Review and Vape Comparisons Updated 7/26/22

2022 Airvape Legacy PRO Review

The 2022 Legacy Pro is an impressive vaporizer. It’s easy to use and the vapor is potent and extremely flavorful.

The Airvape Legacy Pro has desirable features such as a removable battery, glass vapor path, wireless charging, full convection, and on-demand heat up. It’s a classy vape with delicious vapor.

Airvape Legacy Pro is a full convection vaporizer for dry herb and concentrates.

Features: Full Convection Flavor – On-Demand or Session Mode – Removable 18650 Battery – Wireless Charging – Glass & Zirconia Vapor Path

Troy’s Recommendation:

The Airvape Legacy PRO is a good personal portable dry herb vaporizer. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to maintain. It produces very flavorful vapor and it extracts quickly and efficiently.


A++ Convection Flavor

Wireless Charging

Gold Plated Chamber

On Demand or Session

Dry Herb + Concentrates

Sexy Design & Interface


Gold Plating is fragile

Multiple screens to clean

Unloading Awkwardness

The Airvape Legacy Pro is a new and greatly improved version of the Airvape Legacy.

The 2022 Airvape Legacy Pro is an impressive device in terms of both features and performance.

Packed with value and features like a removable battery, and wireless charging, the Airvape Legacy Pro can keep you vaping without always being plugged in. The glass vapor path and full convection heating deliver a full and delicious vapor. 

This vape is easy to use, easy to clean, sexy AF, and it produces wonderful vapor – and lots of it.

The upgraded Legacy PRO is $269 and worth the price difference over the previous 2020 Airvape Legacy.

Using the Airvape Legacy Pro

The Airvape Legacy Pro’s bowl is located beneath the hinged top lid and holds about .2g of dry herb.

To turn the vape on, press the POWER button 3 times. The Airvape logo will display on the screen.

The Legacy Pro has both ON-DEMAND MODE and SESH MODE and it will automatically start up in the same mode you left it in.

To change Sesh/On-Demand modes, press POWER and the DOWN ARROW together.

When the Legacy Pro is in On-Demand Mode, it will not heat your herb until you press and hold the Power Button. While in Sesh Mode the vaporizer will heat up for 3 minutes.

On-Demand Vapor

Unlike session-style vapes, on-demand vaporizers only heat the herb while you’re inhaling.  This preserves THC and terpenes in-between hits and allows you to save the rest of the bowl for later.

I normally don’t use On-Demand Mode at home because I prefer to vape the whole bowl, or two, at once.

On-Demand vaporizers like the Legacy Pro are perfect for quick hits while on the go, or casually consuming a bowl while playing video games or reading a book.

The Airvape Legacy Pro will fully extract a full bowl in 4-7 hits, depending on your vape temperature and draw length.

Session Style Usage

The Legacy Pro has both On-Demand AND Session Modes. With Session Mode, the vaporizer will heat up as soon as you turn it on and stay hot for 3 minutes.

This vape is Full-Convection, which means it uses hot air to vaporize.  Your herbs stay fresh and green until you inhale through the mouthpiece, and they’re not heated in-between hits.

I prefer Session Mode over On-Demand because I most frequently vape at home, and I vape cannabis all day.

The Airvape Legacy Pro has a 3 minute session timer and will fully extract a bowl in 4 or 5 full-length draws.

Vapor Performance & Vapor Quality

The vapor is where the Legacy Pro really shines. It’s a true-to-terpene taste without any harshness or off-putting flavors.

The vapor is smooth and fluffy with plenty of power! 

Compared to most other dry herb vaporizers, the vapor from the Legacy Pro is better.

The vapor is even better than the Mighty+, which is my #1 portable herb vape.

How to Clean the Airvape Legacy PRO

Cleaning and maintaining the Legacy Pro is pretty simple.  I like to brush off the bowl and screens while the vape is still warm, this will keep your vape cleaner, longer.

With daily use, I found that the Legacy Pro can go about a month before it really needed to be cleaned. After a month of multiple bowls per day, the glass tube was lined with reclaim and there were small globs of goo behind the small screen.

Deep cleaning the Legacy Pro takes about 10 minutes and should be done monthly.

