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Vapman 2.0 Review – Mini Marijuana Microdosing Machine

The Vapman vaporizer is truly one-of-a-kind. Designed for hash or flower, it operates entirely on analog technology—no batteries or electronics. This clever design distinguishes it from other vaporizers and gives it a unique charm. The Vapman is functional art that fits in your pocket.

The Vapman is tiny, and it vapes microdose-sized amounts of herbs. It excels at vaping hash and is my #1 portable for hash. It’s also one of the best vapes for microdosing dry herbs. The Vapman even TWAXes like a champ! Dry herb and dabs simultaneously are no problem for the Vapman!

The Standard Vapman comes with a clear plastic egg case

Heating the Vapman has a primal interface and an intuitive learning curve. A small torch is used to gently heat the base of the bowl until it’s hot enough to vaporize what’s inside. Puffs of vapor are inhaled using the mouthpiece in between repeated heatings. It’s a very satisfying and fun-to-master experience. Vaping weed with the Vapman is relaxing and ritualistic. Packing and prepping the vape is almost as fun as heating and vaping!

The Vapman is also hyper-efficient. It can pull massive vapor from tiny amounts of dry herb and fully roast the herb or hash until it’s completely spent.

Vapman 2.0 Updates

The 2024 Vapman 2.0 is handmade in Italy using responsibly sourced woods. The vaporizer has been updated with the following improvements:

  • The slot-shaped air intake replaces three awkwardly placed holes. HUGE IMPROVEMENT
  • Embedded Mica layers protect wood from charring
  • Tool-less filter removal
  • Stainless Steel Condenser
  • Stainless Steel Intercooler
  • Less Likely to break when dropped

The Vapman 2.0 delivers better vapor and a more durable design. The Mica layer is much more reliable than older versions, and the oven spacing makes it easier to heat. The adjustable airflow makes the Vapmen 2.0 easier to use, and the upgraded mouthpiece and condenser make the vapor cooler and smoother.

If you are using an old version of the Vapman, it’s worth updating to the new version. The components are not interchangeable between the original and Vapman 2.0.

Anatomy of the Vapman

The Vapman twists counterclockwise to separate the two main components. The body and mouthpiece can be further disassembled for cleaning or repair, but the Vapman has only two pieces during normal operation.

The wooden Vapman case is about the size of a deck of cards

The Wooden Vapman Case is the size of a deck of cards and carries perfectly in any pocket. It’s $59

Vapman Body

The Vapman’s body is a wooden ring with an open center containing an 18k gold-plated copper bowl. This design allows the bowl to withstand the torching and heat without burning the wood. A layer of mica is embedded inside the wooden body to protect the wood completely from the torch. The 3 tiny mounting rods are also the air intakes.

The gold-plated copper bowl of the Vapman

Mouthpiece & Filter

This part of the Vapman will separate further. The Mouthpiece has an adjustable vent that mixes fresh air with the vapor. The Stainless Steel mouthpiece features a twisted metal intercooler that cools the vapor and catches debris. The wooden mouthpiece doesn’t fit the intercooler. The wooden mouthpiece doesn’t get as hot, but will also deliver slightly hotter vapor.

The metal flaps on the filter lift open to remove the metal plate and condenser.

The Vapman has multiple mouthpiece options, including stainless steel and wood

How the Vapman Works

The Vapman works by heating the base of the bowl with a small torch or with the VapStation heater (sold separately). The gold-plated copper bowl distributes heat and vaporizes your cannabis. The heat gradually vaporizes the bowl’s contents, inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece.

What I Love About the Vapman

The Vapman uses minimal amounts of herb or hash and still gets me medicated. It’s a neat-looking vape that’s as fun to look at as it is to use. The olive wood gives the Vapman a soft, silky grip that feels great. To anyone unfamiliar, it seems like a knickknack or a fidget puzzle, but those with the Vapman skills will have the keys to a tiny space rocket.

The more I use the Vapman, the better I get at it, and the better it gets at getting me. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and a relaxing ritual.

