If you’re looking for the best mmj vape for less than $150 you’ve come to the right place. In this video I compared the 3 best budget weed vapes.

What’s The Best Weed Vape For Less Than $150?

The Starry can be found for $99,
The Fury 2 for $149
The Fog for $159

If you don’t feel like watching a video or reading I’ll save you some time and tell you the Fury 2 has become my favorite cheap weed vape.

The Starry and the Fog are still both great dry herb vapes, I just find that the Fury 2 checks off the most boxes and passes the reach test more than the others. Watch the video below to get a detailed breakdown of how I came to this conclusion.

Removable Batteries

  • FOG – Removable Battery
  • Fury 2 – No Removable Battery
  • Starry – Removable Battery

Wile the Fog and the Starry both feature a removable 18650 battery, the Fury 2 does NOT have a removable battery.

Heating Sources

  • FOG – Hybrid Heating
  • Fury 2 – Hybrid Heating
  • Starry – Full Conduction

The Starry is full conduction, while the Fog and Fury are hybrid heating (both conduction and convection)

Temperature Controls

  • FOG – No Precise Temp Controls
  • Fury 2 – Exact Temp Control Capabilities
  • Starry – Exact Temp Control Capabilities

The Fog does not have precise temp control, forcing the user into preset temp ranges. Both the Fury 2 and the Starry have exact temp control.

Best Place to Buy A FOG Vaporizer

PuffitUp ($84.15 reg $99) – 15% off coupon code 420vapezone + FREE Grinder

Best Place to Buy A Fury 2 Vape?

HealthyRips 2 offers the Fury 2 for $149. It includes your choice of two bonus gifts! Choices include:

Bonus Gift 1 – FREE glass mouthpiece or FREE glass WPA

Bonus Gift 2 – FREE grinder or FREE glass bubbler

Best Place to Buy A Starry Vape

PoTV offers the Starry for $99 (reg $119) includes FREE shipping, FREE grinder, and FREE TightVac Air Tight Storage Container