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Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer Review

The Crafty vaporizer has been considered the best portable vaporizer since its release in 2014. It’s made in Germany by the same company that makes the iconic Volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel. The Crafty+ is designed to deliver desktop vaporizer performance in the palm of your hand.

The Crafty is ROCKSTAR of a vaporizer. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and fun to carry.  The Crafty+ upgrades made this vape even better with a bigger battery, USB-C, and an easy to clean ceramic-coated bowl.

Crafty+ Vaporizer Review and Comparison main photo with other portable vapes

Is the Crafty Vaporizer Still Worth It in 2024

Portable dry herb vapes have evolved substantially in recent years. The original Crafty is nearly 10 years old and has had two significant updates. The Crafty+ and its bigger brother, the Mighty+, have been considered the best portable dry herb vaporizers since their launch and have often been the target of clones, copycats, and counterfeits.

Despite being one of the more expensive vaporizers available, the Crafty+ Plus has remained at the top of best-selling vaporizer lists and continues to gain popularity.

In the last two years though, other portable vaporizers have caught up to the performance level of the Crafty and finally offer suitable alternatives with minimal compromises. Skip to the bottom of this review to see how the Crafty compares with other portable vapes.

Crafty+ Vape Features

  • Fast 35-second heatup
  • Single button control interface
  • Customizable temperature modes
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Swivel mouthpiece
  • Built-in Stir/Poke Multi-tool
  • Convection hybrid vapor
  • Fast USB-c charging
  • Best-in-class vapor cooling
What's included with the Crafty+ vaporizer: the vape, charging caple, brush, o-rings, extra screens

What you get with the Crafty+

  • Crafty+ Vaporizer
  • Crafty Cooling Unit (attached)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Crafty User Manual
  • 3 replacement O-rings (small)
  • 3 cooling unit screens
  • 3 bowl screens
  • cleaning brush
  • Crafty Dosing Capsule

How It Works

The Crafty vaporizer is one of the most simple-to-use dry herb vapes available.  Vapor is created as you inhale through the mouthpiece and draw hot air through the bowl. The vapor is cooled through the maze-like vapor path inside the cooling unit and inhaled from the swiveling mouthpiece.

Open the Crafty+ Vaporizer by twisting the top cooling unit in the counterclockwise direction from the body of the vape

Step 1 - Remove the Cooling Unit

Open the Crafty by twisting the top cooling unit a quarter turn counter-clockwise. This simple mounting system is quick to open and close while remaining durable and secure. Close the Crafty by turning the top piece clockwise.

Loading the crafty with a scoop (Old Head Scoop)

Step 2 - Load the Bowl

The Crafty+ bowl holds as little as .01 or as much as .25g. The Crafty works best with ~.15g of medium/coarsely ground cannabis. The Crafty can even vape whole nugs! Just use small ones that fit the bowl.

Turn on the Crafty+ by pressing the orange button

Step 3 - Turn on the Vape

The Crafty+ turns on and starts heating with a single press of its button. The lights will blink red as the vaporizer heats up and turn green when it’s ready to vape. The Crafty+ takes about 90 seconds to heat up.

Step 4 - Enjoy the Vapor

The Crafty+ will vibrate and its LEDs will light green when it’s fully heated and ready to vape. 

Vapor is inhaled directly from the mouthpiece and exhaled through your mouth and nostrils, because you’re a badass. 

Step 5 - Empty the Crafty

Empty the bowl as soon as you’re done vaping.  The Crafty is much easier to clean while it’s still warm.

Twist open the top cooling unit again to dump the spent weed out the window, into a debowler, or into the trash can.

Crafty+ Vapor Quality & Vaping Experience

The vapor from the Crafty+ is smooth, fluffy, and delicious. No other portable vaporizer matches the flavor and fluffiness of the Storz & Bickel Crafty and Mighty vaporizers. 

Crafty+ vapor is cool enough to inhale directly and the vape has very little draw restriction or airflow resistance, making it very friendly to share with friends. 

Just put your lips to the mouthpiece and inhale as long and hard as you think you can handle. The Crafty+ takes care of the rest.

The Crafty+ may not be as potent as some of the newer portables, but it still has the fluffiest and smoothest vapor available.

It’s a tiny vaporizer that delivers massive clouds and a wonderful vaping experience.



How do you know when the Crafty is done vaping?
When there is no longer vapor at your desired temperature, the Crafty vaporizer has finished extraction. Many choose to stop vaping much earlier.

I typically take 6-10 hits per bowl, depending on where I’m at and how much weed I have on me.

