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Dynavap HyperDyn Review – It’s FINALLY Here.

Dynavap fans have been demanding a larger bowl for years, and Dynavap has finally given us what we want. The Hyperdyn is the first significant update to the Dynavap tip and cap since its launch in 2015.

The Dynavap is a popular dry herb vape made for micro-dosing. It’s excellent at getting maximum effects with minimal material. It’s an agile vape that has helped many stop smoking and switch to vaping. If you’re not familiar with it, see my Dynavap Buying Guide.

The size-enhanced Hyperdyn bowl holds .25g compared to the .08-.12g of the standard Dynavap.

The Dynavap HyperDyn uses the new Hyper Tip and Hyper Cap. Both are made of Titanium and are backward compatible with other Dynavap stems. Hyper Tips and Caps are incompatible with standard Dynavap tips and caps.

Dynavap Hypderdyn is larger and has a larger bowl than the Dynavap M

The HyperDyn is Available Now for $229

The HyperDyn is more than just a larger tip and a bigger bowl. The larger-diameter tip uses a different Dynavap cap. The Hyper Cap resembles the Dynavap Armored Cap—a thick stainless steel cap designed for one-hit extractions.

The Armored Cap was Dynavap’s answer to recent competition, like The Anvil and Simrell’s FMJ. Hardcore Dynavap users searching for bigger hits started utilizing copper mods or switching to different vapes.

The Hyper Cap is a thicker Dynavap cap than the standard one. It’s made of Titanium, while the standard cap is Stainless Steel. The thicker cap has more thermal mass and will extend the vaping power.

Dynavap Cap next to Dynavap Hyperdyn Cap shows how thick the Hyperdyn Cap is

The stainless steel standard cap (left) has remained mostly unchanged since 2015.
The armored cap (middle) and Hyper Cap (right) are thicker and heavier.

The thick titanium cap for the new Hyperdyn still heats up quickly, even with a small torch. The cap helps distribute heat evenly around the tip, even while heating without rotating.

Titanium doesn’t hold as much heat as the copper-capped competitors, but it performs similarly and cools down more quickly. It can be handled within minutes after vaping.

The Hyperdyn Cap is much larger than the standard Dynavap Cap.

The HyperDyn has an Adjustable Airflow.

The Hyperdyn airflow can be adjusted by changing the condenser depth. The condenser is the tube connecting the mouthpiece to the stem.

In years past, adjustable airflow was available on Dynavap’s premium line of vaporizers. Still, they’ve been implementing this feature on all of their vaporizers since the launch of the Dynavap B.

The Mouthpiece and Condenser assembly can be removed from the Hyperdyn by pulling the mouthpiece.

Adjusting the condenser length controls how much fresh air is pulled through the airport. The condenser tube extends up into the tip. When the condenser is at its most extended setting, no fresh air is pulled in through the airport, and the vapor has the most draw restriction.

The “adjustable airflow” only controls the default airport setting. It doesn’t actually change the Dynavap’s draw restriction. These settings are great for configuring the Hyperdyn for hands-free use.

The standard Dynavap M tip fits inside the Dynavap Hyperdyn tip. The Hyperdyn bowl is considerably bigger than the standard Dynavap.

The HyperDyn bowl can swallow the entire diameter of the standard Dynavap M tip.

The larger tip is large enough to slip the standard tip inside. The Hyperdyn tip resembles a traditional Dynavap tip with fins and spiral grooves. New tips like the M+ have a different proportion of thermal mass and are designed to perform with a single heat up and without rotating the stem.

Testing the Hyperdyn.

My first few bowls with the Hyperdyn were great! I rotated the Hyperdyn as I heated and used a normal Dynavap-sized torch. The larger bowl size made a big difference in effects and vapor! The tip stayed hot enough to produce vapor longer than expected. The thick armored cap keeps the tip hot for several vapor hits and complete extraction from a single heat-up.

The thickness of the Hyperdyn stem and the shape of the airport/rocker area made the vape difficult to rotate. Maybe it’s intentionally designed that way?

I’ve also attempted using the Hyperdyn without rotating. I pointed the flame at the D in Dynavap, and the vape worked fine. I packed it extra tight, so it didn’t vape perfectly even, but it vaped thoroughly with a single heat-up.

Blue anodization on the Titanium Hyperdyn cap

Rotating vs. Not Rotating the Hyperdyn

I’ll probably continue to rotate the Hyperdyn when heating it. I’ve been using Dynavap vaporizers for nearly a decade now, and the muscle memory of rotating is hard to resist. It performs better and roasts more evenly with an optimized and gently rotated heat-up, but it can also work fine without rotating.

Is HyperDyn Too Late?

The community has been asking for this for many years, and Dynavap has always rejected the idea, stating that the standard size is perfect.

When Dynavap started, it had no comparable competition, but after years of unanswered demand, several other makers stepped up with solutions. The Vestratto Anvil has become very popular, functioning similarly while hitting harder.

Is HyperDyn responding to community demand or competition?

Leave a comment with your thoughts or questions to include in my upcoming review!


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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