There’s a new thread-less grinder on the market and it’s disguised as a color-less Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik's Cube Grinder - Covert Grinder

The Covert Grinder is a 3/4 piece weed grinder with a puzzle-cubed interface. The top layer twists off to reveal the grinder’s teeth. The middle layer twists off to open the herb chamber.

Freshly ground herb rests in a removable basket with a screened bottom. The screen is also removable from the basket.

The Covert Grinder is made very well and has clearly gone through the refinement process by an engineer who cares.

the cube grinder opens to reveal the teeth

The neodymium magnets are snappy AF and they vary between the top and middle layer, making it easier to differentiate which way is up without looking at the grinder.

Chamfered edges make flesh pinches very unlikely and help match the layered look of a real Rubik’s Cube.

Opening the grinder, it has strong neodymium magnets

The Covert Grinder Cube grinder is CNC machined in the USA out of USA 6061 aircraft aluminum. The exterior is anodized black and the removable basket is anodized blue.

The grinder is convertible from 4 to 3 piece with this removable kief catcher.

Find the Covert Grinder here