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Vapvana Screwball Vape Review

The Screwball is a next-generation desktop dry herb vaporizer with dab-like potency. It’s designed to be used with a bong, delivering maximum vapor performance in a simple and familiar interface.

Dry herb vaporization has reached peak potency with ball vapes, and the Screwball is at the top of its class in performance and value. It offers a more refined experience than other corded ball vapes, and the kit comes complete with everything but the bong.

Vapvana Screwball Vaporizer on the included stand, next to its 18mm bowl

The Screwball vaporizer comes pre-assembled. You don’t need to fill it with balls or fidget with tightening coils. The Screwball vape is sold as a bundle with its bowl and power controller. Vapvana has taken care of everything except the glassware.  Just grab your favorite bong, plug it all in, and buckle up for your first trip to the moon.

For $299, the Screwball Kit includes:

  • Screwball Vape Head (with 750 gem-cut rubies)
  • 25mm coil (preinstalled)
  • PID (to power and control the coil)
  • Bowl (fits 18mm female glass)
  • Scoop & Tamp Tool (life-changing)
  • Stand (to hold the hot vape head)

Click Here to buy the Screwball. Use code TROYTIME to save 10%

Troy using the Vapvana Screwball on a bong

How the Screwball Vaporizer Works

The Screwball works by super-heating air as it passes through the gem-cut rubies. This powerful convection heating instantly vaporizes trichome heads as the air passes through.

The resulting vapor is incredibly flavorful and potent. It cools as it passes through the bong.

The Screwball vaporizer “head” is heated by a coil and PID controller. It takes about 5 minutes to heat up fully and remains hot and ready to use until the PID is turned off.

The Titanium metal bowl heats quickly when the vape head is seated on top of it, and the surrounding radiant heat amplifies the effects of the convection heating with added conduction and radiant heating.

The Vapvana Screwball vape is filled with more than 700 gem-cut rubies.

The Screwball Head comes pre-filled with 750 Ruby Gems

What Makes Screwball Different?

The Screwball uses 2mm gem-cut rubies instead of 3mm or 4mm ruby spheres. It’s packed with more than 750 ruby gems, which produce convection heat as air passes through. The gem-cut rubies provide more surface area than balls, and they fit together tighter, making the heater more effective – especially at lower temperatures.

The Screwball is wider than other ball vapes and uses a 25mm coil, while others use a 20mm or 16mm coil. The additional size allows the Screwball to have more airflow and little draw restriction. With a wide-open bong, the Screwball can be hit fast and hard, just like smoking, but better.

The hot, coiled vaporizer head sits around the Screwball Bowl, making a metal-to-metal airtight seal. The Titanium bowl heats up fast and adds conduction heating. The added conduction boosts vapor production and helps the Screwball cook the bowl thoroughly. This design also keeps the heat source close to the herb, adding radiant heat and maximizing efficiency.

Close-up of the Vapvana Screwball, showing how it connects to the bowl

The Screwball Vape Head slips over the bowl and makes a tight thermal connection.

Fine-Tuning Effects: Heatsoaking

The Screwball’s diffuser and metal bowl design gives it the unique ability to alter the flavor and effects by preheating the bowl with the hot vape head before taking your draw.

To get a more sedative and stony effect, place the Screwball onto the bowl and allow the bowl to preheat for 20 seconds before taking the hit. The Screwball with a heat-soaked bowl will typically extract the whole bowl in a single hit. The added conduction and powerful convection extract all of the THC and cannabinoids quickly and will leave behind a dark ABV/DCB.

For a more head-high and balanced effect from your cannabis, place the vaporizer onto the bowl and take your hit without preheating.

Click Here to buy the Screwball for $269. Use code TROYTIME to save 10%

This is after *one hit* at 580F

Vapor Quality  

The Screwball’s vapor is outstanding! It’s much more powerful than any mass-produced electronic vaporizer. The terpenes are well represented in a thick, fluffy vapor that is more potent than smoke.

Screwball vapor is thick and smooth. It’s more potent, flavorful, and enjoyable than most corded ball vapes.

This vape is designed to be used with a bong or water bubbler. The vapor can be hot when hitting the vaporizer directly through a pipe or J-hook. Using the screwball dry (without a water bong) hurt my throat. A bong or a cooling J-hook is a must. 

Vapor Performance

The small gem-cut rubies make the Screwball extremely efficient at low temperatures and a mega-ripper at higher temperatures. It’s easy to hit for anyone and makes great vapor with a small or large inhale! 

The Screwball can microdose or macrodose.

