can be used on a bong or a water pipe with a 3rd party water pipe adapter’ and there are various water pipe adapters available. See my list of Mighty Accessories for the best WPA options.

Can the Mighty Plus vape hash?

The Mighty can vape hash, but hash just doesn’t vaporize all that well by itself in the Mighty. Traditional hash can be added to a bowl of herb, but the herb will be spent before the hash, which sort of ruins the hash flavor. Modern hash and full melt concentrates work much better in the Mighty than traditional hash.

What grinder is best for the Mighty+?

The Mighty works with any grinder or any grind consistency. You can even skip the grinder and vape whole nugs! It works best with a medium grind. A coarse grind is slower to extract and fine grind makes a mess of the cooling unit screen.

Should I get the Mighty+ or the Crafty+?

I vote Mighty+ 100%. If you vape more than 3 bowls per day, Mighty+ 1,000,000%

What is the warranty for the Mighty?

The Mighty carries a 2-year warranty. If anything breaks or malfunctions, you’re covered. Even if you’re not, they’ll fix it or replace it for minimal charges. If you register your Mighty+ you’ll receive a bonus year.

Where is the best place to buy the Mighty? Any Coupons or Mighty deals?

Planet of the Vapes has the best deal on the Mighty+


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.

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  1. From Small Things (Big things one day come)

    Just to clear a small issue, as a Crafty+ user i almost never use the app. One click to start the device on 180 C, two to go to 195C, and 3 to get me to 210C and finish it. I now also have a Mighty+, and most of the time i prefer the Crafty


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1 Comment

  1. From Small Things (Big things one day come)

    Just to clear a small issue, as a Crafty+ user i almost never use the app. One click to start the device on 180 C, two to go to 195C, and 3 to get me to 210C and finish it. I now also have a Mighty+, and most of the time i prefer the Crafty


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