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Cheech and Chong’s MAMBO Dry Herb Vape – $50 Convection Portable

NEW for 2023 – The MAMBO vaporizer is the cheapest convection-powered portable vaporizer I’ve tested.  It’s a simple device with an all-plastic body and single-temperature operation.

The Mambo is a convection vaporizer.

Convection vaporizers are often preferred for their more flavorful vapor and the cleaner, less sedative high. Most cheap vaporizers use a basic conduction oven to heat a tightly packed bowl, while the Mambo uses heated intake air to vaporize a loosely packed bowl.

$50 budget vape - Mambo by Cheech and Chong / XVape

Cheech and Chong MAMBO Vaporizer


Benefits: Pretty good vapor, cheapest vape

Features: USB-C, Full  Convection, Breath-Activated, 1000mah internal battery

Mambo Vaporizer at a Glance 

Bowl Size
Bowls Per Charge
Outer Shell
Heatup Time
6 - 8
15 seconds
Breath Activated

The Mambo is considered a dry herb vaporizer and is not compatible with dabs or concentrates.
But they’ll still work if you add them with herb.

Cheeck and Chong Mambo vaporizer includes screens, a pick, a brush, usb-c cable, and cleaning supplies.

What's in the box

The Mambo comes with a few extra screens, 2 bowl screens, 1 top screen, a pick tool, a long skinny brush, and some Q-tips and alcohol wipes. The vape has a preinstalled silicon boot over its heater and a food-grade silicon mouthpiece.

Cheech and Chong Mambo Vape Review

The Mambo is a cheap vape and it feels cheap. The body of the vaporizer is made entirely out of plastic and silicon. It’s lightweight and durable enough to handle a bit of abuse, but I wouldn’t go tossing it around the sesh – pass it to the left, like a normal person.

The interface is simple and effective. A single button turns the Mambo on or off with 3 clicks. The vape starts heating up immediately and is ready to use in a mere 15 seconds.

The Mambo is breath-activated and will push more power into the heater as you’re drawing through the mouthpiece. 

I like to give it a few cigar-style puffs before taking my hit to preheat the bowl and increase the amount of vapor it produces.

The vapor from the Cheech and Chong Mambo is potent and delicious. The bowl of the Mambo is small and only holds about a tenth of a gram (.1g) – which is pretty much standard for a portable vaporizer.

With the cigar-puff preheat technique I get about 5 or 6 good hits over the 3-minute session.

Despite having a small 1000mah battery, the Mambo manages to vape 6+ bowls on a single charge! In my testing, I’ve averaged EIGHT bowls per charge, which is very impressive for a portable convection vape. 

How to use the Mambo Vaporizer:

  1. Open the Bowl: Remove the silicon cover and heating chamber from the bottom of the vape.
  2. Fill the bowl: Loosely fill the bowl with ~.1g medium or coarsely ground-up dry herb.
  3. Close the bowl: Insert the chamber into the bottom of the vape and replace the silicon.
  4. Turn on the vape: Triple-click the button to turn the vape on.
    >> Wait 15 seconds for the Mambo to heat up.
  5. Enjoy the Vapor: Inhale directly through the mouthpiece. Long steady draws work best.
Mambo vaporizer is a $50 palm-sized convection vaporizer

How good is the vapor though?

The vapor from the Mambo is surprisingly good.  This vape punches above it’s pricerange in terms of vapor. It puts out full flavored convection vapor off tiny amounts of herb.

Convection vapor is more flavorful than traditional conduction vaporizers because the herb is only being heated as you’re inhaling. Trichomes are vaporized right off the plant material, without the plant material getting fully roasted or burnt.  The effects from convection vaporizers are considered cleaner and more psychological than the physical body stone that comes from smoke.

Mambo is the first vape of its kind

Portable convection vaporizers are a relatively new thing and are just now reaching budget-friendly prices.

Other convection portables like the Xmax V3 Pro ($108) and the Xvape Roffu are nicer vaporizers but don’t really deliver any better vapor – just a nicer device and better materials.

Where to buy

If you’d like to support my vape review efforts, you can purchase the Xvape Mambo through my affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything extra and I’ll earn a small commission that goes towards buying more weed and more vapes to review.

Cheech and Chong Mambo vs Other budget vaporizers

As of June 1, 2023 – You won’t find anything that’s both cheaper AND better than the Mambo.

There are cheaper vapes, and there are better vapes, but there aren’t any better cheaper vapes (without going torch powered).

Cheech and Chong Xvape Mambo vs Xmax V3 Pro vaporizer comparison

Mambo vs Xmax V3 Pro

The Xmax V3 Pro is a nicer vape with nicer features and very similar vapor. Both of these devices are made by the same factory and likely share heater technology. The V3 Pro has a removable battery, metal body, full temperature control, and glass mouthpiece options.

Mambo Vaporizer by Cheech and Chong compared to POTV One Vaporizer

Mambo vs POTV ONE

The PoTV One is more simple and mindless to use than the Mambo. Fill the bowl and vape. There’s no special draw technique, just inhale. The PotV ONE is a convection hybrid. It’s super durable with great glass mouthpiece options and an easy interface.

Cheech and Chong Mambo

Mambo vs Dynavap

Dynavap vaporizers are battery-free and heated with a small torch or an induction heater. They’re similarly priced to the Mambo, but the vapor and vaping experience is quite different.

The Dynavap B is the cheapest Dynavap model, starting at $50. I highly recommend the Dynavap to anyone wanting to transition from smoking to vaping. See my Dynavap 101 page to learn more.

Mighty vaporizer vs Mambo

Mambo vs Mighty Vaporizer

It’s hard to compare a $50 vape with a $300. You can buy SIX Mambo for the price of one Mighty+ vaporizer. The Mighty+ is the king of portable dry herb vapes. It uses hybrid convection heating and has one of the easiest interfaces available. The Mighty+ is a sesh vape capable of smoking out the whole crew. The Mambo is best kept solo. The Mighty is my most used and recommended vape.

V3 Pro
Potv One
HR Edge SE
HR Rogue SE
Pax Mini
$50 and up
Bowl Capacity
Heat Method
Convection Hybrid
Conduction Hybrid
Convection Hybrid
Convection Hybrid
Convection Hybrid

Is the Cheech and Chong Mambo vaporizer WORTH IT?

The Mambo is a beginner’s vape and is made for casual use. It’s a super cheap vape that works surprisingly well, but it’s not made for heavy use. If you’re looking to try vaping weed instead of smoking it, the Mambo is a great affordable option. It’s cheap enough to use as a travel vape or a disposable concert vape as well. Losing a $50 Mambo hurts a lot less than losing a $300 Mighty!

Get a Mambo

Use the button below to pick up the Cheech and Chong Mambo for $50.

Keep Researching

I maintain a list of all the best portable dry herb and wax vapes.



I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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