In this live stream, I test the Covert Grinder and spend the first 10 minutes talking about this Rubik’s Cube-looking weed grinder.

The Brilliant Cut Grinder remains my go-to weed grinder, as well as a sponsor of my channel; however, this video was not a sponsored video. I talk a bit about the non-effect of being sponsored by BCG before getting into the Cube Testing around 11:00. See more about the Covert Grinder.

I’m getting a lot of DMs about this, the speed cube I used in this video is $8 on Amazon.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube High vs Sober

People often claim, “I work better while high” or “I think better while stoned” – but is that really the case?

I definitely feel less anxious and more creative while high, at least normally – but it’s hard to deny the brain fog.

For the Cube Test I solve the cube first while relatively sober and unstoned. I’m medicated, but not high.

My first solution of Rubik’s Cube took a little over 2 minutes. That’s my average for sure.

After vaping several bowls with the Cannabis Hardware B-Zero desktop vape, one of the most affordable heavy-hitting vaporizers available, I solve the cube again – this time in 2:45 – nearly 30 seconds longer than the first time.

Three points make a plane. And after a few more bowls with the B-Zero we are on a plane in a different dimension. The third attempt to speed solve the cube took a whopping 3:14.

Getting more and more stoned added more and more time to the Rubik’s Cube solution.

But hey, those solutions were done more creatively and more enjoyably by a less stressed employee – so the math still works out.

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