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Weed Accessories for Smoking, Vaping, and Dabbing

I am passionate about the products featured in my videos, and I have been receiving an increased number of questions about them. To serve as a reference point, I have compiled this page to showcase my favorite weed vape accessories and gadgets.

These are my favorite weed vape accessories and gadgets.

If you are in search of dry herb vaporizers, the Mighty+ is highly recommended and is the best among portable herb vaporizers. We also have a special page dedicated to Mighty vaporizer accessories.

To help organize the page, I’ve sorted accessories into the following categories:

My Favorite Weed Tools, Scoops and 420 Accessories

420vapezone favorite weed scoop

Weed Scoop & Tamp

This is the best weed scooper of all time. The Old Head scoop has become the gold standard in dry herb vape loading and measurement.

This heavy little spoon is milled from a block of solid metal. It’s heavy and it’s perfect.

Delta 3d Studio Scoop

PotV 3d Scoop-n-Tamp - $49

This is the scoop I used in all of my original videos, from 2016 to 2020ish.

This scoop is smaller and less durable than the Old Head scoop. It’s available in 3d printed metal and plastic.

little scoop that fits in grinder

3d Printed Grinder Scoop

This tiny little scoop is small enough to fit in the weed storage area of your grinder!

It’s nice that this little scoop always has a home. It’s not super nice to use, but it works and it’s cheap! It’s on the smaller side for casual smokers.

Rogue Waxworks scoops and accessories

Rogue Waxworks Scoops

This guy makes a variety of great accessories, including these beautiful herb scoops.

Some of his metal tools are magnetic and can get annoying to work with near a powerful grinder magnet. 

This scoop works well for smokers who use bowls or roll joints or blunts.

My Favorite Weed Grinders

Herb grinders are one of the most essential stoner accessories for daily use. Not only do grinders help to break down flower into the perfect consistency for rolling and vaping, but they also store your ground herb and keep it fresh in-between smoke sessions.  Grinders are typically made from metal materials such as aluminum, steel, and titanium, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different amounts of flower. Investing in a quality grinder is a must for any stoner, as the right grinder can last for many years and greatly enhance the smoking experience. You can read my full Best Weed Grinder article for more.

brilliant cut grinder

Brilliant Cut Grinder

This is my Go-To grinder and easily the BEST GRINDER available.

It’s a threadless design, which means no more jamming and ultra-fast access to the goods.

The BCG is available in 2 sizes, 14 colors, and 3 different grind consistencies.

I like the LARGE size with COARSE plates for great convection vape performance and minimal maintenance.

Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the highest-quality classic weed grinders you can buy.

The Santa Cruz Shredder has the loveliest grind consistency out of any grinder, producing a soft fluffy herb with minimal damage to trichomes.

Santa Cruz Shredders have been known and respected for years and are even available on Amazon!

Goat Grinder

GOAT Grinder

The GOAT Grinder fastens to a little mason jar instead of having its own lower half.

This means you can grind several grams or even ounces at a time without overfilling your grinders storage container.

The GOAT Grinder uses short teeth and is closer to a tooth-less grinder, without going full nub.

It works great and produces a great grind!

More Weed Grinder Reviews

I have nearly 100 different weed grinders in my collection and I’ve reviewed more than a dozen of them so far. Lately the Stainless Steel units have been getting a lot of use. To check out my Stainless Steel grinder roundup.

My Favorite Weed Storage / Cannabis Containers

Whether you’re smoking your weed or vaping it – keeping cannabis fresh is essential for preserving terpenes, THC, and flavor! My favorite weed storage containers are the ones that ensure my product stays fresh and free from contaminants. I prefer airtight containers that are made of food-grade material and have a scent-proof seal. These containers are the perfect size for storing any quantity of weed and can be easily transported.

Mason jars for storing weed

Ball / Mason Jars

No special cannabis branded needs here! People have been using Mason Jars to store weed for just as long as they’ve been using them to store food. These jars are perfect for storing weed. They’re air-tight and wide-mouthed for easy access.

Related: How to Store Weed

Staze vacuum top weed containers

Staze Vacuum Containers - $44

These neat little jars have a vacuum pump built into the lid! Just give it a quick yank to pump out all the air from your stash.

Keeping your nugs in an oxygen-deprived environment will keep your terps fresher, and longer!

Jyarz weed containers

Jyarz Containers

Jyarz uses a double-sealing lid and a lined glass inner jar for ultimate smell-proofing and fresh-keeping.

Jyarz are available in several sizes and they even make small ones for concentrates!

Boveda Humidity control for cannabis storage

Boveda Humidity Control

These little humidor packs are a perfect way to keep your weed fresh and at the correct moisture level.

The Boveda packs are refillable and easy to use. Just toss one in your jar with your nugs and keep it there, sealed.

Also available on Amazon in several sizes and moisture levels. I like 62%

Bowl Pokers, Stir Sticks & Vape Tools

Just like humans, every vape has a hole that needs to be poked and prodded a bit. Over the years of daily vaping and smoking, these are the pokers I reach for the most!

7th Floor Poker Tool

Elev8 Marble Poker Tool

This long stainless steel sharp poker has a glass marble on its blunt end and it makes a perfect stir-poke tool.

This poker has been coming free with all 7th Floor Vapes purchases for the last decade. 

They make it in a variety of colors and custom animal shapes!

