Two-Fist Tuesday style – Today we’re comparing The Anvil with the new FMJ accessory from Simrell Collection.

The FMJ is a copper Full Metal Jacket for Dynavap that completely changes the vaping experience.

The Anvil is a new vape, not made by Dynavap, but similar in components and experience.

Where to Buy?

First things first – I don’t sell shit. I just review and compare. I waste my money so you don’t have to.

Buy the Anvil directly from Vestratto, buy the FMJ directly from Simrell.

Both of these products are too new to be carried at other vape stores.

The FMJ Simrell Vortex is a similar size and shape compared to the Vestratto Anvil Vaporizer

Why the comparison?

The Anvil made a big splash in the dry herb vape scene because it took an already familiar, functional, and successful vape and made the results better.

The Anvil’s copper core and convection channeling produce better vapor and better extraction than a standard Dynavap – without all the rotating and additional heating.

But for $300, it’s still an analog device with a lot of parts.

Enter the FMJ by Simrell. The Full Metal Jacket delivers a very similar experience overhaul for the Dynavap. Gone are the need to rotate and the need to heat multiple times.

The FMJ extends the vaporization duration while increasing the extraction, resulting in more flavor and more extraction with less work.

Why the Drama?

The Anvil creator made a post on their blog making some non-supportive remarks towards Austyn Simrell and the FMJ.

It’s possible his whole post was that weird internet satire that only super literary types would understand but to me, his post was just ripe with BEING A BITCH.

The Anvil made blatant and unforgiving mimicry of the Dynavap and marketed itself directly to the community of Dynavap users.

John is being disingenuous and overly hypocritical to call out Simrell.

The Difference is the Vapor – but is it?

The Anvil and FMJ *absolutely* have different vapor, or vapour if you’re fancy.

While the Dynavap is almost entirely conduction and radiant heat-driven vaporization, the Anvil utilizes convection heating.

If you’re unfamiliar, this means the Anvil pre-heats the intake air and uses that hot air to deliver thermal calories to the herb. Convection vaporization keeps your herb cooler longer, resulting in less terp waste and more flavor.

Vestratto John and Anvil owners swear by the vapor difference. The Anvil’s convection changes the way it tastes and performs and it’s *very much intentional*

The question is – is that the true value and true differentiator?
People seem split. I’m not convinced that the Anvil can get me higher than the Dynavap on the same amount of material – but I think that really depends on user technique.

Which one? FMJ or Vestratto Anvil?

This is a tough call, but I’m leaning towards FMJ over Anvil.

The Anvil tastes better and can seem like a harder hit with less weed, but the complications of parts and the high price tag turn me off.

Add in the territorial drama and chest-thumping and I’m completely turning away. We can do better.