I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Terp Hammer so I figured I’d answer them publically to help everyone out.

The Terp Hammer is a wireless desktop ball vape. The Terp Hammer comes in a bundle with the Dab Ready heater called the “Terp-Ready System” for $499 or you can pick up just the Terp Hammer for $199. I’ll get more into the pricing, how the Terp Hammer works, some comparisons, and a lot more below.

Terp Ready System (Terp Hammer + Dab Ready) Old Head
Terp Ready System (Terp Hammer + Dab Ready) Old Head

You can click here to check out current stock and pricing on all the options directly from Old Head. Don’t forget to use coupon code TROYTIME to save 10%. Read below for my full Terp Hammer review.

What is the Terp Hammer?

The Terp Hammer is the first wireless desktop ball vape. It’s a hard-hitting, great-tasting, full convection vaporizer that uses ruby terp pearls inside its heater to create high-powered convection with open airflow. It’s based on the Freight Train Pro and made by the same maker, Old Head.

How does the Terp Hammer work?

The Terp Hammer is heated by the Dab Ready base unit. The Terp Hammer’s head sits in its little coil nest and the coil heats the head of the Terp Hammer and keeps it hot and ready.

To use the Terp Hammer, lift the hammer out of the coil and place it onto the injector bowl. As you inhale air passes through the Terp Hammer and gets heated. The hot air vaporizes the ground cannabis that’s inside the bowl with convection heating and the vapor is pulled through the glassware and into your lungs.

Does the Terp Hammer only work with the Dab Ready?

Terp Hammer and Dab Ready vaporizer systems
Terp Hammer and Dab Ready vaporizer systems

No. Several users have built their own DIY Dab Ready devices using their old enail coils and clamps. I am not handy enough to do this and I prefer the finished footprint of the Dab Ready.

How much is the Terp Hammer?

The Terp Hammer by itself is $199. Old Head sells a bundle with both the Terp Hammer and the Dab Ready heater for $499. Use Code TROYTIME to save 10% on the Terp Hammer, Dab Ready, and the Terp Ready System.

Terp Hammer Performance

The Terp Hammer is a ball vape and it performs like one – even without the constant heating of a wired e-nail coil. The Terp Hammer may have fewer balls than other ball vapes, but it holds its own in performance tests.

Terp Hammer vs Freight Train / Pro

The Terp Hammer performs very similarly to the Freight Train Pro. They both have an open airflow with very little restriction and lots of convection power.

Side by side I don’t know that I would be able to tell the difference in performance in a blind test.

Compared to the regular Freight Train or the Freight Train Fusion, the Terp Hammer has a more open airflow – which means faster hits with less restriction.

Terp Hammer vs. Other Ball Vapes

Much like the Freight Train, the Terp Hammer hits a little bit softer than vapes like the Flowerpot and TKO – but it’s WIRELESS.

The performance difference is relatively small but the interface improvement is huge.

The biggest difference in performance will be most noticeable on shorter hits as the Terp Hammer’s time-to-vapor is slightly slower and the convection is slightly less agile than other ball vapes.

To first-time ball vape users, the difference is too subtle to be concerned about. If you’re coming from a B-Zero or a TKO you may notice a little less snap in the convection power. In my opinion, wireless is worth it – the Terp Hammer’s interface improvements are much more user-friendly than corded e-nail coil-powered vaporizers.

Terp Hammer wireless ball vape
Terp Hammer wireless ball vape

Back to Back Hits? Terp Hammer Cooldown Time?

This is where I was surprised! I expected the Terp Hammer to cool down fast and lose power quickly. I expected the end of my hit to be softer than the start of the hit – but it’s not really that noticeable, and it’s certainly not detrimental.

How Fast Does the Terp Hammer Cool Down?

I’ve done several “real-world” cool-down tests with the Terp Hammer. For my first test, I simply took a full hit off the Terp Hammer and left the heater on the bowl instead of returning to the Dab Ready. After coughing a bit from the first hit, I casually took a 2nd hit. The 2nd hit had plenty of vapor and wasn’t really much different than the first hit. It held enough heat for a 2nd hit no problem.

For my 2nd test, I imagined sharing the device with a first-time user, someone who asks a lot of questions and delays taking their hit. Someone that holds the blunt and tells a story before taking their hit.

I pulled the Terp Hammer from the Dab Ready and waved it around in the air as I finished telling my story – by the time I took my hit the heater had been out of its heating nest for more than a minute. The hit it delivered was just fine. There was a slight loss of vapor, but not much.

Go Wireless. Get a Terp Hammer

The Terp Hammer is $199 on its own or $499 with the Dab Ready. I’m a big fan of the Dab Ready as well because it’s great for dabs and uses a traditional quartz banger. You can click here to check out all the options for the Terp Hammer directly from Old Head. Don’t forget to use code TROYTIME to save 10%

Not ready for the Terp Hammer? Check out my heavy hitter desktop page to see ALL OF THE BALL VAPES. Or if you prefer portable vaporizers see the list of best dry herb portable vaporizers.

What’s Inside the Terp Hammer?

I wanted a better understanding of the power of the Terp Hammer so removed the 3 Allen-screw heads to take a peak. The Terp Hammer is filled with 52 terp pearls, each 4mm in size.

An open view of the Terp Hammer - it's filled with balls.
An open view of the Terp Hammer

An open view of the Terp Hammer – it’s filled with balls. As Suspected! It’s a Ball Vape. The Terp Hammer is an evolution of the Freight Train and like many of the newest vapes on the market – it’s powered by balls.

Terp Hammer Ball Vape Walls
Terp Hammer Ball Vape Walls

Terp Hammer with no balls shows its super thick side walls. Super THICK walls for extra heat retention. The Terp Hammer has a super thick titanium shell that stores thermal energy and keeps the internal heater hot for several minutes when removed from its coil.

Running the Terp Hammer with 3mm Balls

There’s a variety of preferences when it comes to ball sizes and materials, and I happen to prefer 3mm balls in most of the ball vapes. So naturally I swapped my 4mm balls out for 3mm.

Old Head doesn’t recommend using 3mm because they may clog the holes.

Running 3mm makes the vapor more snappy and thick while adding a touch of restriction to the airflow. I still consider it very open.

I also had to lower the Dab Ready from 630F to 590F and still get a better roast.


The Terp Hammer is the first of its kind. It modernizes cannabis vaporization in an interface more normalized and familiar to casual smokers.

The Terp Hammer delivers the vapor performance of bleeding-edge dry herb vape technology, the highest levels of flavor and extraction achievable.

First TRUE Dry Herb + Concentrates Desktop Bundle

The Terp Ready is truly the first desktop capable of delivering a ‘true dabbing experience.’ Several vapes have claimed it over the years, and many vapes can certainly vaporize both – but nothing ever compares to a traditional quartz dab.

And the Dab Ready delivers exactly that! A traditional quartz banger dab, only without all the noisy torches.

Going cordless is life-changing.

I’m old enough to remember corded drills and corded phones. Both had early skeptics who doubted their power and ridiculed the need to not have cords.

PIDs are PITAs, especially with 3 or 4 of them all in the same space. Sharing can get complicated and intimidating.

The Dab Ready simplifies the PID’s visual footprint and presents itself in a visually pleasing counter appliance.