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Pax Mini Review & 2024 Buyers Guide

The Iconic Pax Vaporizer is now smaller than ever, designed with the needs of on-the-go smokers, casual vaporists, and CBD users in mind. The Pax Mini is the smallest dry herb vaporizer Pax has ever made. It is smaller than the Pax 3 and the Pax Plus, making it a perfect companion for those who value portability and convenience.

The Pax Mini is available at practically every smoke shop carrying cannabis stuff. I’ve even seen Pax vaporizers in fancy gas stations! It’s an extremely popular mainstream vaporizer but rarely mentioned among hardcore vape enthusiasts.

About this Review – I have tested the Pax Mini extensively. I am an independent reviewer and content creator with over 400 dry herb vaporizers in my collection. I’m passionate about vapes and enjoy helping people find the right device. I use affiliate links to support my efforts. I will never lie to you to make a sale, and I truly care about helping you find the right vape.

Silver Pax Mini vaporizer next to the box it comes in

About the Pax Mini

The Pax Mini has only two modes: off and on. When you turn the vape on, it heats up.

Pax Mini doesn’t have any options or temperature modes to fiddle with. It’s optimized for cannabis extraction and will start at 380F and heat as high as 420F.

Pax Mini has a half-sized oven. The half-sized oven heats up faster and uses less weed. The smaller oven still holds enough for a nice vapor session. Pax Mini can also vape whole nugs; there is no need to grind. The Pax Mini oven is half the size of the Pax 3 and Pax Plus ovens.

I like the half-sized oven of the Pax Mini. It vapes herb more efficiently and it’s quicker. It makes better vapor than the full-sized oven of the Pax 3 and Pax Plus.

Who is the Pax Mini for?

The Pax Mini is made for smokers who want a simple dry herb vaporizer to use while on the go or vaping alone to conserve herbs.

Casual cannabis vaporists looking for a conduction vape to achieve the stoney and sedative high will find simple satisfaction in the traditional conduction Pax vapor.

The Pax conduction oven excels at vaping CBD and THC flowers. Those looking for a dry herb vaporizer to vape CBD flowers should explore full-conduction vaporizers like the Pax Mini or any alternatives listed below. Conduction vapes extract CBD more effectively than convection.

Vaping with the Pax Mini is best when using a mouth-to-lung method. Small sips of vapor are pulled from the vape using the mouth and cheek muscles to fill the mouth with vapor. The vapor is then inhaled fully into the lungs with fresh air. Stack multiple mouth-pulls of vapor in a single inhale for an even bigger hit.

The Pax Mini is $125. Click Here if you want one.

Pax Mini is a palm-sized dry herb vape

Who It’s NOT For?

Vaporists looking for an easy and direct inhalation will likely not enjoy the Pax Mini. Sucking vapor from the Pax is tight and restricted. Users looking for easy-flowing vapor, like an e-cig, should consider a different type of dry herb vaporizer. I’ve listed a few of my favorites at the end of this review.

Non-smoking vaporists who vape multiple bowls daily may find Pax vapor too harsh and irritating after several uses. Pax Mini is an excellent casual-use vape, but daily users should consider a vape from the Best Portable Vape List.

Flavor Chasers and Cannabis Connoisseurs demanding the most potent and tasty dry herb vapor will be bored by the Pax and its slow and steady style session. The Pax is fun to pass around in a circle, but it sucks for getting medicated quickly, and it’s not great for tasting those terps.

At-home vaporists who always stay in the house do not need a vape this small! Stepping up to a slightly larger-sized vaporizer completely changes the quality of the vapor and vaping experience. Consider a larger portable or even a ball vape!

If you’re not on that list, the Pax vape might be for you!

How to Use the Pax Mini Vaporizer

The Pax interface is very simple. One end has a dual-purpose mouthpiece/button, and the other is a simple conduction oven. 

In California, Pax sells pre-packaged pucks of rosin-infused herb

Pack the herb or whole nugs into the oven tight enough to fill the bowl snuggly. The stainless steel oven uses conduction and works best with a moderately tight pack.

Reattach the magnetic oven lid once the bowl is packed.

Turn the Pax Mini on by pressing the center of the mouthpiece. The vaporizer starts heating immediately and is ready to vape in about 20 seconds.

