The LOBO is the newest portable dry herb vaporizer and one of the best budget vaporizers available.

LOBO was designed by the team at Planet of the Vapes. They listened to community feedback and built a vaporizer around the wants, needs, and demands of the people.

The LOBO is a palm-sized vape with powerful vapor, an easy interface, and a removable battery!

Planet of the Vapes designed the LOBO to check all the boxes and raise the bar in the budget vaporizer category.

Priced at $159, the LOBO is a superb choice for anyone looking to vape their herb on the go.

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PotV LOBO Features

The LOBO is a simple device with all of the key features of more expensive vaporizers.

  • Removable 18650 Battery
  • Titanium Bowl
  • Convection Heating
  • Haptic Feedback
  • USB-C Charging
  • Aluminum Exterior
  • Glass cooling mouthpiece
  • Full Temperature Control
  • Customizable Session

What’s Included

  • glass nipple cooling stem
  • dosing capsule
  • extra O-ring, screens
  • concentrate pad
  • cleaning brush
  • dab tool
  • USB-C cable
  • LOBO vaporizer

The Lobo is available in 3 different colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green


Planet of the Vapes has been creeping further and further into the dry herb vaporizer design role. In 2016 PotV had a customized version of the well-known Xmax Starry. The PotV branded version featured several improvements over the original. In 2019 PotV released The One, another customized version of a popular portable vape, but this time fully branded as Planet of the Vapes and no mention of its white-labeled source.

This time Planet of the Vapes went straight to the maker with a set of requirements and built a vaporizer from the ground up.

The LOBO is the result.

Size & Portability

The LOBO is palm-sized and easily concealable. it’s not small enough to completely fit in the palm of the hand, but it’s small enough to hold in a “guess which hand” game.

Carrying the LOBO in my front pocket with my car keys left enough room to fetch either one without struggling.

For on-the-go vaping, the LOBO pairs perfectly with a doob tube to reload quickly on the go. The battery on the LOBO has enough power to get through the whole day, as long as your day is only 8ish bowls.

See my Lobo First Look Review Video

Vapor Quality & Potency

The LOBO has a more powerful convection heater than similar portable vaporizers in its price class. Hitting the LOBO hard produces thick vapor that will hit right back.

The dimpled glass cooling stem does a pretty good job of cooling down the convection vapor, but on longer and harder hits the vapor can still get a little hot and harsh – there’s only so much those cooling nipples can do.

The vapor tastes good and is smooth enough to not complain about. The LOBO fits all of the familiar glass accessories that Planet of the Vapes offers for The One vaporizer and adapting the LOBO to a bong or bubbler is totally worth it!

The LOBO is potent enough to use on a bong and be satisfying, but it’s no ball vape.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The LOBO shines in the maintenance department. The glass mouthpiece is super easy to clean with just a quick rinse under hot water or ISO.

The screen can be pushed out from above to not mangle the edges and the rest is just a simple ISO wipe-down. Super easy to clean!

Battery Life

With a removable 18650, the LOBO can potentially vape bowl after bowl after bowl after bowl with only the need to change batteries every 8 to 10 bowls.

I have my LOBO set to a 4-minute session timer and in my testing, I vaped 7-10 bowls per charge.

Technical Specs

  • Height: 102mm
  • Width: 29mm
  • Depth: 53mm
  • Weight: 156g
  • Battery: 3500mAh replaceable 18650
  • Bowl Capacity: .1-.2g
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Bowls per Charge: 7-10*
  • Warranty: 2 Years

The LOBO is the newest portable dry herb vaporizer and one of the best budget vaporizers available.

Product Brand: POTV

Editor's Rating:


  • Affordable
  • Removable Battery
  • Potent Vapor
  • Full Temperature Control
  • Compact
  • Great Accessories


  • Vapor can be hot/harsh

Price Performance Ratio 

The LOBO brings a ton of value and delivers a lot for a relatively low price. Planet of the Vapes packed a lot of features and performance into a little vape.

Where to buy the LOBO?

Right now the LOBO is exclusively available at Planet of the Vapes for $159.

Click here to go there

Compared to other similar vapes

The $159 price point of the LOBO makes it very competitive and attractive as a mid-tier portable vaporizer. It’s a worthy upgrade from budget vaporizers and it comes pretty close to the features and performance of higher-end portable vaporizers.

LOBO vs PotV ONE – The LOBO is packing more power than The ONE. LOBO puts out stronger vapor with faster extraction than The ONE. The ONE is a great little starter vape, but if you’re already used to smoking daily the vapor from The ONE may be a little bit weak. The LOBO is punchier, has better features, and delivers more value than The One while only being a little bit bigger and more expensive. (Check out my PotV One Review Here)

LOBO vs Pax Mini – The Pax Mini is the simplest portable dry herb vape available as it only has a single temperature mode. The LOBO and Pax have two very different vapors because the Pax is 100% conduction and the LOBO is both convection and conduction. When using the Pax, the vapor is sipped off the hot bowl in small puffs and inhaled mouth-to-lung. The LOBO on the other hand uses hot air to vaporize the herb and is used with a full inhalation, direct to the lungs.

LOBO vs Rogue SE – The LOBO and Rogue SE are very similar. They share several similar features and they’re both made in the same factory! The LOBO hits a little bit harder than the Rogue and it has a removable battery. Both devices have a variety of glass accessories and water pipe adapters. The Rogue is 20 bucks cheaper.

LOBO vs Mighty+ vs Crafty+ – The Mighty and Crafty are considered the gold standard of portable dry herb vaporizers. The LOBO is potentially a bit more potent than the vapor from the Mighty or Crafty, but the vapor from the Mighty and Crafty is a smoother and more fluffy feeling vapor. The LOBO brings a removable battery and a higher temperature extraction at about half the price. The LOBO is also made out of metal and glass while the Mighty and Crafty are mostly plastic!

I still consider the Mighty+ to be the best portable dry herb vaporizer, but the LOBO is half the price with more features and more function.

See my Mighty+ review to see why it’s #1

Is the LOBO Worth It?

The LOBO is a great value at $159 and I recommend it if you’re looking for your first portable dry herb vaporizer, or if you’re looking to upgrade from some cheap piece-of-shit vape you bought at your local head shop.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional smoking methods like joints or pipes, the LOBO provides a simple and easy way to vaporize dry herb cannabis.

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