There’s a new affordable ball-powered desktop vaporizer on the market and it’s available for LESS THAN $300.

The Freight Train is a hard-hitting desktop vaporizer that will take your cannabis experience to a whole new level.

The Freight Train is one of only a few available ball-powered vaporizers on the market. These ball-powered vapes are the bleeding edge of cannabis consumption and produce vapor that is significantly thicker, tastier, and stronger than smoke.

The $299 starter bundle includes everything you need to start vaping thermally extracting your dry herb cannabis.

While I test and write my Freight Train review

I’ve only had this new desktop vape in my testing regime for about a week. I’ve had several beta experiences with the Freight Train over the last several months while seshing with Brian, but I just recently acquired a production version of the vape.

I live-streamed a vape session on twitch and demonstrated the Freight Train and test it on several bowls, check it out below.

I’ll be working on the formal review of the Freight Train over these next few weeks and comparing it to other powerful weed vapes like the Flowerpot, Qaroma, and The Pinky.

The Old Head officially releases Friday, June 17th

While the official release date is still a few days away, a few Freight Train bundles have been listed and sold in small quantities since its announcement last week – so go check the listing page.

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