The Crafty vaporizer is easy to inhale through. The mouthpiece is small but girthy and the whole vapor path has low draw restriction. Many other portable dry herb vapes suffer from a tight draw, but the Crafty has high airflow and is very easy to hit.

Crafty Interface & Vape Temperatures

The Crafty+ has three temperature settings:

  • Starting Temp (356F / 180C)
  • Boost Temp (383F / 190C)
  • Max Temp (410F / 210C)  

The starting temperature and boost temperatures can be customized via a mobile app.

Many portable vapes have complete temperature control directly on the device with a multifunctional display, but the Crafty vaporizer was designed with a simpler and more synchronous experience.


Temp-Stepping with the Crafty

Temp-stepping is a technique used to extend the session while getting a more thorough extraction and a better flavor throughout the session. The vape session is started at lower temps and increased incrementally, typically after 3 or 4 hits, or whenever the flavor fades away.

The Crafty+ is perfect for temperature stepping because it has 3 temperatures that are naturally incremental. Simply take a few hits at the Crafty’s starting temperature, and then double-tap the button to raise the temperature to the boost temp (383F by default.) When the vapor or flavor diminishes, triple-tap that button to ramp the heat up to 410F and finish the bowl.

This is what vaped weed looks like after a session in the Crafty+

I vaped 3 bowls at each of the temperature settings to show you the AVB comparison. Since the extraction rate is different at each temp, I took more hits on the lower temp bowls than I did at higher temps.

I vaped each bowl until there was no longer any significant vapor or flavor.

This is weed that's been vaped to 356 in the Crafty+

Crafty Startup Temp 356F

Vaping weed at the default 356 F will leave a little bit of green tint behind and could be vaped again at higher temperatures or eaten.

Effects at this temperature are more cerebral and mental.

Vaped weed in the Crafty at 383F

Boosted Temp: 383F

The default middle temperature of the Crafty Plus leaves the vaped weed a nice medium dark brown.

The effects at this temperature are both uplifting and euphoric.

After vaping at 410 the Crafty leaves the weed quite dark

Max Temp: 410F

The maximum temperature of the Crafty+ is 410F. This ABV will come out quite dark, but not black.

Vaping at 410 can produce a more sedative and stoney high.

Vaped weed is often referred to as “AVB” – Already Vaped Bud. I didn’t make it up, don’t hate me for the bad acronym :)
The other bad acronym is ABV – Already Been Vaped.  Even worse IMO.

Crafty Vapor vs Smoke

Vapor is lighter, smoother, and cooler than smoke. Crafty+ vapor is significantly cooler and fluffier than most vaporizers and all smoking methods. Cannabis smoke is often thick and pungent, so joints and blunts are used ‘mouth-to-lung’ style – where small puffs of smoke are first pulled into the mouth and then fully inhaled along with fresh air.

The Crafty+ can be used as a direct-to-lung inhale or mouth-to-lung style, like joints and blunts.

Combusting and smoking cannabis destroys significant THC and terpenes that are unharmed and fully extracted by the Crafty+, making the vapor stronger than smoke in flavor and effects.

The biggest difference between smoking weed and vaporizing dry herb is the hits per gram experience. The Crafty+ will vape .15g per session and give you 6-15 full inhales of vapor while extracting most of the THC and cannabinoids. Smoking .15g is about one or two inhales in a bong. Most joints are at least .5g if not 2g, but .15g still equates to about one good puff, maybe two.

The Crafty+ will get you higher than smoking while using less cannabis and extending your hits per gram. 

Is the Crafty+ the Right Vape for You?

New to Cannabis or Vaporizers

If you’re just starting out with cannabis or dry herb vaporizers, the Crafty is going to blow you away.

This is the perfect vape for a first-time dry herb vaporizer or a beginner cannabis user.

Casual / Weekend Stoner

Casual cannabis users will find the Crafty+ much more flavorful and healthy than smoking.

A small bowl will go a long way, even sharing with a friend or two.

Great for carrying a bowl or two for a night out.

All Day, Every Day Vaporist

Smoking all day is tough on the throat and lungs. Daily users will find the Crafty much nicer on their throat and lungs.

The Crafty may fall short in battery power for heavier usage.