The Vapman disassembles into smaller parts for cleaning.

The Vapman can be taken completely apart for cleaning.

Vapman Ritual

The use of Cannabis throughout history has been ceremonial and ritualistic. Modern smoking methods are still a ritualistic process. Breaking down the flowers and rolling up is the warm-up to what’s to come. Lighting a blunt or joint and hitting it translates natively to torching the Vapman and puffing on vapor, and heating the Vapman becomes an easy ritual to master.

The Vapman is surprisingly agile once you learn its limits and master your torch timing. When vaping dry herb, I usually heat the Vapman four or five times per bowl. Counting the timings of heat-ups is meditative and therapeutic. The Vapman has a short learning curve with a rewarding outcome.

The Vapman twists open to reveal the gold-plated bowl

Use code VAPEZONE to save 15% on the Vapman

How to Use the Vapman

Load the bowl. The included loading funnel makes filling the bowl simple and tidy. Sprinkle or scoop a tiny amount of herb into the bowl. I like to build up a little mound of herb and tamp it into the bowl with the back of my scoop. Tamping helps because the Vapman uses conduction, but the Vapman also works well with a loosely packed bowl. It will work with even the tiniest amount of weed.

The Vapman bowl will hold as much as .1g but works best with .05-.08g.

Lock the Filter & Mouthpiece onto the base by aligning the bowl and twisting the mouthpiece clockwise.

Heat the Vapman. Hold it by the wooden outer ring and ensure your fingers are clear of the torching zone. Aim the torch directly at the point so the flame spreads evenly over the bottom of the bowl.

A small torch is used to heat the Vapman

Heat the base of the bowl using 3-second bursts with the torch.
For example, 3s of torching, 1s pause, 3s of torching, 1s pause, 3s of torching.

Hit the Vapman and sample the vapor. If it’s ready, finish the hit, turn it over, and give it more torch time.  

Repeat heating and hitting until the bowl is cooked or you’re cooked. Depending on the herb and how I packed it, I can get 3 or 4 heat-ups from a single bowl. Tightly packed bowls will vape longer!

Empty the Vapman by untwisting the mouthpiece and filter section from the body and emptying the spent herb. Brush any herb from the filter, or wipe the filter on your pants for some stoner cologne.

Vaping Hash with the Vapman

Traditional hash is more prevalent in Europe and Asia than in the USA. Cannabis concentrates in North America have evolved into full-melt dabbable oils. Traditional hash is more potent and requires more heat than vaping dry herb.

The Vapman design is perfect for vaping traditional hash or hashish. The gold-plated copper bowl holds .05 of hash and will maintain and heat the hash without making a mess.

Hash will last longer than flower. The vaping ritual is the same: Heat it, hit it, and repeat. If anything, heat it a little bit longer.

I’ll get 10 or 15 heat-it-hit-it cycles with hash. If the hash is gooey, I’ll add a layer of ground flower on top to help keep the filter clean.

If your hash is wet and gooey, use the included screen. Or mix it with ground dry herb.

Hash makes more of a mess than dry herb, and the bowl will stain over time. This doesn’t affect flavor too much, but it is noticeable when you finally clean the bowl.

Vapman with Full Melt

Full-melt concentrates are the standard in the USA. The Vapman handles full-melt, aka dabs, with ease as well. The included mesh screen provides a wicking surface for the dab to melt into and vaporize.

Or just add a little dab on top of a bowl of ground flower. This is called TWAXing and is my favorite way to vape concentrates in the Vapman.

Life with the Vapman as a Torch Vape

The Vapman is a “sit-down and enjoy-the-session” type of vaporizer instead of a “pull it out and vape vaporizer.” It’s not particularly convenient to travel with or use on the go, but It can be used as an on-the-go vape if you’re dedicated and committed.

Torch vapes like the Vapman bring a particular type of enjoyment. The heating method feels primal, and the materials are natural. The heating technique requires very little learning and is easy to master.