When the vaporizer is fully heated, inhale small puffs of vapor from the mouthpiece. The Pax Mini takes 5-10 minutes to vape a bowl. Inhaling faster and harder will not increase vapor production.

Empty the vaporized weed as soon as you’re done to make cleaning the Pax Mini much easier. 

What’s Included with the Pax Mini

The Pax Mini is basic, but it comes with everything you need.

  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • Extra Oven Screens (not pictured)
  • Wire Brush to clean vapor path
  • Magnetic USB Charger
Pax Mini comes with a raised mouthpiece, flat mouthpiece, cleaning brush, magnetic charger, and extra screens (not pictured)

Hardware & Build Quality

Pax Mini vape is a tank! It’s a small metal tube for a body, and the vaporizer is built inside it. Pax vaporizers are known for being built tough, and the Pax Mini is no exception. It feels great in the hand, and everything about the vape feels high-quality.

My Pax 3 went through the wash several times because I left it in my pants pocket. That vape still works fine. The Pax Mini is built the same way.

Vapor Quality

Vapor from the Pax Mini is just OK. Pax vaporizers use a conduction oven that gently heats the ground herbs via direct contact—like a frying pan. Conduction vapor has a more robust flavor that people often call ‘burnt popcorn.’ 

The Pax Mini actively tunes the heater during use to minimize heating between hits. This lowers the oven temperature in between hits to preserve terpenes and flavor, and it raises the heat during the hit to maximize vapor and flavor output.

The Pax Mini’s smaller oven also improves the bowl size for efficiency and flavor. There is less overlap between cooked terps and fresh green terps because the half-sized bowl can be heated more thoroughly, with less cooldown during inhalations.

The vapor from the Pax Mini is better than the Pax Plus because of the oven size. The larger oven size of the Pax Plus and Pax 3 holds more than double the amount of cannabis. This makes a stronger vapor, but the robustness that comes from conduction can become overwhelming with a fully packed oven. The Pax Mini oven is smaller, and its vapor is less harsh than a fully packed Pax Plus.

The Pax Mini vapor is a 6/10 compared to other portable vaporizers. It’s good, but it’s not the strength of this vape. If you’re chasing magical fluffy vapor e-cig inhale clouds or quick, potent 2-hit extractions, you’ll want to check out my 2024 Best Portable Vape List.

This is what the Pax Mini looks like after a few uses.

Vaping Experience

Vaping the Pax is similar to a Blunt: mouth-to-lung vapor sips. Conduction vaporizers like the Pax Mini require a tighter pack and will have a tighter draw.

The Pax Mini has a tight draw. It can be hit with long inhalations but works best with short puffs or sips.

It takes 10 or 15 puffs through the Pax Mini to fully vaporize the bowl. This takes me 6-10 minutes.  The herb in the oven will cook and vaporize while the device is on, but the oven operates at a higher temperature when it detects the vape in action.

Battery Life

I get about 7 reliable bowls with the Pax Mini. I vape each bowl for about 10 minutes, or until the vape stops producing vapor. You can also turn the Pax Mini on, take a few hits, and turn it off, saving the rest of the bowl for later. The Pax Mini battery will last a full day with 20+ quick vape sessions.

Pax Mini Vapor Effects

Conduction-style vaporizers tend to produce more stoney and relaxed effects. Pax Mini uses a conduction oven; its effects are stoney and casual. The smaller bowl delivers the perfect dose of dank.

Vaping one full bowl to completion leaves me perfectly medicated for an afternoon work sesh.

Vaping two full bowls after my work sesh leaves me perfectly stoned for a relaxing walk with my dog.

I’ll vape the 3rd bowl on my walk and come home ready to chill.

A few other vapes will get me higher off of less weed, but the Pax Mini is efficient enough to use on the regular. If this is your first vape, it’ll rock your socks off.

Differences between Pax Mini and Pax Plus

The Pax Mini and Pax Plus are very similar in function and vapor. However, the hardware, software, and included accessories differ slightly.

The Pax Mini has a smaller bowl than the Pax Plus. The Pax Mini oven holds about .15-.2g, while the Pax Plus oven can hold .3 to .5g. The Pax Plus comes with a half-pack oven lid that reduces the bowl size by about half.

Pax Mini has one operating temperature. Pax Plus has 4 customizable temperature modes.