Kicking Combustion

If you’re already smoking joints, blunts, or bowls daily and looking to switch to vaporization, the Crafty+ may be just what you need, but may not have enough punch in the vapor to satisfy you.  Consider a Tinymight 2 or a Dynavap if you’re a heavy smoker looking for potent vapor.

actual pros/cons from scheme (remove the pretty one)


Small and Stealthy

Easiest Vape to Use

Fluffy Delicious Vapor

USB-C Charging

Haptic Feedback


Non Replaceable Battery

No Temperature Indicator

Charges slow without the fast charger

Crafty+ Battery Life

The battery is the Achilles’ heel of the Crafty vaporizer, and while the Crafty+ battery has massive improvement over the original Crafty, it’s still this vaporizer’s biggest weakness.

The updated Crafty+ has more than a 20% increase in capacity over the original Crafty vape. Crafty+ Plus gets 4-6 bowls per charge, depending on how aggressively you vape. More aggressive usage may only yield 3 or 4 bowls per charge, or even less!

What other Vape Reviewers Say About the Crafty+

To be completely honest, I prefer the Mighty+ over the Crafty and I tend to lean into the negative nuances of the Crafty. Other reviewers LOVE the Crafty+ vape and rate it as the best portable vape, even higher than the Mighty!

I’ve rated the Crafty Plus vaporizer a 9.39/10, which is my highest-rated portable dry herb vaporizer, just slightly beating out its bigger sibling, the Mighty+

At this point, I’ve currently reviewed or tested over 200 vaporizers, and the Crafty+ vaporizer is the one I reach for the most. It heats up fast, offers excellent vapor quality, and has very little draw resistance.

Vaporizer Wizard


The Crafty+ vaporizer is a killer choice for anyone looking for a travel-friendly vaporizer that in no way compromises vapor quality. Anyone looking for a vape they can take with them anywhere and get Storz & Bickel quality clouds will be happy with the Crafty+ edition.

I’ll be choosing the Crafty+ vaporizer for on-the-go use as I’m a huge fan of the vapor quality and quantity along with the healthy battery life and portability.

Sneaky Pete

Youtube Channel

Not all reviewers are created equal. Beware of shady reviewers out there trying to steer you into cheap Chinese crap.

Avoid imitators and intimidators.


Crafty+ Mobile App

You don’t need the Crafty+ App to use the vaporizer. 

The Crafty+ mobile app isn’t really needed at all, but it unlocks customizations, tools, and features that aren’t accessible through the vaporizer’s hardware interface.

12 Things the Crafty+ App Can Do

  1. Customize your Crafty+ Starting Temperature – The default startup temperature is 356F, which is a little bit lower than many prefer. My Crafty+ starting temp is set to 376F.
  2. View your Crafty+ total hours of operation – great for bragging rights, or for referencing if you ever have warranty issues.
  3. Customize the Boost temperature – the boost temp is accessed with a double-tap of the Crafty+ control button
  4. Adjust LED Brightness – The Crafty+ LED can shine surprisingly bright if you want it to!
  5. View Battery Level – The app will show you a more detailed battery indicator, while the Crafty vape uses red/green/blue LED lights as a more simple battery indicator.
  6. Adjust Auto Shutoff Timer – The sesh timer is set to 2 minutes by default.
  7. View the Crafty+ Owners Manual – You never know when you might want to read this classic.
  8. Enable/Disable Vibration – Disabling the haptic feedback will save the battery and reduce noise from the vibration.
  9. Enable Permanent Bluetooth  – leaving Bluetooth on permanently will cost you battery life, but enable some cool geeky features like Find-My-Crafty and remotely turning your Crafty+ off or on.
  10. Enable/Disable Charge Indicator – The charging LEDs are bright, especially if you charge your Crafty on your nightside table daily.
  11. Turn On/Off Remotely – This is great for impressing your friends, but that’s the extent of its usefulness.
  12. Find My Crafty – If you lose your vape, or it gets swiped at a shady sesh, use this feature to find your vape. Your Crafty will vibrate and flash multiple colors if you’re within Bluetooth range.
Crafty Vaporizer Mobile App

In daily use with the Crafty, I don’t find myself using the mobile app very often – if at all. Once the starting and boost temperatures are adjusted to my liking, there is very little need to ever use the mobile app again.

Crafty Vaporizer History

Storz & Bickel first launched the Crafty vaporizer in 2014. The Crafty was an immediate success and has been updated multiple times, including a major update in 2019 and again in 2021.

The 2019 Crafty+ Plus came with an improved battery and a more efficient heater, but still used Micro-USB.

In 2021 the Crafty+ Plus was updated to use USB-C charging in addition to an improved ceramic bowl.