I find the ritual of torching and vaping to be very relaxing. I mostly enjoy the Vapman at my desk, but it’s also been used in my car, at the park, and in various hotel rooms. 

Vapman Vapstation: Desktop Heater

Until now, this Vapman review has focused on the vape’s portable nature, powered by a tiny torch.

The Vapstation is a desktop appliance that heats the Vapman to the perfect temperature. It uses a little conductive cradle that holds the bowl and heats it directly via contact. No torch is needed!

The Vapstation is GREAT for microdosers who frequently vape throughout the day.

Using the Vapman with the Vapstation

The Vapstation takes about a minute to heat up and needs to heat up without the Vapman installed.

Its LED status light will remain blue while pre-heating and turn orange/yellow when ready for the Vapman.

The Vapstation has a sensor that detects the Vapman and ramps up the heat while the vaporizer is seated in the heating cradle. The heating cradle has 3 small grooves to match the air-intake tubes on the underside of the Vapman. Lining up the Vapman with those 3 little grooves was troublesome at first, but after building some muscle memory, it became second nature. 

The Orange light will start blinking when the Vapman is properly cradled and turn Green when it’s heated and ready to vape. I like leaving it in the heater for an additional five seconds to maximize the heating.

On the first heat-up of a session, the vapor will be soft, but by the second and third heating cycles, the Vapstation and Vapman start to crank out the vapor. 

When I use the Vapstation, I like to vape two or three Vapman bowls in a row—that’s only 0.15g of dry herb! The Vapstation has a 15-minute sleep timer, so I try to vape two or three in a row before it goes to sleep.

Life with the Vapstation

The Vapstation makes vaping micro-sized amounts of weed fun and classy. It takes the torch from the experience and turns the Vapman into a floating vapor vessel.

Using the Vapstation and Vapman daily is a pleasing experience. The ritual is relaxing, and the high is rewarding. It’s easy to push the limits with the Vapstation. I’m always amazed at how much vapor and effects I can get from less than a tenth of a gram.

The Vapstation turns up the class on the Vapman experience. With the Vapstation nearby, I never find myself reaching for the torch. I love the Vapstation, it isn’t much larger than the Vapman. It only takes up a few inches of desk space.

Vapstation Complaints

I love this thing, but it’s not perfect. Two things annoy me and could be improved upon.

Aligning the Vapman into the 3 little grooves is hard. Placing the Vapman can feel fussy and fidgety when the angles are off, and the vape won’t drop into place. The ritual can quickly turn sour and frustrating because the tolerances are tight. Muscle memory helps a lot here, but I think there is an opportunity to refine the fitting and remove some fiddle.

I want to drop it in without fuss, without looking, without aligning. I want to toss that vape like a ring toss and have it seat perfectly every time.

There’s a 15-minute timer. The Vapstation turns off after 15 minutes. To turn it back on, you’ll first need to toggle the switch off, then toggle it back on, and then wait for it to heat up again.

I’d love to leave this thing on all day without having to fuss with the switch. I’ve grown accustomed to having my ball vapes on all day, and I want my Vapstation to be able to do the same.

Neither complaint is a showstopper, and the Vapstation remains on my desk beside my ball vapes.

The Vapstation is $385 from Inhale Co. Vgoodiez sells the Vapstation for $350.

Vapman vs. Other Micro-Dosing Vaporizers

The Vapman is unique, but a few other portable vaporizers have similar strengths. I’ll compare the Vapman with some other butane and micro-battery vapes.

Vapman Vs. Dynavap

The Dynavap is another analog dry herb vape that uses a small torch or an induction heater to power the vaporizer and heat the herbs. They’re similar in flavor and effects as they both rely on conduction.

The Dynavap looks similar to a one-hitter or a “bat.” Its magic is in the tip and cap. The tip is also the oven. The cap covers the tip and “clicks” when it’s ready to vape. This analog temperature sensor makes it easier to get consistent results with the Dynavap than with the Vapman, but neither vape is “hard to use”—they just require a bit of learning. 