The Titanium Screwball bowl works best with .25g but will still work fine with loads as small as .05g or even as large as .5g! The screen can be adjusted to a higher position to make smaller bowls vape more efficiently!

Heat soaking the bowl also makes the vapor thicker and more roasted. The vapor will taste more robust than the grassy terpy taste of full convection.

The Screwball Bowl after using it 5 times

After vaping 5 bowls, the screen is starting to clog. I usually go 7-10 days between cleaning.

Screwball Vaporizer Maintenance:

The vaporizer head and ruby gem fill are maintenance-free. 

With heavy daily use, 10+ sessions per day, I found the bowl needed to be cleaned weekly. Otherwise, the screen would become clogged, and the restriction would become tight.

I rinse and replace the bong water daily.

To Clean the Bowl — The bowl can be cleaned quickly with a few sprays of isopropyl alcohol and a brush. Another quick cleaning method is to remove the 20mm screen and replace it with a fresh one. I like to rotate a dozen screens, cleaning them all at once to maximize my efficiency. Cleaning the bowl using only hot water directly under the faucet is also possible. The heat softens the sticky reclaim, and the water flow rinses it down the drain.

The Vapvana Screwball Kit includes PID, bowl, and scoop

Refined & Tuned Ball Vape Experience

Most ball vapes perform similarly and use the same power source and user interface. The PID and coil are popular because they’re reliable, available, and affordable. Cal at Vapvana noticed all the ball vapes were identical, so he searched for the differentiators.

Cal tested different-sized rubies, different materials, and different shapes. He arrived at the 2.5mm gem-cut rubies because he wanted the Screwball to have impeccable flavor and efficiency at both high and low temperatures. He wanted very little draw restriction and the heater to be as close to the herb as possible.

The larger 25mm coil and head, combined with the smaller 2.5 gem-cut ruby, make this vape hit super smooth and satisfying with very little effort. The vaporizer head easily snaps on and off the bowl, and it feels safe and secure while placed on the bowl.

The Screwball hits better and feels better than other corded ball vapes.

The included scoop is frosting on the cupcake. It’s the perfect accessory for dry herb vape users and goes perfectly with the Screwball bowl. Other makers sell these scoops for $50+, while the $299 Screwball bundle throws one in for free.

The Screwball Kit includes a sweet little scoop

Screwball Precautions & MUST-KNOW

The Screwball is a desktop ball vape with an exposed coil. The vape takes several minutes to heat up and remains dangerously hot on your desk or table.

Hot Coils can be hazardous. Touching the coil itself will result in serious burns. Special precautions may be needed in environments with cats, dogs, small children, and clumsy stoners.

Ball vapes need a higher level of commitment than other desktop vapes.
The Screwball and other ball vapes are made for serious stoners. Ball vapes are serious.

How Does Screwball Compare to Other Corded Ball Vapes

The Screwball is one of the best ball vapes out there. It is at the top of its class in the corded ball vaporizer list. It compares most similarly to the Cannabis Hardware Flowerpot as they both fit over a titanium bowl. Both vapes excel at heat-soaking the bowl and offering a deeper extraction with stonier effects.

Screwball vs. Flowerpot B1 & F-22

The Flowerpot line has several configurations. The Screwball is most comparable to the B1 Flowerpot and the F-22. These two Flowerpot vapes have a wide airflow similar to the Screwball. I think a B1 filled with the Screwball’s 2.5mm gem-cut rubies would likely hit just like the Screwball.

The Screwball vaporizer produces slightly better vapor than the Flowerpot B1 and F22. It has more convection power and connects better to its metal bowl.

Cannabis Hardware makes nicer stuff. Most importantly, they offer multiple sturdy stand options, including PID housings with built-in ball-vape stands. These luxurious and sturdy desktop vapes are compatible with the Screwball vape head and use the same PID/Coil wiring configuration.

The Cannabis Hardware B1 Bundle is $471. This bundle comes with the Shovelhead Bowl, a much nicer stand than the Screwball stand,  and a good PID, but no scoop. The more affordable Flowerpot F22 bundle is $434. These Flowerpot bundles have a nicer stand than the Screwball. Cannabis hardware stands are also compatible with the Vapvana Screwball. Code TROYTIME will save you 5% at Cannabis Hardware.

The Screwball kit for $299 is a much better value and a better option for beginners. But the Flowerpot series is a platform of options and customizations worth considering.

Screwball vs. O’Connell TKO

The TKO is the other heavy-hitting ball vape with a metal bowl. The TKO and Screwball have similar convection power. They both pack a relentless amount of convection. They both have open airflow and keep the heat very close to the top of the herb bowl. 

