Sticky Brick Vapes 101: User & Buying Guide

Updated: March 13, 2020
Follow the Sticky Brick road and it will lead to some of the quickest and hardest-hitting dry herb vaporizers available.

Sticky Brick vapes are closer to the power of smoking, without actually smoking. The higher temperature of the torch heat delivers a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is more thorough and diverse, meaning you can vape a bowl to full extraction without any of the nasty smoke.

When I want to vape a bowl fast, or vape a bowl hard – the Sticky Brick Runt gets the call.

Sticky Brick vapes are powered by direct heat from a small pocket torch and the intensity of the vapor is controlled by your torch-technique and inhale speed.

The vape’s unique wooden body and glass vapor path give it a wonderful charisma and a simple charm rarely found in other products.

Sticky Brick Labs Full Lineup

Sticky Brick Vape Group Shot

Sticky Brick Labs (SBL) has a full lineup consisting of 6 different dry herb vaporizers including the OG and the popular Sticky Brick Jr.  Each vape varies in price and will have its own strengths and weaknesses that I’ll detail further below.

How to use Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Getting the torch technique right will take some practice. It’s better to start with small bowls and short flames. With your finger on the carb-hole, or a cork in place, keep a slow and steady inhale going while lining up your torch into the flame intake.

You have two things to control. The distance and angle of your torch, and your inhale speed. One’s the gas, the other is the clutch. Try not to roast the tires.

All vapes handmade by

Angling the flame towards the edge of the glass intake tube will reduce the heat hitting your weed and give you a bit of a buffer to work with. When you see or feel the vapor getting too milky you can inhale faster and/or adjust your torch for less heat.

Which Sticky Brick to Get?

There’s too many to choose from. Plus there’s exotic woods and fractal designs too!

This is the same dilemma I had. I sat around for a year, Brick-less, all because I couldn’t make up my mind. I wanted them all, and even then I couldn’t choose between all of the gorgeous exotic versions. I have them all now and I’ll help you choose which Sticky Brick is right for you.

Sticky Brick OG

Sticky Brick OG

The Sticky Brick OG is the signature vape in the lineup. The wooden block portions are held together with super strong magnets. You’ll build your finger muscles or pinch your nipples trying.

The OG Brick has a wide mouthpiece and long flame intake for the widest range of versatility. The OG is great for at the desk or around the house. It’s big enough to pass around and share and not overly difficult to travel with.

$179 @ Puffitup

Sticky Brick Jr

Sticky Brick Jr

The Sticky Brick Jr is a neat little travel sized version. The magnetic lid protects the smaller glass mouthpiece and flame intake while bundling the Junior up in an easy to carry package. The Sticky Brick Junior is small enough to fit in my front jeans pocket, size 36w.

The Sticky Brick Junior is harder to hit and easier to combust due to its compact size. The shorter mouthpiece means your nose is near the flame. The shorter flame intake also means you can get extremely quick extraction, or extremely quick combustion if you’re not careful.

I like to flip the mouthpiece upside-down. It works just as well and gets my nose a little bit further from the flame. See more pics of the Sticky Brick Jr.

Available at Puffitup for $149

Sticky Brick Flip on bong

Sticky Brick Flip

The Flip Brick is a funky little vape that is made to sit directly on a bong. The Flip Brick has a 14mm male glass connection and a short bent glass flame intake.

The Flip is the hardest Sticky Brick to use and the easiest to combust in. The Flip works best with bongs big enough to remain stationary while in use as it helps to both hands to operate the Flip Brick – one hand to torch and one hand to remove the vape.

I highly recommend using the restrictor disc with the Flip Brick.

$95 at Puffitup or read the Flip review.

Sticky Brick Runt

Sticky Brick Runt

The Runt is the newest vape from Sticky Brick Labs. It’s a compact version of the original brick with a smaller block and smaller mouthpiece.

The Runt has weaker magnets and a sliding dovetail unlike all of the other bricks. The result is the fastest reloading and quickest hitting Sticky Brick of the lineup.

The Sticky Brick Runt was my first experience with the StickyBrick Labs vapes and it remains my favorite. Read the full Runt review.

Available for $139 at Puffitup

Sticky Brick Fractal Hydrobrick base with mouthpiece

HydroBrick Base

The HydroBrick is a great base unit capable of hitting through water or dry.

The 18mm male glass joint can mount a hydrotube, a whip, or a traditional mouthpiece.

