420 Vape Temp Guide: Customizing your High

We know that consuming different strains of cannabis produce different types of highs. Indica strains are associated with more body highs and sativa strains produce more of an energetic high. These affects can be further customized and enhanced by the temperature being vaped

Boiling Points of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Cannabinoids are closely related compounds that are unique to cannabis plans. Terpenes are aromatic oils found in cannabis plants that give unique flavors and tastes. Leafly has a very detailed guide to cannabinoids and terpenes if you would like to learn more.

Nugscan: Sour Headband, my new favorite sativa.
  • 311° Pinene (155°C)
  • 315° THC (157° C)
  • 320° Caryophyllene (160° C)
  • 334°  Myrcene (168° C)
  • 349°  Limonene (176° C)
  • 356°  CBD (180° C)
  • 365°  CBN (185° C)
  • 388°  Linalool (198° C)
  • 428°  THCv (220° C)

Avoiding Anxiety and Paranoia

Some people complain of feeling anxiety and paranoia when consuming cannabis. This is especially true for some of the stronger sativa strains. People who experience these types of affects tend to gravitate more towards stronger indicas for more of a body high. If you find yourself to experience more anxiety and paranoia when consuming cannabis I would suggest you try vaping at lower temps.

Daytime High For More Mental Energy

310°F – 330°F — Vaping around this temp range won’t get you very high, but it will allow you to get a pleasant buzz conducive to getting things accomplished.

330°F – 370°F — THC, the cannabinoid responsible for feeling high, gets more intense the higher temperature you go. If you’re looking to get a slight buzz, around a 4-6, then stick to vaping around this temp range. Some people like to start off at 330°F and gradually bump up the temperature 10 degrees at a time after a couple pulls. This is a great way to enjoy a mild high as apposed to vaping an entire session at 370°.

Couch-lock & Heavy Stoned Feelings

370°F-430°F — Are you done with a stressful day and looking to melt into the couch while you relax and unwind? Vaping a bowl at higher temperatures offers the most powerful body high possible. Terpenes such as linalool will unlock strong calming euphoria states. THCV is another terpene that will activate at the higher temps (428°F) it’s associated with strong psychoactive euphoric highs, more powerful than THC, but tends to have a shorter duration.