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[Quick Review] Cordless Screwball – Vapvana Goes Wireless

Cordless ball vapes are all the rage right now, and the Vapvana Screwball is the next vape to join the fam! The original Screwball has become my favorite corded ball vape and is at the top of my best ball vapes list.

Cordless ball vapes use a stationary heating base and are still PID-powered but break free from the tangly cords. Cordless ball vapes are considered to be a safer and more user-friendly interface.

Use code TROYTIME to save 10% on the Screwball Vaporizer

The Cordless Screwball fits a 25mm axial coil housing. I’ve been testing it with the Zenleaf heater with dual PID to compare it with the original wired version and know that the coil temperatures are consistent.

I run my standard (wired) Screwball at 565F. The Cordless Screwball hits softer than the Coiled version at 565F. The wired version annihilated the micro-dosing bowl in one hit, while the Cordless Screwball didn’t thoroughly cook the herb, leaving the remains a lighter color.

The Cordless Screwball looked small and harmless but cranked up to 622F; it RIPPED MY FACE OFF.

I run my other cordless ball vapes at 622-ish, and the Cordless Screwball has outperformed the rest.

The Cordless Screwball mates with its bowl in the same vertical orientation as it sits in the coil. This means there’s no need to rotate the hot head like many cordless ball vapes.

The Screwball and Cordless Screwball are nearly identical in design and function. The Screwball design translated remarkably quickly to the cordless format. Many other ball vapes were forced to undergo a complete overhaul to work wirelessly.

The Cordless Screwball is simple and elegant.

The Cordless Screwball is slightly shorter and contains fewer rubies than the standard. It contains 560 gem-cut rubies, while the full-sized corded vape has 710. The difference in power is subtle, and the Cordless Screwball is currently the most powerful wireless vape I’ve tested. I’ve been running it at 622F and I can one-shot the micro-dosing bowl in one big hit. I get a massive hit, and the vapor is relentless and rich.

Vapvana Heating Station

VapVana is working on a heating station and PID housing. He’s posted sneak previews on his Instagram, and the design looks very promising. The race to turn these powerful vaporizers into user-friendly desktop appliances is upon us.

The Screwball has been a mainstay on my desk, and I think the Cordless Screwball will become the king of cordless ball vapes. My first few hits with it have been pure bliss.

See my ScrewBall Review to learn more about this powerful dry herb vaporizer, or visit VapVana and use code TROYTIME to save 10% on your purchase.

Hot Hole / Heater Options

The Cordless Screwball uses a 25mm coil and is compatible with the Dab Ready and the Zen Leaf heaters.

These heaters will also heat quartz bangers for an excellent dabbing experience. Many handy stoners are choosing to build their own coil housings, going the DIY route. The Dab Ready is the first and original product to utilize a stationary coil and a “cordless ball vape,” but many others have already improved upon the concept. My favorite heater is the ZenLeaf Bliss, but I’m looking forward to what Vapvana comes up with.

Cordless Screwball vs Corded Screwball

There’s a performance difference, but it’s not detrimental to the experience. The Cordless Screwball doesn’t have the instant replenishment of heat from the coil, which means the tail end of longer hits may notice the power trail off. This is especially true if you allow the vape head to sit on the bowl for 5-10 seconds before taking the hit. I run my cordless screwball hotter at 622F to match the corded version at 565F.


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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