July 13 – Las Vegas Nevada. Davinci has released its latest portable dry herb vaporizer. The Davinci IQ-C is mid-priced between the higher-end IQ2 and the budget-friendly microdosing Miqro.

Davinci IQ-C
New from Davinci Vaporizers, the Davinci IQC

The IQ-C contains the same basic conduction heating technology and the ceramic zirconia vapor path that made the original IQ so popular. The glass-lined oven and black ceramic flavor chamber maintain a true-to-terpene taste with a smooth and cool mouth-feel.

Like the IQ and the IQ2, the IQ-C reigns king of portable conduction vaporizers. Its top-notch vapor and all-metal body with removable 18650 battery make this vape a seriously wonderful daily carry.

The IQ-C is 229 at Davinci or PotV. The IQ2 is $295

IQ-C vs IQ2 vs IQ

The IQ-C carries a few nice updates over the original IQ:
– Thicker metal outer shell, with improved design and manufacturing tolerances. The IQ-C feels nicer in the hands than the IQ, but it doesn’t appear to be as thick as the IQ2.
– Improved flavor chamber shape
– improved hinges
– LOWER QUALITY mouthpieces and flavor chamber lid. While still high quality ‘silicon'(?) – it’s not as high quality as the improved ceramic zirconia mouthpieces of the IQ2 and OG IQ. These mouthpieces can be upgraded for <$10.

The IQ2 has a few worthy improvements over the IQ and IQ-C:
– IQ2 has inhalation sensing technology and dose tracking software. It can track your consumption and app integration unlocks a new level of medicinal use.
– The IQ2 has an adjustable airflow system on the bottom. The 5 position air intake allows a more customizable vaping experience

Both the IQ-C and the IQ2 (as well as the original Davinci IQ) feature full temp control as well as smart paths.

Smart paths are a fancy way of describing automatic temp stepping but customized to your liking. By connecting the Davinci IQ vape to your iPhone or android, the Davinci Vaporizer app can build and save customized smart paths.

Which Davinci IQ Vaporizer is BEST?

The new Davinci IQ-C offers a fantastic value over the higher-priced IQ2, but are the more expensive IQ2’s features worth it? Not really.

The IQ2 and IQ-C are essentially the same vaporizers. The IQ2 has a few flashy features that make the device more attractive on paper but provide very little difference to the actual vapor.

The major difference, aside from USB-C charging, is the soft material mouthpiece and accompanying flavor chamber lid and water pipe adapter. The previous IQ and higher-end IQ2 both use a black ceramic zirconia material.

Do they taste the same? Side by side, same temp, same nug – different taste.

I don’t want to say the new material tastes bad, because I don’t detect any taste from the soft mouthpiece. BUT – Side by side, the black ceramic mouthpiece tastes better.

Thankfully the mouthpieces and flavor chambers are swappable with the higher-end parts of the IQ2. Black ceramic zirconia mouthpieces are <$10 from Davinci.

I’d rather buy an IQ-C, upgrade the mouthpieces, and spend the remaining $50 on an 8th of premium herb.

At $229, the IQ-C is the best-tasting portable conduction vaporizer I’ve tried. it’s nicer and it tastes better than the Pax 2 and the Pax 3.

You don’t need to spend 200 bones to get a good vape though. There are several really great budget-friendly dry herb vapes demonstrated on my Budget Vape Guide as well as several portables that are great Pax Alternatives.

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