The Xvape Roffu, or Xlux Roffu as they’re branding it, is a portable herb vape with fast heat-up and on-demand usage.

The full convection heater delivers flavorful vapor without smoke or combustion.

The Roffu comes with a glass bowl and a titanium bowl. The glass bowl is brighter and more flavorful but the titanium performs better and produces more vapor.

Xvape Roffu

Xvape Roffu

Product Description:

A high-class vaporizer made for both cloud chasers and flavor savers. The Roffu has a fast heater with on-demand usage and session mode. It uses a full convection heater for a complete flavorful extraction with maximum efficiency.

The Roffu uses an interchangeable bowl and includes two different bowls for a variety of user preferences. The Glass Bowl offers the cleanest flavor and slowest heat up while the Titanium bowl heats up quick and produces bigger clouds – at the expense of some terpenes and flavors.

The screen is bright and beautiful and the device feels high-end. The software has some usage or dosage tracking built in, but I haven’t quite figured it out – or cared to.


Features: Zirconia Spiral Cooling Chamber – Zirconia Mouthpiece – removable 18650 battery – near instant heatup – colorful illumi-display

Our Recommendation:

This is a nice little portable vape for casual and light daily usage. The Roffu makes a nice micro-doser and the swappable bowl system gives the vape added flexibility.

I don’t recommend using this vape with concentrates.

Other recommended vapes: Airvape Legacy PRO, Xmax V3 Pro, Mighty/Crafty


Cool tasty vapor

Ultra fast On-Demand heating

Full Convection

Two Chambers: Glass & Titanium

removable battery (18650)

Bright Full Color Display

Nice Accessories


Hard to clean

Confusing software

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