I love how quick it is to open and stir the bowl of the Hydrobrick. Read more in the Hydrobrick review

$154 at Puffitup

Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Maxx

HydroBrick Maxx

The HydroBrick Maxx takes the HydroBrick and adds the following features:

  • tuck-away storage, with matching magnetic wooden lid
  • glass material storage container
  • extra holes in base for picks, etc
  • The Maxx bundles up and can travel with the matching lid, although my favorite feature is really just the extra holes for the doob-tube and pick.

    $199 at Puffitup or read the review

    Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc

    Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc with instructions
    Restrictor Discs

    The restrictor disc is a relatively new accessory from Sticky Brick Labs. Consider it a training wheel type of accessory. The flame restrictor disc sits below the glass flame intake and above the bowl. It absorbs most of the thermal shock and reduces the chances of combustions.

    I HIGHLY recommend using the restrictor disc while learning to use your new vaporizer.

    And I HIGHLY recommend taking it out after your 5th use.

    Sticky Brick Jr vs Runt

    Sticky Brick Junior vs Runt


    These two vapes are both intended to be smaller and more portable. The Junior has a matching wooden dome piece to enclose the sensitive glass portions, but the Jr’s mouthpiece and intake are very small – which makes the Sticky Brick Junior more sensitive to torch-technique.

    The Runt is too fragile to toss in your backpack without some planning, but the longer mouthpiece is more friendly to aggressive torching. I prefer the way the Runt hits and I don’t mind carrying the glass mouthpiece separately

    Sticky Brick Hydrobrick vs Hydrobrick Maxx

    Hydrobrick Maxx vs Hydrobrick

    These two vapes are essentially the same. The Maxx includes a whip and glass connections to hit your vape through a bong. The Maxx also includes a little herb jar and additional accessory cutouts as well as a matching dome lid to close everything up. A worthy $70 upgrade if you plan to travel at all. If not, spend that cash on weed.

    Sticky Brick Tips and Tricks: Advanced Torching Techniques
    Ahh, you wanna get fancy eh? Alright, check this out. If you’re looking for the fastest extractions possible you’ll want to use a longer flame and a straight down the hole technique. This will combust easily no matter which brick you choose so you’ll need to inhale hard and fast to compensate.

    Another way to rip big clouds slow your draw to a crawl and ramp up the temperature of the bowl. When you feel the vapor getting thick you can inhale faster and go heavy on the torch to follow it through.

    Lighter and more gentle hits with the Sticky Brick are a different technique. Use a smaller flame and angle into the intake at a 45-degree angle. Start with a slow-but-moderate inhale and wait for the vapor to start. Inhale faster or feather the carb-hole to ease up on the vapor intensity. Slow your draw speed to make the vapor more intense.

    Maintenance: How to Clean your Sticky Brick

    Cleaning your SPL vape is simple and straightforward. The glass mouthpiece and glass flame intake both remove and can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. I haven’t had to clean a flame intake yet. The bowl can be brushed clean or wiped down with a wet Q-tip. Avoid using alcohol on wooden surfaces.

    If you combust in your Sticky Brick you’ll probably have to remove the screen and clean it to get rid of the taste. Use the included tweezers or a long, straight pick to pry the screen out of the bowl. Clean the screen with alcohol or replace it and clean under the screen with a damp Q-tip.

    Sticky Brick OG Review & Gallery

    The OH is a heavy hitter and the most solid feeling of the bunch. I really love the bigger mouthpiece of the OG and the Hydrobrick. The wider airpath makes it easier to make subtle changes to your draw speed.

    The OG requires the most muscle to break apart and you’ll need to remove both the heater and the bowl to empty and reload the bowl. The OG is available in several wood varieties including fractal patterns and exotic woods.

    Sticky Brick Runt Review & Gallery

    The Runt is an equally hard-hitting smaller version of the OG. The Runt’s updated design makes breaking it apart and accessing the bowl very quick and easy.

    The Runt’s bowl-piece can be removed with the heater piece still attached, which makes the Runt the fastest unloading and reloading Sticky Brick.

    The long and narrow mouthpiece is has a nicer feel than the Junior, but it’s not quite as open as the OG. It’s perfect. The Runt is $139

    Hydrobrick & Hydrobrick Maxx

    The Hydrobrick units are even more capable of hard-hitting, fast extraction. The Hydrobrick and Hydrobrick Maxx have an 18mm glass joint to house a hydro tube or other ground glass connection.

    Hitting the Sticky Brick through water requires a bit more practice as the water filtration makes it difficult to feel and sense when the vapor is getting close to combustion. I recommend learning and mastering your torch technique before using the vape through a bong or hydro tube.

