This is going to be a multipart comparison, as there are a lot of things to compare.

The Tinymight is a pretty new vape on the market and it’s made by a small creator in Finland.

The Mighty has been the #1 portable dry herb vape on the market for about 5 years and they’re German engineered and produced.. As of 2021 the Mighty+ is available with USB-C charging and a ceramic coated bowl.

The Mighty is about $300 with some freebies (after coupon S&B15 at PotV) while the TinyMight is $249 and comes with nothing but a battery and a short mouthpiece.

Mighty VS TinyMight

Things I still need to demonstrate and compare

Short Term Maintenance: The difference between the Mighty and TinyMight in terms of daily maintenance is too complicated to explain in a single sentence. If I tried, the TinyMight lovers would shit their pants and hate me forever.

Long Term Maintenance: Maintaining the TinyMight long term isn’t really different than short term, but the Mighty versus TinyMight needs to see the comparison.

Bong Usage: The TinyMight curbstomps the Mighty on a bong, but the Mighty is no slouch through water. While the TinyMight does better at ripping hard, the Mighty might serve better with a group session.

Travel / Charging: I’m a homebody, so the Mighty is perfect and easy peasy for me. If I were camping or going off the grid, the TinyMight has features that make is the better choice.

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