New from Simrell Collection this month, just in time for 7/10, is the WARHEAD adapter for dabbing with your Dynavap – nectar collector style.

Simrell Vortex with Warhead nectar collector adapter

The Warhead replaces the Dynavap tip, which is a dry herb and concentrates vaporizer we’re all familiar with here I’m sure. The Warhead tip is a rounded titanium ball with air-intakes on the sides to minimize reclaim.

Paired with the Simrell Warhead is the matching dab dish. The matching dabbing surface pairs perfectly with the rounded contours of the Warhead’s tip and makes for an organized and pleasing experience.

The Warhead tip is heated with a torch to the point of glowing, or near glowing. A short 20-second cool-down brings the tip of the nectar collector within dabbing temperature.

To take the dab, the hot Warhead tip is dipped into the loaded dab dish while inhaling through the mouthpiece.

Simrell Warhead Tip

Dynavap stems with airports, like the Simrell Vortex, will need user interaction to limit the fresh air intake.

The Warhead and Vortex are available from the Simrell Collection

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