Grow Lights

If you’re growing weed indoors, you’re going to need a grow light to serve as an artificial sun.

Cannabis needs a lot of light power to produce high-quality and quantity yields, but even small lights can produce great weed.

The most modern grow light technology is full spectrum LED. These light-emitting diodes have ultra-high efficacy thanks to recent advances in LED technology.

The two most common types of LED grow lights are “Quantum” and “COB” – quantum boards have their LEDs spread out over a large surface area or in long rows of LEDs, or bars. COB style lights are becoming less popular and use small clusters or clumps of LEDs, usually in 1-6 circular light domes.

Mars Hydro Grow Light Comparison

Mars Hydro Grow Light Comparison

Best Grow Lights for 5x5: Mars Hydro LEDsFor maximum yield in a 5x5 grow tent, these are the best Mars Hydro grow lights and this is how they compare.I've done a couple of grows each now with these massive LED lights from Mars Hydro. They're all great lights and...