I want to love the Tim Bag – I really do.

The Trim Bag promises to quickly and efficiently trim cannabis nugs in a fraction of the time of hand trimming.

Does the Trim Bag work as described? YES

Does the Trim Bag destroy trichomes and tumble potency away? NOT AT ALL

Why I don’t use it more often? I’m a freshness snob and I don’t like my cannabis to ever fall below 58% rh. It’s purely a personal preference

What is the Trim Bag

The Trimbag is a $279 product that is used to trim and manicure cannabis flowers. It’s a compactible and storable solution that uses only human motion and energy to perform its duties.

The Trim Bag doesn’t contain any blades and it doesn’t use any electricity.

It’s made entirely of fabric, plastic, and some metal.

How does the Trim Bag Work

The Trim Bag doesn’t actually trim cannabis the way we traditionally do. Instead of snipping relentlessly and as precisely as possible to remove each individual leaf and stem, the Trim Bag simply breaks them off and very gently brushes away any loose and fragile stems and appendages.

Step 1 – Load the Trim Bag: Dried cannabis flowers are loaded into the top zipper of the Trim Bag. Ideal nugs will be dried to about 50%. Large fan leaves should already be removed and only small dry sugar leaves should be present. The Trim Bag can trim as little as an ounce or as much as 5 pounds at a time.

Step 2 – 25 Horizontal Circular Cycles – Holding the Trim Bag sideways by its top and bottom handles, the trimmer uses his or her arms to work the cannabis flowers around the inside exterior walls and bottom of the Trim Bag. As the nugs go round and round they gently rub against the bottom abrasive grate and the small sugar leaves break off.

Sometimes more than 25 circular shakes are needed. Check before moving to the next step.

Trim Bag trimmed on left, hand-trimmed on right

Step 3 – 10 Vertical Squiggle Jiggles – Tip the bag upright again, making sure the Trim Bag logo is upright. Grip the bag by the top rim handles and give the whole bag several back and forth jiggles. The Trim Bag should fold and bounce a bit and you should feel the herb shifting and sliding around the bottom.

These jiggles allow the broken-off leaves and trim to fall through the bottom grate.

Step 4 – Empty Trim – Open the bottom zipper and dump your trim into a container for disposal*

Step 5 – Remove & Manicure Nugs – When your trim job is adequate, open the top zipper and retrieve your product.

*Use your trim for something good, don’t “dispose” by throwing it away please