    If you’re looking for the hardest hitting Sticky Brick – go with the Hydrobrick, starting at $130.

    Sticky Brick Jr Review & Gallery

    The Sticky Brick Junior is a portable hard-hitting butane vape. It’s slightly less comfortable to hit and to use than the other bricks because of the compact size.

    I like to flip the mouthpiece upside down to increase the distance between my nose and the flame. This feels much better and allows a better view of the torch hitting the glass intake.

    The magnetic assembly of the Junior is lovely. The bottom bowl piece can be removed with a twist instead of the usual gripping and pulling required with the other Sticky Brick vapes.

    With the lid, the Junior is the easiest to travel with. It’s small enough to fit in a men’s shirt pocket. Starting at $149 and there are a SHIT-TON of exotics and special editions!

     Flip Brick V2

    The Flip Brick can hit just as hard as the other vapes in the lineup, if not a little harder. The Flip is a little bit funky to use. There’s a hole, but it’s not a carb. Keep your fingers off, unless you’re in a breezy area. The Flip Brick can also be attached to a J-hook for a more portable experience.

    185 thoughts on “Sticky Brick Vapes 101: User & Buying Guide”

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    16. Hey! So this is an appreciation post (and hey that gorgeous runt would be a deadly bonus!). Love the live streaming that you, the modern cannabists, and Kenny are doing! It really makes someone who is not in the industry but just a regular vape enthusiast like me feel connected and part of the community. Thank you guys for taking the time to do that. Kenny as someone who wants to pick up woodworking as a hobby what advice would you give me?

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    22. i’ve been eying up a brick for so long, i have 2 dynavaps and a boundless cfx, seems like it would be the perfect blend of the two styles of vapes. large bowl, but taking hits only as needed. thanks for your work troy! i’ve narrowed it down to the flip brick and the sbjr

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      Thank you for these great vids! I will most definitely continue supporting this community the most I can 🙂

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      Great review on the bricks Troy, keep watching it once a month just for fun 🙂
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    37. “I sat around for a year, Brick-less, all because I couldn’t make up my mind.” Troy this is exactly where I’m at! LOL I just can’t pick, they’re all so beautiful! After reading this awesome write up I think the runt is the right one for my partner and I. Here’s hoping we’ll be hit by a brick soon. Take care and thanks for everything you do Troy and Kenny.

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    39. Iam a joiner myself ,and a weed lover but I lover when I here its only a piece of wood be easy to make ,ha ha I would love to see someone make that runt in black limba ,the work that goes into making them to that standard its unreal ,plus kenny at sticky brick is a top guy down to earth ,always willing to help, top team

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    41. Kenny,
      You build awesome pieces
      Great production on your vids and reviews
      Wishing you both much success in the future!

    42. Wow this is a super comprehensive view of the sticky brick line. I definitely enjoyed that video when I was first thinking about buying a sticky brick. Super happy with my choice, the Flip Brick! I use it every day =)

      I even suggested a format like this in the Discord server, really awesome to see it. This is perfect! So helpful for new users

    43. Hey Guys! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday. I’ve been inspired by all your food talk so I’m spending my Sunday smoking some ribs and hitting my junior! Hey Kenny as a fellow deadhead I got one for you.. how does Jerry like his coffee?… SUGAREE!

    44. The Sticky Brick JR is one of my all time favorite vapes! Simple to use and clean, always great vapor production, and aesthetically pleasing!

    45. My walnut jr. is my daily driver. Very little learning curve, but perfecting the technique is a totally different beast.

    46. Troy’s videos intrigued me to the Sticky Brick line and watching Modern Cannabists with Kenny from Sticky Bricks really sold me on the company. I really dug his energy. So I got a Runt and love it.

    47. Hi Troy and Kenny. You guys are awesome. Kenny just want to say a big thank you, I was watching the live stream this morning and I think donating the money from the megabrick to cancer research is such an amazing thing to do. As a survivor switching to vaping during treatment has been critical for me to medicate. I won’t be going back to combustion! Troy your reviews have helped monumentally in that regard as well. Cheers and love – Jessica

    48. For several weeks now, our SB Junior has served as my go-to morning sesh vape. It’s quick, efficient, and tasty. While working non-stop over the last few days, I’ve been heavily using the SSV43. This morning, I couldn’t get my SSV43 to hit! Not sure why the heater isn’t working properly, but not to worry! I had the Sticky Brick sitting on the table ready to go, and I know it always will. I’ve cleaned it several times using just warm water and it looks the same as the day it came. Using something like Sticky Butter really brings out the beautiful grain and will sustain the brick over time.