Technical Specs

  • Height 4.4 in  (11.1 cm)
  • Width 2.3 in  (5.7 cm)
  • Depth 1.3 in  (3.2 cm)
  • Weight 4.2 oz (120 g)
  • 104F – 410F (40 – 210C)
  • 2-year warranty, extendable to three years
  • Made in Germany

Crafty+ vs. Other Portable Vapes

The Crafty is a great all-around vape, but there are a few vaporizers that flex on it in one way or another. Here’s how the latest Crafty+ compares to the rest of the best portable dry herb vapes.

Crafty Plus vaporizer next to Mighty+ and Venty vapes

Crafty+ vs. Venty or Mighty+

The Mighty and Crafty use the same heater and produce the same glorious vapor. The Mighty has double the battery power and precision temperature control with a little screen. The Mighty+ will reliably vape 5-7 bowls per charge while the Crafty+ is closer to 3-4. The Venty has massive airflow and massive battery power
» See my Mighty+ Review
» See my Venty Review

Crafty+ Vape compared to Tinymight 2 vaporizer

Crafty+ vs. Tinymight 2

The TinyMight can be much more powerful than the Crafty+ while also bringing On-Demand Mode for fast 10-second heat-ups for single on-the-go hits. The TinyMight 2 is both on-demand and session, while the Crafty+ is always a session vape. The TM2 is a powerhouse, but the Crafty+ wins in simplicity and ease of use. 
» See my Tinymight 2 Review

Crafty Plus vs PotV Lobo

Crafty+ vs. PotV LOBO

PotV LOBO is the new kid on the block and really raising the bar in the mid-budget dry herb vape space. The LOBO is nearly $100 cheaper than the Crafty+ and actually hits harder too. The LOBO vapor is a bit more harsh and potent than the Crafty, but LOBO easily adapts to a variety of PotV glass mouthpiece options.

The LOBO has a removable battery as well as full temp control. It comes in several colors and has a bunch of cool glass mouthpiece options.  Crafty+ has a nicer hardware interface and better vapor overall, but the LOBO is a fantastic value.
» See my PotV LOBO Review

Crafty Vape vs Pax Plus and Pax Mini

Crafty+ vs. Pax Vape

The Crafty+ and PAX vapes are very different and produce completely different vapor, as well as a different vaping experience. The Crafty+ is a convection hybrid vape with open and easy airflow. The vapor is fluffy and cool enough to be inhaled directly. The Pax vaporizers are pure conduction and require a tight pack and a slower sipping style of use, similar to a blunt.

Is Crafty better than Pax? 9/10 yes. Pax is an OK vape to start with, but most dry herb vaporizer users quickly move passed the Pax. » See my Pax Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Crafty Plus Medical Grade?

The Crafty+ is made out of medical grade PEEK plastic but is not a certified medical device. The Mighty+ Medic and Volcano Medic are the only two certified medical devices.

How long with the Crafty+ last?

Depending on how hard you vape with your Crafty, you can expect 3-5 bowls per charge.

How much does the Crafty+ bowl hold?

The Crafty+ bowl holds as little as .05g or as much as .25g. It works best with .15g of medium ground cannabis.

What type of grind is best for the Crafty?

All grind consistencies will work in the Crafty. It can even vape whole nugs. Medium grind produces the best flavor with minimal mess.

Does the Crafty vaporizer get hot?

The Crafty+ body is designed with heat-fins to quickly cool the vaporizer and provide safe surfaces to hold. The exterior of the Crafty remains cool to the touch while in use, but small gaps near the bowl can potentially get hot.

When do I stop vaping on the Crafty?

This is purely preferential! Most people vape until the flavor and vapor diminish past the point of enjoyment. When the vapor tastes bad or bland, increase the temps or dump it.

How often should I clean the Crafty?

If you're vaping daily, you'll want to deep clean the Crafty every week or two. It's easier to clean frequently than it is to clean a completely soiled Crafty, and the vapor is much nicer when the vape is clean!

My Recommendation

The Crafty+ is still one of the nicest portable vapes and it delivers a classy experience with the fluffiest vapor. If you’re just getting into dry herb vapes


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


  1. Non-Eclipsed

    I really loved my Crafty+ when it was working. Unfortunately it failed after 1-1/2 yrs. Can’t get it to charge. Even though I am liking my new TM2 as its replacement, I truly miss the C+sesh’s.

    • Sean

      Might want to see if it is still under warranty..


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  1. Non-Eclipsed

    I really loved my Crafty+ when it was working. Unfortunately it failed after 1-1/2 yrs. Can’t get it to charge. Even though I am liking my new TM2 as its replacement, I truly miss the C+sesh’s.

    • Sean

      Might want to see if it is still under warranty..


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