The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is one of the most historic and legendary vapes of all time. Blowing big balloons of bountiful vapor, the Volcano is often the iconic status symbol of cannabis vaporists.

In 2019 Storz & Bickel added the Volcano Hybrid to their lineup of popular vaporizors. The Volcano Hybrid adds conduction to the heating method, making the vapor thicker and even more fulfilling. The Volcano Hybrid can also be used with a whip and includes full digital temperature control and Bluetooth app integration.

When the Volcano Hybrid was first announced summer of 2019, I struggled to see the point of it. The Volcano Classic has been out for 20 years. Vaporizers have come a long way and it’s going to take more than a few bells and whistles to get me excited.

I’m not really into whip-style vaporizers and Bluetooth integrations of other vaporizers have all been disappointing. But as you’ll see in this Volcano Hybrid review, it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

The Volcano Hybrid retails for $699 and you can click here to check it out directly from Storz and Bickel. Read on below for my full Volcano Hybrid review. 

Hybrid Features

Benefits: Amazing vapor quality. Thick, tasty clouds from a bag or with a whip. Like a Mighty on steroids!

Features: Hybrid convection/conduction vapor, available in stainless or onyx black, includes whip and bags, touch-screen, blue-tooth app integration

Heating and Temperature Info

The NEW Volcano Hybrid heats up in 40 seconds and the dry herb chamber is now HEATED for denser vapor and quicker extractions! Storz & Bickel left a few gems in the sand with the Volcano Hybrid. Aside from the new touchscreen and whip attachment, Storz has cut the heat-up time from FIVE MINUTES down to FORTY SECONDS. That’s a massive improvement over the previous Volcano vaporizer.

The herb chamber of the Volcano Hybrid is also HEATED now! While previous Volcano vaporizers were pure convection heating, the new Hybrid Volcano heats the chamber in addition to the convection airflow. The heated bowl drastically improves vapor production and extraction speed. With the new heated bowl, the first bag at 390F is like a bag of milk.

The Volcano Classic heats up in about 5 minutes but really needs about 8 or 10 to really get heat-soaked. The new Volcano Hybrid is hot and produces vapor in about 45 seconds. This is a HUGE upgrade for volcano users. Overall there are things to like about both the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic.

Volcano Hybrid vs. Volcano Classic

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Color Options
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Color Options
Volcano Classic Vaporizer Color Options
Volcano Classic Vaporizer Color Options

Both Volcano vaporizers will look great on your desk and bring significant upgrades to your smoke sesh! But their vapor IS NOT THE SAME.

The Volcano Hybrid has two major improvements over the classic: Hybrid Heating and a Direct Draw Whip.

Volcano Hybrid adds conduction heating to the bowl which makes the Hybrid extract much more quickly than the Classic. The Hybrid also works with a whip – which means you can use the Hybrid without using the fan or blowing balloons. The whip can even connect directly to your favorite bong!

The Hybrid Volcano extracts faster, tastes better, gets me higher, and it’s more fun to use.

I’ve got a lot of love for the Volcano Hybrid and my Volcano Classic collects a lot of dust – but I’m a pretty hardcore vape user. If you’re a casual user and you’re looking for a fun desktop vape to share with your friends, the Classic Volcano won’t disappoint.

  • The Hybrid heats up in 44 seconds. The Classic takes 4.5 minutes.
  • Hybrid uses convection and conduction. Classic is only convection.
  • Hybrid can use whip or bags. Classic is bag only.
  • Hybrid has full temperature control. Classic is a 1-10 analog knob.
  • Hybrid has fully functional mobile app. Classic doesn’t.
  • Hybrid wall plug is fully detachable. Classic wall plug is fixed/permanent.
  • Hybrid bowl locks onto Volcano with a twist. Classic bowl just sits on top.
  • Hybrid can extract full bowl in single bag. Classic cannot.
  • Hybrid retails for $699. Classic retails for $479.
  • The Volcano Hybrid adds conduction heating with this clever design.

Vapor Performance (Bag & Whip)

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer with Bag Option
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer with Bag Option

This is really where the new Volcano really shines. The added conduction bowl increases the extraction, which means more flavor and more density in the vapor.

In the review video above I compare the Volcano Hybrid with the Classic Volcano side by side. Even with the Classic Volcano at a slightly higher temperature, the vapor from the Hybrid was significantly denser and much more flavorful!

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Whip Option
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Whip Option

Even with the faster extraction, the 2nd bag from the same bowl in the Hybrid is more pleasing than the first bag in the Classic at the same temp (390F).

Somehow the vapor from the Hybrid is less dry than the vapor from the Classic Volcano. I don’t fully understand how, but that’s the way it feels and I am not alone in this assessment.

Volcano Hybrid Mobile App

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Display and Bluetooth Option
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Display and Bluetooth Option

I’m normally not a huge fan of mobile apps, but Storz has won me over with this one. Aside from the expected things, like temp settings and LED customizations and whatnot – Storz & Bickel has integrated Workflows and Iterations.

A Workflow is a custom set of instructions for your Volcano Hybrid to perform. The app allows you to build out and save these customized settings. Because the Volcano Hybrid heats so quickly, it’s possible to use these Workflows to create a SUPERBAG.

Volcano Replacement Bags

The Volcano Bag/Balloon has changed over the years and replacement bags are now simpler than ever

Replacement bags are sold as a set of 6 with pre-installed easy-valves. This will cost you about $50 every year or two, depending on how hard you vape your Volcano. These bags are compatible with both the Hybrid and Classic Volcano.

You can also buy the Volcano bag material as a tube. This is the same food-safe turkey bag material but in uncut and unattached form.

Not all Volcano valves can be re-used with new bags! One valve from every new Volcano replacement bag set will have a threaded ring – this is the Volcano valve that can be re-used with new bags.

Volcano Vaporizer on Amazon?

Officially, Amazon does not allow vaporizer sales. That doesn’t always stop sellers from selling Volcanos and Volcano Accessories though.

Amazon may be a great place to pick up replacement bags or other accessories, but I don’t recommend purchasing vaporizers on Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t regulate or police 3rd party sellers, which means counterfeit and fake Volcano and accessories could be sold as the real thing.

I advise sticking to official S&B resellers like Planet of the Vapes or These vape shops are known and trusted. You can even buy directly from Storz & Bickel. Check out my buying options and coupon codes section below for both Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic buying options from authorized Storz and Bickel retailers.

Buying Options + Coupon Codes

Shop Volcano Hybrid

StoreBest Price
Storz & Bickel$699
Planet of the Vapes$559

Shop Volcano Classic

StoreBest Price
Storz & Bickel$479
Planet of the Vapes$384