The Pax Plus has a concentrate oven for vaping hash and full-melt extractions. 

Pax Mini has a 2-year warranty, while the Pax Plus comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Pax Plus can do many more things that aren’t very important. The larger oven often means harsher and worse-tasting vapor. The concentrate container is worthless. Temperature modes are a nice luxury, but the Pax Mini’s simple interface proves them unessential. The Pax Plus works better with the half-pack oven, and most people will vape at the same temperature forever anyway. The Pax Mini is a better value than the Plus.

The best reason to upgrade to the Pax Plus is the additional 8-year warranty.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Pax Mini is easy to clean. 

Daily maintenance is super easy. To help keep the oven clean, empty the vaporizer when you’re done vaping. Use a brush or a pick to remove leftover crumbs. 

The Pax Mini will need to be cleaned after 15-20 uses. High-quality, potent herbs will leave more reclaim and reduce the time between cleanings.

You’ll know it’s time to clean when the vapor path is clogged with honey or you feel the sticky honey on your lips while vaping.

The Pax Mini mouthpiece pops off to reveal the vapor path, which needs to be cleaned.

To clean the Pax Mini, pop off the mouthpiece and use the included brush to push it through the little hole where the mouthpiece goes. This will poke through the oven end and pop out the screen while pushing out reclaim.

Use isopropyl alcohol, a couple of Q-tips, and a paper towel to clean up the sticky residue in and around the bowl. Wipe down the screen, mouthpiece, and oven lid with the iso paper towel and replace when dry.

The screen, mouthpiece, and oven lid can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol, but it’s unnecessary. They wipe clean with 91% iso, and soaking is overkill.

My TL;DR thoughts on the Pax Mini

The Pax Mini is a good vape. It’s just not the right vape for my usage.

The Pax Mini is for beginners or smokers looking for a casual dry herb vape option. It will be great for someone who vapes on the weekends or nights out partying.

As a dry herb vape reviewer and collector, the Pax Mini mostly sits unused on my shelf. I have all of the vapes, and I mainly vape at home. I vape weed daily, multiple times per day, and I prefer a vaporizer that is easier on my throat and easier to inhale directly. I’ve listed my preferred portable vapes below..

A casual cannabis consumer with no interest in geeking out on vapes or vaping weed will be thrilled with the simplicity of the Pax Mini.

Pax Mini Alternatives

Dry herb vaporizers have come a long way, and Pax paved the way for other portable vapes. I’m not a fan of Pax clones or imitators. These Pax Mini alternatives offer a similar style and effect while being micro-sized and easy to carry.

Xmax Starry vs Pax Mini

The Starry uses a conduction oven similar to the Pax. The vapor and effects are very similar. The biggest difference in vapor is the Starry’s ceramic mouthpiece. This cools the vapor a tiny bit while also giving your lips something to latch onto while vaping.  The Starry has a full temperature control interface and display, while the Pax Mini has only one built-in temperature.

The Starry also has a removable battery, while the Pax does not. The Pax uses a neat but also annoying magnetic charger, while the Starry is USB.

The Pax Mini feels nicer and looks cooler, but the Starry is a better value with more features for $25 less at only $99. Both vapes come in a few basic color options 

Pax Mini vs Dynavap

Dynavap is a completely different vaporizer. Dynavap looks and feels like the nicest one-hitters ever. They’re a torch-powered, battery-free vaporizer. The Dynavap is highly customizable in configuration and use. While the Pax Mini has one mode and one button, the Dynavap has many methods and even more aftermarket add-ons to enhance the experience. 

Using a Dynavap is a ritualistic experience and is best for smoking alone. The Pax Mini is great for sharing,

Dynavap is a bit like a unicycle. It takes a bowl or two to figure it out. Watch my Dynavap 101 Video to learn.

Pax Mini vs Potv One vs PotV Lobo

The PotV One and PotV Lobo are two extremely popular portable dry herb vaporizers from Planet of the Vapes. These vapes use convection heating to speed up extraction and make the vaping experience easier. 

The One and Lobo have a more open airflow than the Pax Mini, allowing these vapes to inhale directly.

PotV One and Lobo have single-degree temperature control with a built-in interface and display. These vapes can customize the vape temperature on the fly, while the Pax Mini can’t adjust the temperature.

