The Xvape Fog is a great little dry herb vape that offers a lot of features without a huge price tag $110 at Puffitup after vape coupon ‘PUFFEDUP’.

Xvape Fog Review

The Fog features a Stainless Steel oven that holds as much as .2g of ground cannabis or as little as .05. It utilizes convection and conduction to vaporize your weed. There’s plenty of convection, which makes the vapor from the Fog fast-extracting and great tasting.

The Xvape Fog is perfectly portable. Its metal body is roughly the same size and shape as the Davinci IQ. One of the best features about the Fog is the removable 18650! The removable batteries make this vape a great choice for those of us who already have a bunch of batteries. The battery life is pretty decent averaging about 5 bowls per charge.

How The Xvape Fog Works

This vape is fairly straight forward to use. Pack roughly 0.05g-0.2g into the bowl. Be mindful not to overpack this vape, like you would with say the Pax 3, the hybrid convection heating works better with a fluffier grind. The lights on the vape blink green while it heats up, and stays solid green once it’s ready to go.

**Concentrates can be enjoyed using the concentrate pod on the highest temp

How to Set The Temp of Xvape Fog


  • 3 Button Pushes = Turn On/Off
  • Hold Button = Cycles Through Each Temperature Setting
  • Let Go of Button = Locks in the temp setting

Fog Battery Life

  • About 30-45 minute run time
  • Averaged about 5 bowls per charge
  • Removable 18650 battery
  • Pass through charging


The Xvape Fog is extremely portable, compact, and able to fit in the palm of my hand. The shape and size allow for it to effortlessly fit in my pocket all day.

Is The Fog Easy to Use?

The Fog is definitely a good choice for someone looking to get their first vape. It has a very easy to use one button interface. The exterior and build quality of this vaporizer is better than other vapes around this price point.

Best Place to Buy A Fog Vaporizer

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