This is not my original idea and I claim no credit to its originality nor its safety.

People have been using aromatherapy devices and dry herb vaporizers to inhale alternative medicines for centuries. The earliest recorded history of vaping can be traced back to Egypt in 5 B.C.

Dry herb vaporizer users have been supplementing their cannabis use with herbs like chamomile, lavender, and mint to add taste and other effects to their experience. I even made a video for Davinci Vaporizer a couple of years ago!

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Dynavap Vapcap with Coffee Beans
The Dynavap is an ultra-portable thermal extraction device, perfect for coffee and cannabis

The Dynavap is practically perfect for coffee beans

It’s a strange coincidence that the Dynavap tip is perfectly shaped and sized to hold the half, or two halves of a coffee bean.

In the video demonstration, I used a Dynavap Vapcap M, which is one of the more popular thermal extraction devices made for cannabis. See my most recent Vapcap M review to see how its normally used.

coffee beans fit perfectly in the Dynavap tip
The extraction chamber of the Dynavap is perfectly sized for a coffee bean or .08g of dry herb.

Vaping Coffee in the Dynavap Vapcap

I slipped one bean, which is actually a half-bean, into the tip of the Dynavap Vapcap and placed the cap over the tip. The cap is important as it protects the extraction chamber from the flame and has a temperature indicating *click* to let you know its time to stop heating and inhale.

Heating the coffee-loaded Vapcap with the torch took about 8 or 10 seconds before the click. I focused the flame lower on the tip in an effort to maximize heating time before the click.

The first hits were light and tasty. Slightly sweet and bitter at the same time.

After a few soft hits I decided I wanted more oomph, so I put the torch back to it and roasted it further.

vaped coffee bean
The top bean is much darker after a vape session with the Dynavap.

As the vape session went deeper and darker, the room started smelling like a Starbucks and I started feeling more and more perky. That’s right. Perky.

The overall experience was pleasant and rewarding! I enjoyed the taste and the effects were quick and minimal.

While vaping coffee beans may not be replacing my daily coffee habit right now, the bag of beans remains at my desk and I’ve vaped 3 or 4 of them since the shooting of this video 4 days ago.

Can other vapes also vaporize coffee?

Of course. I tried whole beans in the Mighty and it was a flop, but the Mighty and the Dynavap are two very different vaporizers.

I can’t encourage you to try, but if you do – leave a comment below and let me know how you like it.

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