Porcupine quill stir stick

Porcupine Quill Stir Stick

In my super old videos, I often used a porcupine quill as my poker and stir stick. I was so attached to that quill that I even took it to Las Vegas with me for the Champs trade show.

Quills come in a variety of lengths and color patterns.

Debowlers & Ash Trays

No sesh space is complete without a debowler! These special ashtrays for vaporizers feature a long built-in poker to empty your vaporizer without any mess. Smokers should exercise caution when using plastic ashtrays and debowlers.

Amazon Debowler Ashtray

Amazon Debowler - $6

These plastic debowlers are cheap and effective. They start out super sharp, but over time the pointed needle gets worn and dull.

I still have a dozen or so of these, but I’ve phased them out for metal-tipped debowlers.

Old Head Portable Debowler - The Pordebowl

Old Head PorDeBowl

The Pordebowl is designed as a portable debowler, with a removable and stowable center needle and a sealing top lid.

Mine never leaves my desk and I lost the lid a long time ago.



The RELOAD is technically more than just a debowler, it stores fresh herb and makes it super easy to reload and unload your Dynavap on the go.

This is a great little device that works exceptionally well with Dynavaps, but works with other portable vapes too!

Vape Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer doesn’t need to be a chore! When you have the right tools, cleaning vapes is easy and fun. These are some of my favorite cleaning tools and vape maintenance accessories. 

S&B Vape Brushes

S&B Vape Brush

This Storz & Bickel brush is my favorite brush. I use it for practically every vape I own and I use them DAILY.

Perfect for screen cleaning, detailing, etc. They’re cheap and functional and can withstand the abuse of isopropyl alcohol and heat.

PotV vape cleaning brush

PotV Brush

Planet of the Vapes developed a brush that’s perfect for a lot of vape bowls. 

This wooden-handled brush uses a twisty metal spine to secure a handful of bristles.

This brush first appeared in the POTV Xmax V3 Pro.

Chillmikes favorite brush

Chill Mikes Combo Brush

I don’t have this one, but ChillMike swears by it and it looks incredibly handy.

This little brush has two different brushes built in, plus a built-in poker, and a hole to put it on a keyring!

Spray Alcohol is a must have accessory

Isopropyl Alcohol SPRAY

Having isopropyl alcohol around for cleaning vapes is essential. Alcohol dissolves sticky THC reclaim and removes all the residues left behind from smoking or vaping weed.

The Spray bottle makes it quick and easy to use in tiny amounts without wasting it. I bought mine at CVS.

Alcohol Prep Pads

ISO Prep Pads

These little pads are a heaven-send. Perfect for quick wipe-ups of sticky dab residue, reclaim, rosin, etc.

Each pad is saturated with ONLY alcohol (no perfumes, etc)

This is one of my MUST-HAVE stoner accessories. I carry them with me daily too!

Dab Tools & Accessories

I could probably make a whole page dedicated to dab tools and dabbing accessories! I dab a lot and I find the dabbing experience more personal and intimate. There’s a lot of variety in the different ways we dab and vape weed, so I’ll try to be open and diverse with my selection.

Dab Rite Pro

The Dab Rite

The Dab Rite is a must-have tool for any dab lover.  It’s a game-changing device that takes the guesswork out of dabbing.

The new DabRite Pro adds several features worth upgrading to.

Mininail Light Up Dab Mat

Light Up Dab Mat

This is one of the coolest accessories on my desk. This silicone dab mat lights up in multiple colors and plugs into any USB-C port for power.

The silicone surface resists stickiness from dabs and sticky cannabis concentrates.

Pulsar Bowl or Banger Display Stand - All Glass 14mm / Ten Joints

Quartz Banger Display

Pulsar makes this all-glass stand that holds TEN 14mm bowls, bangers, or even tall boy terp slurpers!

This is one of the nicest ways I’ve found to display terp slurpers and quartz bangers.


Terpometer 2.0

Terpometer recently launched its competitor to the DabRite! The Terpometer 2.0 is now a non-contact IR thermometer.

Unlike the Dabrite, this thermal sensor still needs to be held and pointed at your banger to get a reading. This one is available on Amazon though!

Dab Thermometers

I have a whole page dedicated to dab temp tools and dabbing thermometers. Too many options to list here!

Dab Torches

I didn’t include dab torches, but the Blazer Big Shot is the one to get. I have a page dedicated to dab torches.

Weed Gadgets & Dry Herb Vape Accessories

These are little vape accessories I love and recommend. They make handling weed easier and more fun! There aren’t many, because weed doesn’t need to be complicated and I’m not a fan of gimmicky shit.

Cannabis Inspection Magnifier / Jewelers Loupe

Jewelers Loupe / Nug Magnfier

This is a must-have for any cannabis connoisseur. This pocket microscope magnifies your nugs and gives you an up-close view of your trichomes!

Jewelers Loupes have built-in LED lighting and will allow you to identify problems like mold or even check the ripeness of trichomes.

USB Microscope

USB Mobile Microscope

This isn’t a replacement for the Jewelers Loupe, but it’s a great alternative and a super fun way to digitally share microscopic trichome photos and video.

I made a whole video of trichomes under the microscope using one of these. It connects to your iPhone or Android via WiFi!

Gold plated gram scale (.01 accuracy)

.01 Gram Scale

Every stoner needs an accurate digital scale that measures down to the one-hundredth of a gram. 

Scales aren’t just for drug dealers, they’re for accurately measuring your medicinal dosages, and can even come in handy in the kitchen.