How To Clean: Airvape Legacy Pro

Remove the battery and glass vapor path from the device by removing the battery cover and pulling gently on the ribbon.

Set the 18650 battery aside. Be careful, these batteries are dangerous. Don’t touch the positive terminal to anything metal and don’t let anything scratch the plastic jacket.

Clean the glass tube with alcohol prep pads or a paper towel, or even just hot water.

Use q-tips and very small amounts of isopropyl alcohol to clean the screens and in the small holes where the glass tube connects.

Airvape Legacy Pro vs OTHER VAPES

The Legacy Pro is a great little vape, but nothing is perfect and there is no perfect vape.

I’ve put together some vape comparisons to compare the Legacy Pro with a few other recommended dry herb vapes.

Mighty Vape

Mighty+ Vaporizer


Why I Love It: The Mighty is incredibly easy to use. The vapor is full, fluffy, and delicious from start to finish. Reloading the Mighty is faster than any other vape.

Airvape Legacy Pro vs Mighty Vaporizer

Whenever a promising portable dry herb vape hits the market, my inbox and the review comments get flooded with the inevitable question, “Is this the Mighty killer?!”

So is the Airvape Legacy PRO the Mighty Killer? No, it’s not.  It does many things that the Mighty fails at, but the Mighty and Mighty+ remain my #1 portable.

And it’s not because of the vapor! The vapor from the Legacy Pro is actually better than the Mighty’s vapor. 

Side by side, the vapor from the Legacy Pro is tastier and cleaner than the vapor from the Mighty. The Mighty has more fluff, but the Legacy Pro has more terps and more wow factor.

The Legacy Pro has a removable battery and wireless charging while the Mighty doesn’t even have removable batteries. The Mighty has TWO batteries inside, but once they’re dead – so is the device.

The Mighty wins because it’s quick, easy, and repeatable. Vaping 3 or 6 bowls in a row doesn’t require any brushing or cleaning or messiness – the Mighty just empties clean and refills easily. The Legacy requires more time and attention per bowl.

But if you want On-Demand, the Mighty isn’t for you

Xmax v3 pro

Xmax V3 Pro for $109


Why I Love It: The V3 Pro by Xmax packs a lot of features and power into a tiny vape pen with a removable battery.  It has the same On-Demand functionality as the Airvape Legacy Pro and tastes wonderful!

Xmax V3 Pro 

The budget-friendly Xmax V3 Pro has similar On-Demand performance to the Legacy Pro. Ultra-fast heat up and full-convection vapor make the V3 Pro a great value at $109.

The vapor from the Xmax V3 Pro won’t be quite as nice as the Airvape because there’s just not a lot of vapor cooling there. The V3 Pro has a simple mouthpiece with a screen and a ceramic cooling chamber.

The Legacy Pro has better vapor and a better interface but at more than twice the price.

Dynavap Ms

Dynavap Vapcap M


Why I Love It: The Dynavap Vapcap is a battery-free vaporizer that uses a small pocket torch or a portable induction heater as a heat source. It’s an On-Demand vaporizer with a great experience.

Airvape Legacy Pro vs Dynavap Vapcap Vaporizer

If you just want to load bowls and push buttons, the Dynavap isn’t for you. The Dynavap is an involved vaporizer that requires attention and commitment.

The Dynavap is unlike any other vaporizer. It contains no battery and no electronics – it’s a mechanical device with a primal ritual.

The Dynavap is heated with a small pocket torch and the vaping experience is therapeutic and reminiscent of more traditional smoking methods.

While the Airvape Legacy Pro is an electronic wonder, featuring wireless charging and full temperature control, the Dynavap is a primal device – using only a bimetal clicking device to notify you of the appropriate vape temperature.

I consider the Dynavap a must-have vaporizer for any cannabis vaporist. It has a learning curve, which means the Dynavap is hard to share casually. But as you learn and master the Dynavap you’ll develop a new understanding of the cannabis ritual and a better appreciation of the technique.

There’s a full market of 3rd party and aftermarket Dynavap stems available, which means you can customize your Dynavap vaporizer in a plethora of ways.

Other On-Demand Vaporizers

There aren’t many vaporizers with On-Demand functionality and the Airvape Legacy Pro is currently one of the best. 

Check out my list of the best On-Demand vaporizers for more options.