Low-Stress Training is a method of plant manipulation that involves bending stems or branches to reshape and optimize the plant’s canopy. Low-Stress Training, or LST, does not include cutting or topping and is often preferred for auto-flower grows.

I’ve done Low-Stress Training a few times but have always used plant wire to bend and shape the plants. This typically involves drilling holes in the pots or using safety pins through the fabric pots to hook wires and pull the plant’s branches downward.

3D Printed LST Clips

3d printed LST clips for cannabis

These printable plastic clips can be used over and over again to bend and shape your plants without drilling into your pots and using a bunch of disposable fasteners.

Download 3D Printer STL file

If you have access to a 3D printer you can download the same instructions for the clips I used in my LST video. These clips are 45 degree angle, which seems ideal for most.

I do not take credit for these clips or the design of the STL file. This file is widely distributed on the internet and I do not know who originally created it. Please leave a comment if you can help identify.

I don’t have a 3d Printer, but my friend Brian over at Old Head does! He makes cannabis vaporizers for a living, so don’t go begging him to print these for you. 

Video Demo of 3D Printed LST Clips

No 3D Printer? Local 3D Printers are a thing!

You don’t need your own 3D printer to utilize these clips. Many local libraries have 3D printers available to use with very minimal charges. You can also use a local 3D printing service – even Staples offers affordable 3D printing! Find a nearby 3D printing service.

Amazon LST plant training clips

LST Clips on Amazon

If you’re looking for LST clips that you can buy instead of printing, these are available on Amazon and have good reviews.

30 pack of LST training clips on Amazon

More Amazon LST Clips

Another good-looking option for buying LST clips instead of printing. These look simple and easy while being affordable.

360 degree adjustable LST Clips

360° LST Clips on Amazon

These clips look pretty rad, they’re fully adjustable to a full range of angles. These clips can even be used to make incremental bends on fragile plants!

Adjustable angle clips for Low stress training

Adjustable Training Clips

Here’s another option for adjustable angle LST clips. These look to be pretty high quality and available on Amazon.