My last few grows used traditional soil and I struggled with watering issues throughout. The daily disciplines and tight schedules were tough to maintain and my harvests suffered. Growing weed went from an adventure to a chore and I’m ready to bring the adventure back. 

In the world of automated watering systems, hydroponics is the kingpin.  Hydroponics is growing plants directly in water, without soil, and humans have been doing it for more than 2600 years. Hydroponics is older than Jesus! Hell, maybe the weed Jesus smoked was grown using hydroponics!

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AIRCUBE Ebb Flow Hydroponic Grow System 

The Aircube grow system is a modular and scalable hydroponic setup that uses a large reservoir and submersible pumps. Each plant is contained in its own individual flood bucket and the buckets are plumbed into the brain module. The brain module uses float valves and a basic timer to programmatically control the two pumps.

To feed the plants, the Aircube brain will pump nutrient-rich water from the reservoir into the brain bucket. The water will flow through to the individual flood buckets and rise to the same level as the float valve setting in the brain bucket.

Water is then pumped out of the brain bucket and individual flood buckets back into the reservoir.

This Ebb & Flow method of hydroponics often requires multiple feedings per day.

Aircube Hydroponic System

My Return to Hydroponics

The Aircube system isn’t my first forte in the hydroponic frontier! My very first several grows used hydroponics in the Autopot system, with great results! Community feedback encouraged me to learn how to grow with soil and traditional methods, but it turns out I am better at the geeky stuff!