The Flowerpot B-ZERO has been unofficially winning my desktop reach test. It’s powerful, it’s precise, and it hits hard, fast, and clean. It’s the perfect bong-ripping machine.

I’ve been itching to get some Flowerpot B0/B-Zero content out as this vape has dominated my desktop reach test. It’s powerful and agile and it tastes lovely.

In the Flowerpot B-ZERO Review video above, I demonstrate the budget Flowerpot vape with multiple bowls and even push the limits of its “Flower Only” claim. Does the B-Zero TWAX? Yes, it does. Does the B-Zero Double Deck? Not so much.

Check out my Flowerpot B-ZERO review video to see it in action and click here to check out the B-ZERO Bundle ($308.50) directly from Cannabis Hardware. Don’t forget to use coupon code TROYTIME to save 5%.

About the B0 / B-ZERO

The B0 is the most affordable vaporizer in the Flowerpot Ball-Head series. It uses an 18mm male injector and it’s powered by a 20mm e-nail coil, which you may already have.

The B0 uses a variety of 18/19mm female bowls or the standard Flowerpot Shovelhead Bowl.

The B0 is a hard-hitting, open flow, true-to terpene dry herb vaporizer made for bongs.

Features: Filled with 3mm or 4mm balls, powered by 20mm coil, USA Made, Titanium, Fits Standard 18mm Bowls

B-ZERO Pros and Cons


  • Open Airflow / Fast Hit
  • High Powered Ball Vape
  • Full Convection Power
  • USA Made
  • Ball Security
  • Multi-Bowl Compatibility


  • Exposed Coil / HOT Danger
  • Requires a bong/bubbler

B-Zero and Concentrates: Can the B-ZERO Dab?

The B-zero doesn’t have a dedicated dabbing surface like its bigger brother, the B2. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t dab!

Simply add a dab on top of your bowl of herb and the full convection heat from the B-zero vaporizes it perfectly.

The dab will melt and wick into the bowl of herb as it vaporizes. The herb bowl makes a perfect platform to vape the concentrates and delivery an extra potent hit!

B-Zero Double Deckers – Save them for the B2

While a few other ball vapes have confirmed their ability to double deck their dabs directly through the balls, the double-woven screen on top of the B-Zero is too thick for concentrates.

I attempted the double-decker through my B0 in the video and the oil just sat in and on top of the screen. It eventually vaporized off, but the flavor wasn’t as good as it is through a traditional double-decker, or even a TWAX hit.

B-Zero Review Conclusion

This is a better cannabis experience than almost every other dry herb vaporizer or smoking method.

If you’re still smoking or sucking on a vape you hate, make the upgrade to a ball-powered B0 today. You’ll get higher off of less while tasting and enjoying the ritual 10x more.

You can click here to check out the B-ZERO direcly from Cannabis Hardward and hit me up in the comments with any questions.