13 Butane-Powered Dry Herb Vapes COMPARED IN ONE SESSION

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Butane Powered Vapes

The butane vapes used in this video use a few different methods of heating. Several of the vapes are convection-powered, using the hot exhaust fumes, while others do not involve inhaling any exhaust fumes.

Are butane exhaust fumes safe? I’m not a doctor. But, butane jet lighters when functioning correctly are highly efficient and there is no unburned butane in the exhaust.

Butane is considered mildly toxic and could cause drowsiness if inhaled.

Vapes Used in Comparison

In order of appearance:
Doug’s Woodery – NOVA – A 3-piece portable vape that uses jet lighter exhaust as convection heat to vaporize your bud. Really great build on this device, the wood has a ton of character and charisma. It vapes real nice and the locking stir stick contraption is a really nice innovation. Doug doesn’t have a website yet? He’s available on instagram.

Sticky Brick Runt – this has been my favorite butane vape for the last year or so. The Sticky Brick Runt brings a sleek and cozy interface with incredibly powerful potential in the hit. The Runt can pretty much extract a bowl in one hit if you’re good enough, but I usually take 2 or 3. The Runt is $140 at Puffitup.

DABS. I have a rule in my content. Accidental combustion will be immediately followed by a “Penalty Dab” – Punish me baby. My dab rig is a little recycler from AJ-GlasstoMouth

Dreamwood DLX Pro – The Dreamwood DLX Pro is a kickass little vape that can sit natively on a water bong as I used in my stream, or with the included mouthpiece. I REALLY like the DLX on the bong. Dreamwood vapes are available from Vgoodiez.

Dreamwood Punch – Ultra-compact with a simple 2-piece design. It’s less magnetic and more precision and pressure. This is one of the easiest butane convection vapes to hit.

The Lotus Vaporizer – The Lotus is a unique little vape. Instead of inhaling the butane fumes as convection, the flame heats a disc-shaped heater that sits on top of the bowl. The Lotus uses convection heat as well as radiant heat from the metal disc, but all of the air intake comes in from the underside. The Lotus produces some of the tastiest vapor out of ANY vaporizer – but it requires a bit of practice to get the hang of it. Available at LotusVaporizer.com

The VapMan – The VapMan is another unique little vape. It can pull some really great flavor, especially with hash. The Vapman is a hybrid vape, but probably mostly conduction. You heat the Vapman bowl directly, from the underside, with a small torch. The air intakes are attached to the underside in a way that will result in some convection heating in addition to the conduction. Really fun vape to use and it’s great for microdosing. The Vapman starts at $92 from vapman.ch.

Sticky Brick Hydro Base – The Sticky Brick lineup is wonderful and the Hydro Base is one of the more agile pieces. I use it with a glass mouthpiece in the video, but it can also be used with a hydrotube. The base has an 18mm glass male nipple.

Eds TNT – PipeScents – Ed’s TNT is one of the OG creators in the weed and woodworking space. He’s more known for his kickass Log Vape, but the PipeScents is a welcome option in the butane vape arena. My PipeScents is cocobolo with a blue glass flame intake. $120 at Eds TNT

Oconnell Woodworks – This one is similar to the NOVA in a way. It has a similar pick and locking method and it also uses the same glass. What’s cool about the Oconnell is the magnetic nipples also latch to the side of the vape. This is a great little feature for securing your open bowl to the side so you can stir or reload.

ModPodLabs – Jetpack Mod – Technically this isn’t a standalone vape – it’s a mod to be used with the Stempod or the Stempod Si. My experience is rather limited with this new accessory, but so far I really like it. Great taste and it’s a quick and easy way to butane convect bowls with the Stempod WPA.

Penalty Dab #2 – The JetPack caught me off-guard.

StickyBrick HydroBrick Maxx – The Hybro Maxx is the same unit as the HydroBase with a few nice upgrades. There are 2 small holes for an herb jar and storing the flame intake. The Maxx also comes with a whip/wpa and a matching wooden cover to enclose all of the glass pieces.

StickyBrick Flip Brick – The Flip Brick is a tiny little device made for use on a 14mm water pipe. This one takes a little more practice to get the hang of than the others, but it’s a great little device. I use it with the restrictor disc in the video comparison.

StickyBrick OG – The OG Brick is the classic in the butane vape line-up. The OG is an extremely comfortable vape to hold and hit. The larger glass mouthpiece feels great on the lips and the pull of airflow is smooth and luscious. It’s not as fast-to-vape and fast-to-reload as the Runt, but the substantial feel of the OG gives it a Bigger Brother feel that makes it stand out.

Dynavap – Dynavap vaporizers use the butane torch to heat the tip and cap of the vaporizer first, and then vapor is inhaled when the torch is turned off.

For my Dynavap Vaporizer demonstration I used the Devil’s Pitchfork from SneakyPete vaporizers.

This glass stem loads TWO dynavap tips and brings the dual vapor together through a stem lined with glass cooling nipples. Unlike other glass-nipple cooling stems, the Devil’s Pitchfork also has a carb! Use code Troy10 to save 10% at SneakyPete/VapeNorth

How High Did I Get?

I vaporized enough cannabis to get us all high. Maybe next time Ill share.

If you are in the market for a butane vape, please shop through my Puffitup link.