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How to Store Weed

This is a re-up video about weed storage.
It was originally uploaded to youtube, but then deleted when they deleted all cannabis content.

I know there are a lot of fancy weed storage products out there. Humidors are great, all the 420 specialized Jyarz and Cannistars and whatnot are cool – but all you REALLY need is an airtight jar.

Mason jars are perfect for weed storage. They’re cheap, reliable, easy to label, easy to clean, and they’re available everywhere.

I like to buy cannabis by the ounce. It’s cheaper that way. One Pint widemouth mason jar fits an ounce of bud perfectly.

I bought my Mason jars on Amazon, since they’re cheaper there and they have color options. I hear the purple one actually blocks UV, but I haven’t confirmed.

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  • Hep Yo September 22, 2018, 7:14 pm

    The stated problem with freezing is theoretical, according to the stated biochemical analysis.

    But – in the actual real world, freezing flower works really well. I have frequently put mason jars in the freezer for 3-5 years, and upon removal, the flower tastes great and is quite potent. I just had yet another experience of this only two days ago.

    Freezing was first suggested to me by an experienced grower, and he was right.

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