I’ll be putting out my own in-depth Vapbong review within the next few months, but I wanted to highlight this dueling Vapbong video in the meantime.

Vapbong Vape group shot
Each Vapbong is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

The Vapbong has been around for years, but the vape scene wasn’t mature enough to to suck on a vape that looks like a dick.

Troy and Jerry made a collaborative Q&A style Vapbong while Jerry had one and I didn’t. I interrogated him and we made a pretty sweet review video at the time. A few weeks later though, I had a Vapbong of my own and we streamed an Epic Duel Vapbong crossover with the OneMoreBowl crew.

Updated Troy & Jerry Vapbong Review

The Vapbong is available at Art of Vapor and Vgoodiez

It’s expensive and it can hit super hard with a wide-open airflow. It has some taste issues and some other pain points – but it’s a fucking awesome vape.

Functional art - the VapBong
This Vapbong is GORGEOUS! I’d love to have an art piece like this. These devices are truly functional art.
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