Screwball and TKO are efficient at low temperatures and absolute beasts at higher temperatures.

The TKO diffuser head doesn’t engulf the TKO Infinity bowl like the Screwball and FlowerPot vaporizers do, so the TKO doesn’t quite have the same heat-soaking abilities. Heatsoaking still affects the TKO, but it’s less substantial than the Screwball.

The Screwball vape-to-bowl connection is much easier to connect and disconnect than the TKO Infinity Bowl connection. The TKO has a circular foot that inserts into the inside rim of the Infinity Bowl. The TKO/Infinity connection point is the one thing that I don’t like about the TKO.

The TKO bundle also costs more than $500. See my TKO review to see if it’s worth it.

Screwball vs. Freight Train

The Freight Train is a full convection ball vape that uses an injector-style interface instead of a diffuser.

The Freight Train will pair with any standard 18mm glass injector bowl and does not provide additional conduction heating to the bowl. The Freight Train relies on pure convection.

Injector vapes like the Freight Train deliver a slightly brighter expression of the terpenes due to the lack of conduction. These subtle differences in flavor are highly debated and 100% preferential. I often prefer full convection during the day for a more productive high. Adding conduction makes the effects more stoney and sedative.

The Freight Train bundle is $399 and includes a PID with a built-in stand. It also has a heat guard that protects the coil from accidental burns.

The 2024 Freight Train is a wonderful vaporizer and a fantastic value. Click Here to buy a Freight Train.

Screwball vs. Cordless Ball Vapes

Recently, a new generation of ball vapes has gone cordless. Cordless ball vapes still heat the vape head with a PID and coil, but the coil remains stationary. The vaporizer is removed from the coil to use and placed back in the coil in between hits. 

Cordless vape heaters have the added convenience of heating a standard quartz banger, making cordless desktop systems very popular with dabbers.

Cordless Ball Vapes are safer, easier, and more fun but come with subtle power compromises. When cordless ball vapes are removed from their heated coil, the temperature of the vape head starts dropping and will continue to cool down until the vape is put back in its original position.

This doesn’t make a huge difference in the vaping experience until heat-soaking and metal bowls enter the equation. 

Terp Hammer vs Screwball

The Terp Hammer is my favorite cordless ball vape. It’s a full convection vape with an injector interface, so it uses a glass bowl and doesn’t make a thermal connection to the bowl. The Terp Hammer was the very first cordless ball vape and Old Head has been an innovator in the space since the beginning of ball vapes.

The $500 Terp Ready bundle includes the Dab Ready, the Terp Hammer, and a glass injector bowl. Code TROYTIME will save you 10% on the Terp Ready bundle at Old Head.

The Terp Hammer does not hit as hard as the Screwball but comes very close.

Another great cordless option is the Zenleaf Wireless Desktop by Cannabis Hardware. The Mercury cordless vape head is most similar to the Screwball. It’s a diffuser-style vape head that pairs with the Titanium Shovelhead bowl to combine conduction and convection.

Corded ball vapes like the Screwball do not suffer from thermal drop-off like the cordless vapes. 

Relentless power comes with the compromise of cords. Cordless freedom comes with the compromise of constant cool-down when in use.

Cannabis Hardware Zenleaf Cordless Desktop

ZenLeaf bundles start at $600 and can go much higher.

Screwball Review Summar – TL;DR

The Screwball is an excellent ball vape. It’s a great option for beginners and experienced dry herb vape users. 

The Screwball hits as hard or harder than any other ball vape. If you’re looking for the best value, the $299 Screwball Kit packs it in. It’s a high-quality desktop vaporizer thoroughly designed and refined for maximum performance. Code TROYTIME brings the Screwball Kit down to $269.

The Screwball wins my reach test over all the other corded ball vapes. It tastes amazing. It’s flexible and agile in use, and it’s a high-quality, affordable device made by a fellow stoner – not some import brand.

VapVana Screwball Vaporizer

The Screwball is a next-generation desktop dry herb vaporizer with dab-like potency. It’s designed to be used with a bong, delivering maximum vapor performance in a simple and familiar interface.

Editor's Rating:


  • Pre-Assembled
  • Bundled w/PID + Bowl
  • Open Airflow
  • Efficient at Low Temps
  • Powerful at High Temps
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Micro or Macro Dosing
  • Amazing Vapor


  • Exposed Hot Coil
  • Needs Better Stand
  • 5 Minute Heat-Up
  • Requires a Bong


I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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