The TKO is one of the newest and latest ball-powered herb vapes to hit the market. Mr. O’Connell has spent time listening to feedback and developing a vaporizer based on the needs that he thinks are most important: high performance, high efficiency, high flavor.

TKO Pioneer Bundle

Ball Filled Vape Head: TKO – 290 3mm Rubies

Engineered for maximum convection power from the start, the TKO houses two hundred and ninety 3mm rubies – more than any other comparable vaporizer. This gives the TKO an incredible amount of convection heat power for fast or slow draw speeds.

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TKO Infinity Bowl – Metal on Metal Hotness

The TKO pairs with a proprietary bowl in a way that passes heat into the bowl and helps preheat the herb. This ‘hybrid heating’ delivers a more powerful hit with thicker vapor and better flavor. 

TKO Vapor Comparison

The TKO shines bright in its own corner of the ring. It has the most balls and keeps them super close to the weed, which gives this vaporizer an agility and potency that’s hard to match. The TKO tastes better than the B-Zero and most other ball-vapes.

The TKO Infinity bowl adds an added conduction oomph without compromising flavor. The result is a more aggressive extraction and more flavor with less huffing and puffing.

The performance of the TKO and Infinity bowl is the perfect blend of heating methods. It’s less roasty than the Flowerpot Shovelhead bowl while providing more power than any injector vape.

Temp Controller Options & Upgrade Compatibility 

If you’re starting from scratch you’ll probably want to jump into the $514 TKO Pioneer bundle. This kit includes everything you need, except for the bong and the weed. It includes a wooden base stand and a matching wooden infinity bowl. The TKO head will be preinstalled in a coil that is factory optimized for this device. The Auber control PID is considered one of the best by many, including myself.

If you already have a PID and 20mm coil you can save some money and just buy the TKO components individually. If you have questions about your PID and its compatibility please reach out in the discord or leave a comment below!

TKO Ball Vape

How does the TKO Rank vs OTHER BALL VAPES

The TKO is amongst the best that I’ve tried. Great power, great flavor. Potent AF. 

I initially expected to use the injector adapter full-time, but I’ve been preferring the added extraction from the metal Infinity bowl.

The Infinity TKO combo doesn’t have the same conductive oomph as the B1 and B2 with the shovelhead bowl, but I think that’s a good compromise.  The TKO tastes better than a fully roasted Flowerpot shovelhead because it’s not as fully roasted.

The metal bowl retains heat and can preheat for even more “vapor boost”. I love the performance of this metal bowl, it’s a great step up from the convection-only injector vape and glass bowl combo.

I haven’t spent much time using the TKO as an injector. The TKO has an adapter to make it compatible with the 18mm glass injector bowls. I’ve tested it but preferred the metal Infinity bowl too much.

It’s hard to compare performance vs injectors using the TKO with the Infinity bowl – because with the added thermal performance it’s a different beast and there really is a different expression of flavor with that hybrid heating.

TKO Status: #1 Reach Test, Loving it, Top 3 Favorite Ball Vape

The TKO is currently winning my desktop vape reach test. I have the B-zero, Zenith, B2, and Freight Train Pro here ready to go but the TKO and the Infinity Bowl keep pulling me back in. It’s the perfect blend of power with the metal bowl adding some extra heat. I really like the flavor and the performance of this combo. It goes through screens faster than the injectors though!

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The TKO is a lot of vape. See how it compares to other ball vapes.

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