When growing marijuana indoors in a grow tent, airflow, and air movement is incredibly important. The moving air mimics the wind and helps the plants grow stronger branches, better for holding heavy nugs.

In my previous grow I opted to use a couple 6″ clip fans and a household tower fan in my grow tent for airflow. Sadly, it wasn’t quite enough. My humidity crept up too high during my final days of flowering and I ended up with a mild case of bud rot, or botrytus.

Hanging Wall Mount Fans in my Grow Tent

I consulted with a professional grower and his advice was to, “Make your plants dance in the wind.”

He recommended the Hydro-farm wall mount fan with metal blades, but I opted for the plastic blade version at half the price.

wall mounted fan in grow tent

Wall mount fans usually screw into a wall, hence the name. Hanging a wall-mount fan in a grow tent presented some new challenges.


I cut a piece of pegboard down into smaller segments and used it as a backing for the fan.

I hung the pegboard using rope-ratchets and a few zip ties. The wall mount fan is mounted to the pegboard using some stainless steel hardware I picked up from Home Depot.

In the 5×5 grow tent I hung the fan centered in the back wall, but in the 4×4 I was concerned about the canopy infringement and wanted to squeeze the fan into the corner.

corner mounted wall fan in grow tent

For corner mounting, I cut the pegboard into a truncated cone shape, or an isosceles trapezoid. This shape was harder to cut, but it provides a natural balance in the corner and I thought it’d be easier to secure.

Other Options to Consider

I’ve seen a few other people using wall mount fans in their grow tent. User TerpKing over on the 420magazine forums used a piece of wood spanned across the side wall of his grow tent with the fan mounted on the board. He drilled two holes in each end of the wooden plank and fastened it to the tent poles with zip ties. He’s using ratcheting rope hangers to hang the whole assembly and adjust its height. Brilliant!