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Part One: 1 Gram Dab in the Dr Dabber Switch Induction Dab Rig

I’ve been pushing the Dr Dabber Switch to its limits hard these last few days. In this video, I drop a whole gram of shatter into the quartz cup in hopes of meeting the space Jesus.

We certainly had an adventure! The giant dab was probably about half a gram too big for the Switch’s tiny Induction Cups – but it still sent us down a rabbit hole of story-time (in Part 2).

For the 1 gram dab, I had the Switch in Crystal Mode. This mode is specially tuned for the Quartz Insert. The insert takes longer to heat and crystal mode does not have the self-cleaning cycle. We used the highest temp setting, which is way too hot for a normal dab.

I’ve been happy with the Switch as a portable dab rig. It’s easy to use, just a bit big. However, the 75-100 hits per charge should make up for the size…
It’s pricey at $399, but there is NOTHING on the market like this so it’s kind of hard to compare.
The Puffco Peak is $379 – it hits smoother and is more portable, but not as powerful or shareable. The Switch can serve a bigger crowd.

I ended up reheating the Switch a few times to get through this 1 gram dab. By the time all the shatter melted, the quartz had cooled down and vapor production plummetted. The first few draws from this giant dab were terpy and gritty in my throat, but relatively light on the vapor production.

By the 3rd or 4th draw the quartz insert had regained some heat and it was producing a more dab-rig comparable hit.

Right after I started talking shit about other giant dab video creators and promised to finish my dab no matter what, the dab started tasting like a factory and I gave up.

I did follow through and dabbed all of the reclaim in an instagram live session the next morning!!

The full review of the Switch is coming up soon, right now I’m still testing it and getting some feedback from others regarding the dry herb performance.

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  • Aaron May 23, 2018, 9:30 pm

    Hahaha man your crazy for that one brother. I didn’t think the quartz bucket would hold all of that, but I gotta give you credit for trying man. What is the size of the glass connection on the Dr. Dabber Switch…I think you may have said it before, but stoner hahaha. Im looking to get a custom dab pad made from dreamspace3d on Etsy to accommodate future glass adapters…dope shit, I’ll shoot you a link. Said they can make anything custom up to 3ft. Which I thought was super impressive, cool dude too, his name is Thomas. He answered all my questions just like Mike at Delta 3D did. I’d ask him but he’s too crazy busy to keep up with current orders. You ever talk with him on the sponsorship I hit you up about before? Also did they ever say the new Switch units were going to have the new herb settings…cause they told me before I bought it they would, but I know that was a point of contention with The Vape Guide too, just like you said when it hit terrible.

    Thanks again Troy brother, you make my day with new vids man truly!!!


  • Aaron May 23, 2018, 9:55 pm

    Yo…the links fucked up for the dude. I sent you an email…but just to be sure if you wanna scope it out. Look up “flexibe dab mat” on Etsy. It’s the only link that pops up, dudes name is Thomas… good dude and he makes tons of custom 3D printed orders apparently. He was totally happy to to help me out, emailing me in regards to designs and I don’t even have the switch yet.



  • Amro May 24, 2018, 2:00 pm

    although I was there in the live Instagram feed, I watched the video again it was so funny I guess the aftermath video will be epic.

    • Troy May 25, 2018, 5:48 am

      Hahaha, thanks Amro! Appreciate you watching both. I reviewed the footage. It’s good shit 🙂

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