Heyooo, sorry for the harsh headline – but as I get older I value my time and money more.

And that translates directly to you. Don’t waste your time or your money on the Hippie Pipe.

The Hippie Pipe is a very basic portable herb vaporizer the size of a cigarette or one-hitter. It’s heated, manually, with a small torch.

The form factor and interface is very similar to the Dynavap Vapcap, which is one of the most popular dry herb vapes on the market, so naturally, I’m going to compare the two.

Vape Comparison Video: Hippie Pipe vs Dynavap

Why the Hippie Pipe SUCKS

While the Hippie Pipe can make OK vapor with the right timing, torching, and technique – so can a glass lightbulb and a bic lighter.

The Hippie Pipe is hard to use and clumsy.

In my demonstration video, the Hippie Pipe I used was older and had a thermal indicator. The newer version of the vape doesn’t even have that – they simplified it to be totally instinctual or time-based.

Why the Dynavap is Better

The Dynavap Vapcap has been on and at the top of the dry herb vape market for more than 5 years.

The Dynavap has gone through yearly revisions and continuous improvements. It still has a small learning curve, but the interface is more natural and forgiving.

The Dynavap Vapcap can produce consistent results and quality vapor from the start.

The Dynavap is a better vape.

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