The Lobo has a more powerful heater than the One and the Pax. The PotV Lobo can extract faster than the One and Pax Mini. PotV Lobo can fully extract a bowl in about 6 hits. The PotV One will take 8-12, and the Pax Mini will take 10-15.

The Lobo is a high-performance vape that’s budget-friendly at $159. PotV has a great selection of cooling mouthpieces, bubbler add-ons, and water pipe adapters that will fit both the Lobo and the One.

The One has been the best budget vape for a couple of years. It’s only $100, and it makes vaping easy. The Lobo builds on everything PotV has learned from the One.

I’d carry the Lobo and One to use before I’d carry the Pax Mini.

Versus 2024’s BEST Portable Weed Vapes

This is a silly comparison, but if you’re looking for the best portable dry herb vapes – the Pax Mini isn’t it.

The best portable vapes are The Venty by Storz & Bickel, Arizer Solo 3, and Tinymight 2.

Pax Mini vs Venty

The Venty is massive compared to the tiny Pax Mini. The Venty vaporizer has the fluffiest vapor known to exist, and its airflow is less restricted than any other portable. The Venty is an extremely powerful vaporizer with soft, easy vapor. Vaping on the Venty is just like inhaling vapor from a bag. It’s effortless. The Pax Mini takes suction power to pull vapor from the mouthpiece and multiple mouthfuls to make the vapor as potent as a single Venty hit.

The Venty has a precise convection oven with full temperature control and display. The side button will cycle the Venty through its 3 customizable temperature settings. The Pax mini has one button that turns the device off and on.

The Venty will vape about 12 bowls per charge, while the Pax Mini is good for 6-8. The Venty is made for people who want the absolute best vapor possible. The vapor from the Venty is unmatched. See my Venty Review before plunking down $450, though. The Venty is easily worth 4 Pax Mini.

Solo 3 vs Pax Mini

The Arizer Solo 3 is the newest vape of 2024 and is currently in my #1 position on my Best Portable Vaporizers list. It is another massive vape compared to the Pax Mini. The Solo 3 is not very pocket-friendly, whereas the Pax Mini is probably the most pocket-friendly dry herb vape ever.

The glass stem of the Arizer Solo 3 serves as the bowl, the cooling vapor path, and the mouthpiece all in one. This 100% glass vapor path is great for delivering the purest-tasting vapor, but it’s more cumbersome to carry.

Carrying the Arizer Solo 3 out and about is a chore that requires accessories and commitment. The glass stem is best carried separately from the vaporizer. 

Pax Mini is made for an on-the-go life. The Solo 3 is an around-the-house portable. It can travel with a bag or a case. Arizer also includes some clear plastic travel tubes that are reusable.

Solo 3 is an agile vape. Its experience can be customized using different bowl sizes, packs, and temperatures. It even has an On-Demand mode and can fully extract a bowl in two or three massive hits.

The Solo 3 kicks the Pax Mini’s ass in the vapor department, but I wouldn’t put the Solo 3 in my pocket. I’m carrying the Venty or the Tinymight 2. See my Solo 3 Review for more information about this great vape.

TinyMight 2 vs Pax Mini

The Pax Mini is the King of Little Conduction, and the TinyMight 2 is the King of On-Demand Full Convection. 

While the Pax Mini is 100% conduction, the TinyMight 2 uses 100% convection. The difference in vapor is massive. The TinyMight 2’s pure convection power delivers bright terpenes and a very rich flavor.

The TinyMight 2 uses glass stems similar to those of the Arizer Solo 3, but the vape is small enough to carry with the stem inserted—about three times the size of the Pax Mini.

The TinyMight 2 has both on-demand and session modes. Its temperature control is a little metal dial on the bottom of the vape. The Tinymight is a remarkable vape with a removable battery and a ton of power.

The Tinymight 2 is made for daily vaporists, and its maintenance requires more commitment than the Pax Mini. It costs three times the Pax Mini but has ten times the power. The TinyMight 2 is $349.

Pax Mini

This guide reviews the Pax Mini and compares it to the best portable dry herb vapes. Written by an experienced and committed vape geek.

Editor's Rating:


  • Small
  • Simple
  • Sharable
  • Similar to Smoking


  • Tight Draw
  • Pure Conduction
  • No Settings


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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