Dynavap shook up the cannabis world in 2016 when their battery-free vape burst onto the scene and became one of the most popular dry herb vapes.

Fast forward to 2022 and they’re doing it again. Dynavap has launched the “B” – a silicone stemmed and simplified version of their popular Vapcap vaporizer. 

Dynavap B Video – Tour & Demonstration

What makes the Dynavap “B” Different from other Dynavap vaporizers?

  • The heat-resistant soft silicone body is rugged, durable, and ultra affordable
  • NO O-Rings! The “B” is designed to be used without O-rings. Other Dynavap vaporizers require multiple O-rings to clean and replace.
  • Half-pack tip – holds .05-.1g, half the size of a normal Dynavap tip
  • Optimized for rotation-free extraction – the “B” tip is thermally designed for simpler heat up and more thorough extraction. No more rotating!
  •  Fits 10mm bongs natively!
  • Only 5 pieces (including cap and screen)
  • Only $49

Negative Side to Silicone Dynavap “B”?

I have mixed feelings for silicone. I’m not a fan of the soft silicone bongs and bubblers. The brightly colored bongs often smell a little funny and feel funny when you hit them.

Dynavap did a really good job sourcing quality silicone and properly curing it to avoid nasty smells and tastes.

I can’t taste *ANY* abnormal tastes with the Dynavap “B” – which is understandable since the vapor path is 100% stainless steel.

Still, I don’t expect the silicone body to last forever, especially with regular exposure to sunlight and isopropyl alcohol. It’ll probably last longer than some of the wooden stems though!

The PROS far outweigh the CONS here, in my opinion, the “B” is a great starter vape and it’s perfect for spreading vaporizer awareness.

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