I’ve been searching for an affordable high-quality Terp Slurper for years and was starting to lose hope! I’d love to have a Toro Terp Slurper someday, but shelling out 600 bucks hurts more than dabbing from Chinese quartz. And I’ve been happily using quality quartz bangers from China for years… but I’ve never found a cheap Terp Slurper that didn’t suck.

What makes the Terp Slurper different?

Venus Terp Slurper

The Terp Slurper was invented by JP Toro in 2017. JP was a cannabis connoisseur and his specialized quartz banger was optimized for more flavor and a better high!

The key difference with a Terp Slurper is the vapor distillation column and the intakes at the bottom with a melting dish. You drop your dab into the melting dish and intake as you inhale!

Hash oil is vaporized and inhaled immediately, with no time wasted fiddling with carb cabs.  Faster inhalation means less time for cannabinoids to convert into more sedative versions, like CBN.

But wait there’s more! When dabbing on a Terp Slurper, your dab melts directly into the intake – which is also an aeration system. Similar to the way a coffee taster or wine sommelier sips their drink with a loud intake of air, the Terp Slurper aerates the oil and allows for a better blossoming of the terpenes.

I cover FIVE different Terp Slurpers in the full video and I’ve organized this page by each individual slurper, including clips from the larger video in case you’re in a hurry.

Who is Victory Glassworks?

I mistakenly labeled Victory Glassworks as an American Terp Slurper in a few videos. Several trusted sources were also mistaken.

Victory Glassworks is an American company and quartz banger designer. Their bangers are made to their spec, not imported and sorted like the others.

Victory Glassworks uses the highest quality quartz labware makers available – this is not sweatshop glass.

Victory Glass sent me FIVE different Terp Slurpers to test and review. The entire sesh video is a fun Tour de Terp Slurper approach where I have 5 healthy dabs to compare the bangers.

I’ve also clipped the individual Terp Slurpers out and described them below for easy comparison.

Use code TROYTIME at VictoryGlassworks to save 15%

G3 Valorian Tall Boy Terp Slurper

Valorian Tall Boy Terp Slurper

I knew I needed it as soon as I saw it. The Corvette of Terp Slurpers, the Tall Boy gets all the looks as you drive down the freeway.

You know dabbing and driving is illegal right?

The Tall Boy Valorian has an extra tall vaporization column stretching between the melting dish and the expansion chamber upper body.

The Tall Boy Terp Slurper can handle bigger dabs than the other bangers and it holds heat for a long time.

The Tall Boy works best with a Quartz Pillar instead of the typical Terp Slurper marble set. The 5 x 40mm pillar makes this banger hit hard, fast, and smooth while being incredibly efficient.

The Gold Quality TALL BOY is $150. Use code TROYTIME to save 15% at Victory Glassworks

16mm G2 HYBRID Slurper / Bender

This banger is a performer! It heats faster than the larger Tall Boy Terp Slurper as well as the 20mm Hybrid that I show later.

The 16mm vaporization column is super thick and stretches a full 2.5 inches from the melt dish to the top. 

This banger performs really nicely with terp pearls, pillars, pills, etc. The narrow column has a tighter pull and is easier to make accessories spin.

The GOLD quality 16mm Hybrid Slurper is $120 before coupon. Use code TROYTIME to save 15% at VictoryGlassworks.com

Venus – Terp Slurper with a Swell

The Venus has a bulging bulbous swell in the vaporization chamber that’s optimized for terp pearls action.

Terp Pearls are quick to spin in this Terp Slurper due to its smaller size and precision airflow.

I really like the way this banger dabs, especially with normal and average-sized dabs. This banger doesn’t do great with globs though. 

The shape of this Terp Slurper was a concern initially, as I know the hour-glass and wishing-well shaped bangers are harder to clean; however, maintenance of the Venus hasn’t been bad at all! Standard Q-tips can reach every nook and cranny and the spray-method leaves this banger spotless.

The Venus is $135 for the Gold Quality. Use coupon code TROYTIME at Victory Glassworks to lower the price 15%.

Ceres – Dual Intake Terp Slurper

This Terp Slurper has intake holes at the TOP of the vapor column as well as the bottom.

The Dual Intake holes focus incoming air into the center of the column, which keeps your hash oil and dabs where they belong.

The vapor from the Ceres is different than the rest too! The additional air intakes produce a different vapor-to-air ratio and give the dab a more “fluffy” mouth feel.

I’ve been using the Ceres with the pure quartz pillars instead of the boro screw or terp slurper marble set.

The Ceres is $145 for the Gold quality. Use coupon code TROYTIME to lower the price 15%.

20mm G2 Hybrid Blender Terp Slurper

This banger has the bottom melting dish and intakes like a normal terp slurper, but the vaporization column remains a constant width all the way to the top. Instead of an expansion chamber, this Hybrid Blender has a 20mm wide column for pearls, pills, marbles, etc.

This nail is a monster and can handle some pretty big globs! I like it with a few terp pearls and I couldn’t get the pillars to spin reliably.

The Hybrid blenders are a lot easier to clean than the regular terp blender. The large 20mm diameter version can handle large dabs with a great window to see the action.

The Gold Quality version of this banger is $150 and code TROYTIME will save you 15% at Victory Glassworks.

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