2020 Dynavap Vapcap M – First Look (PRE ORDERS OPEN)

Pre-orders are now open for the 2020 Dynavap Vapcap M at both Puffitup and Dynavap

I’ve only had the 2020 M for about two weeks and I haven’t been allowed to talk about it until today. Dynavap worked some radical changes into this Vapcap update. After the video, I’ll outline the changes to the 2020 Vapcap M and offer a few insights on each.

Changes to the 2020 Vapcap M

Chiral Airports – This is my favorite upgrade. The 2020 M has two smaller slotted airports rather than one large round one. This is a multi-purpose upgrade! While using the 2020 M without touching the airports, the draw is tighter and more “in tune.” But placing a finger partially over the chiral airports will create an off-set intake and a vortex cooling effect!

The chiral aiports sounds like a small difference, but it feels more significant and beneficial in use.

Dimpled / Locking Vapcaps – The new 2020 M cap (the clicking part) has notches pressed into it to prevent the cap from slipping off. This is a neat upgrade, but in-use it can also be a bit of a headache. While vaping multiple bowls in a row, removing the hot cap can be a bit more challenging.

It’s possible to squeeze and shape the cap to lessen the locking effect. Non locking caps will likely remain available for sale as well.

Native 10mm tapered mouthpiece – What a great move! If you miss smoking through your bong, the new 2020M will fit natively with 10mm female glass. No further adapters needed unless you need to step down your glass.

Improved Tip Serrations – The new 2020 M Vapcap tip has sharper and deeper serrations on its open edge. These serrations are perfect for cutting and carving chunks of nug away, so you don’t even need to grind your cannabis.
The serrations also allow more airflow.

(This article is a work in progress)

The new 2020 M Packaging is Cardboard instead of plastic – more earth-friendly

You can pre-order the new 2020 M at Puffitup for $75, or directly from Dynavap.
Both are offering the same price, same special promotions, and the same shipping.

Win a 2020 M!

Would you rather win the new 2020 Vapcap M? Puffitup has you covered! Leave a comment below letting us know which Dynavap Vapcap vaporizer is your favorite so far. We’ll pick a winner next week and your 2020 M will be taken care of! Thanks, Puffitup!!