The VapVana Screwball is another ball vape that uses a PID as a power supply, but unlike other ball-powered desktop vapes, the Screwball uses gem-cut rubies instead of spheres.

The Screwball vape head is filled with 750 tiny ruby gems. Most ball vapes are filled with 50-200 ruby spheres!

The Screwball performs similarly to other ball vapes and is priced competitively.

I really like the lightweight titanium bowl and the way the diffuser head mates with the bowl.

Other ball vapes like the Freight Train by Old Head, the TKO by Occonnel, and the Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot B2 inspired the VapVana Screwball

Vapvana Screwball

The first run of the Screwball is already sold out but will be available at Vapvana soon.

VapVana Screwball Details

  • Custom 25mm coil with 6 wraps
  • titanium housing
  • 750 gem cut rubies (2mm)
  • bowl size: .1g-.4g
  • price: $300