Here’s a quick HOW TO guide on using the Terp Slurper together with the Dab Rite.

The Terp Slurper is currently the best quartz banger design available and is preferred by most cannabis connoisseurs. The Terp Slurper is drastically different than the traditional club banger and uses a series of intake holes along the bottom melt-tray to ‘slurp’ the oil and terpenes into the quartz chamber.

The Dab Rite uses an infrared thermal sensor to accurately detect the temperature of your quartz banger or Terp Slurper – it will even work with titanium nails!

** Update * I upgraded my Terp Slurper to one from Victory Glassworks and it SPANKS the cheap slurper I used in this video.. Use code TROYTIME to save 15% at Victory Glass.

Using the Terp Slurper

The Terp Slurper is heated until thoroughly glowing – not red, just clear/white. I use a Blazer Big Shot, the standard dabbing torch, and heat the bottom first and then the middle/top section. The Terp Slurper takes 55 seconds to heat with the Blazer Big Shot, and about 90-120 seconds to cool down to the ideal dabbing temperature.

The top of the Terp Slurper is sealed with a glass marble instead of the traditional bubble cap.

Your dab is melted along the outer edge of the Terp Slurper’s body where the bottom piece is fused with the main piece. There are 3-10 little holes where your oil will pull through as you inhale and spin around the inside of the chamber as it vaporizes.

The Terp Slurper usually contains a quartz pillar or a round terp pearl, depending on the style of the banger.

Using the DAB RITE

The Dab Rite uses an infrared sensor to accurately display your dab temp. Its adjustable head can be turned and skewed to work with pretty much any banger on any dab rig.

Set your temperature alert to your preferred dab temperature – I set my Dab Rite to 545F

When you’re ready to dab, torch your Terp Slurper and point the Dab Rite’s IR sensor at the banger’s midsection, about a half-inch up from the bottom – this is the zone where your oil is vaporized.

Dab Right with Terp Slurper

When Dab Right flashes and jingles its alarm, you’ve reached the set temp and it’s time to take your dab!



Traditionally dabbers use time rather than temperature to get the perfect dab. It’s an art form of thermal time balance.

You heat your banger until white-hot, starting your timer as you stop torching. When your timer reaches your established count, you drop your dab and meet the space, Jesus.

Because every banger is different, and everyone’s dab temp is different, every “count time” is different.

Like I said – without a Dab Rite – getting a perfect temp is an art form.

Instead of a timer – many dab enthusiasts use “feel” to gauge the heat of their quartz banger.

I like to use the soft white underbelly of my wrist to sense the heat without touching the banger. I simply hold my wrist an inch or two above the banger and use the radiating heat to judge when the banger is ready to dab.

When it’s too hot, I can feel the sting in my wrist. When it’s too cool, I can’t feel any heat.

Again – it’s an art form.