The Dynavap vaporizer is a platform of swappable components and configurations. It offers multiple tip options, cap types, and stem varieties, each with slightly differing performance or experience.  There’s even a community of 3rd party makers offering Dynavap stems and customizations.

Several Dynavap vaporizers compared to two Vapman vaporizers

Dynavap can do more things and is more customizable than the Vapman. The different tips and stem combinations make a near-infinite number of unique combinations. 

The Vapman works better with tiny amounts than the Dynavap. The Vapman’s sweet spot is between .03 and .07 g, while the Dynavap’s range is .08 – .15g. The Dynavap tip can be adjusted to a half-bowl capacity by moving the screen, but the Vapman still does a better job with less.

The Vapman is better at vaping hash. Dynavap can vape hash, too, but it’s messier and requires more work, and it doesn’t taste as good. The Dynavap is faster at reloading and extracting, too. 

Both of these vapes can hit pretty hard with the right technique, but the Dynavap can put out a harder hit because it holds more weed.

The Dynavap is easier to use on the go and easier to carry, but both of these vapes require commitment to use on the go.

I consider the Dynavap a must-own vaporizer, but the Vapman and Dynavap scratch similar itches. They’re both torch-powered, metal-bowled, analog, heat-as-you-need, conduction vapes. They’re both kings of flavor with ritualistic vaping experiences.

Dynavap is more budget-friendly than Vapman, with their budget-friendly Dynavap B costing only $50. Watch my Dynavap 101 Video to see if it is right for you.

Vapman Vs. The Anvil

The Anvil is a heavy-hitting micro-dosing vaporizer. The Anvil can achieve full extraction with a single heating, while the Vapman requires multiple heat-ups to extract the bowl fully.

The Anvil is more similar to the Dynavap in that you heat it with a torch until it clicks. The Anvil vapor is potent and thick, and the effects are often stoney and sedative. The Anvil is a heavy-hitting vape. The vapor intensity can be adjusted with different torching techniques and torch sizes.

The Anvil uses a bigger torch than the Vapman, and the hot parts on the Anvil need to be handled and removed before being reloaded. 

The Vapman feels more organic and natural in the hand. Wood and gold are classy-looking. The Anvil looks and feels like a military tool or a lightsaber. It looks and feels badass, and it’s heavy.

While the Vapman’s ritual extends the vaping experience, the Anvil extracts hard and fast.

The Anvil can also handle hash, but the experience isn’t as tasty as the Vapman.

Vaping multiple bowls in a row is much easier with the Vapman than the Anvil. The Anvil uses a copper thermal battery that retains heat. The Anvil remains hot enough to cause injury for several minutes, even after the vapor is long gone.

The Anvil and Vapman are both about $220.

TL-DR: Vapman Review Final Thoughts

I love this little vape and would be sad if I lost it. It’s fun to use and provides a beautiful solo sesh experience. I can get high as balls with tiny amounts of weed – as long as my tolerance is at an average level.

I wouldn’t want the Vapman to be my *only dry herb vape* though. It’s fun to take a break from my daily vapes and hit the Vapman, but using the Vapman exclusively requires dedication and commitment.

Where to Buy the Vapman

Click Here to buy the Vapman vaporizer directly from the makers. Now that Vapman has combined with Lotus, its new company is Inhale Co. Inhale Co sells the Olive Vapman for $159. Other premium woods and options are available. Use code VAPEZONE to save 15%

Vgoodiez also stocks the Vapman and ships quickly. Use code TROYTIME10 to save 10% at Vgoodiez.


The Vapman vaporizer is truly one-of-a-kind. Designed for hash or flower, it operates entirely on analog technology—no batteries or electronics. This clever design distinguishes it from other vaporizers and gives it a unique charm. The Vapman is functional art that fits in your pocket.

Editor's Rating:


  • Tiny
  • Efficient
  • Flavorful
  • Fun to use


  • Small Learning Curve
  • Small Bowl


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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