      At first, I thought I would be satisfied with just one Brick. But that is 100% false. I long for the day I can afford to get another. As Kenny and Troy will tell you, the Runt is the culmination of their experiences making the OG and the Junior. I think it will undoubtedly be our next Brick.

    49. *to the theme of fresh prince*

      Now this is a story all about how,
      My kush got vaped, got flip bricked down,
      If you wanna get faded
      Just sit right there,
      The brick will do you right – with convection air.

      In. Black. Limba or walnut these bricks get made,
      Vapin’ out the brick is where I spend most of my days,
      Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool,
      If you’re out and about the juniors your tool!
      When a couple of guys,
      Hit it real good,
      Laughing bound to happen in your neighbourhood.
      I got an OG first and my wife got scared,
      and said ‘VAS be damned we aren’t millionaires’!

      Duh duh du duh duh du duh

      I begged and pleaded with her day after day,
      I need a runt, OG, hydro, how bout a fractal babe?
      I got her to try it and her demeanor changed,
      Now we sit on our throne and vape stickybricks all day!

      Duh duh du duh duh du duh 😛

    50. I absolutely love my OG, absolutely nothing hits like it. I usually micro-dose with a HydraVonG XL-S from Dynavap but when I need to get “there” quick I always pull out the SB! I would love a fractal Runt.

    51. A bricklayer, which is related to but different from a mason, is a craftsman and tradesman who lays bricks to construct brickwork. I am not a bricklayer but a distant cousin called a brickvapor.

    52. I am a fairly new user to vaporizing dry herb, for the longest my high ass thought you can’t vaporize weed “I don’t think we have that technology” was the thought in my head.
      But I discovered 420vapezone on youtube a few months ago and now I have been diagnosed with VAS, very sad situation….
      I have spent a lot of money on vapes already and as of now can’t allow myself to buy a brick as I have a davinci IQ in the mail.
      Been looking at a brick for my next vape for the in demend situations where I want to hit something like a dynavap quick and simple and not sit 12 mins with my argo…
      Love your content 🙂

    53. Troy, I love your content. Thank you for all you do.

      Kenny, love your products.

      I am looking forward to both of your continued successes.

    54. Troy, I absolutely love all the advice and comparisons offered in this guide, it really helps narrow down which unit to pursue when someone like myself has zero hands on experience with the Sticky Brick. Being up here in Canada, I haven’t had the opportunity to see any in person, and I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger due to using a flame while inhaling, it’s always been a bit of a fear of mine, having had long hair in the past. But this guide, and Kenny’s awesome craftsmanship has me second guessing my previous decision, as the Sticky Brick seems to actually deliver the size and extraction that a heavy user such as myself is drawn to. Thanks again Troy for the awesome guide, and Kenny for putting out such an enticing product!

    55. Honestly, I don’t have one because these always confused me. This user guide makes these things super easy to use and understand how they work. I may consider getting one now that I know how they work.

    56. My buddy let me borrow his JR and now it’s my daily driver and I don’t want to give it back. Enter me into the giveaway!!!!!!

      Thanks Troy you da man

    57. Thanks Troy. Bought my first vape a couple of months ago. Got the Argo. Thanks for your awesome advise.

      I think the Sticky will make a great companion to my Argo.

    58. I’ve watched your SBL video and referred to your StickyBrick guide numerous of times. I’ve got the flip and now the runt. I love the runt and use it as my daily now. Thanks for the guide as really nobody else has really provided a break down of all the brick options either.

    59. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I combusted, it reeked so clearly,
      Over many a quaint and curious volume of herbacious lore,
      While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
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      For the rare and perfect vape to end my combustion,
      perhaps with beautiful wood seduction, and an airpath that is free of any obstruction
      To rid myself of this vile habit, once and for ever more.

      And the videos, filled with such fantastic information, I dug down to the core
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      – “Stickybrick.” it spoke again and returned to silence as before.

      And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
      On the pallid bust of Kenny just above my vape room door;
      And his eyes continue gleaming like a demon that is dreaming,
      And the light of my combustion throws his shadow on the floor;
      And still my soul is searching, for a vape that fills this urging. For this combustion I should be purging, but my hopes grow more and more,
      For the Raven cries again, its word infact a Vaporizer I had not thought to search before,
      “Stickybrick.” it said, and nothing more.

    60. Love your content man and love what Kenny is doing with sticky bricks and what he’s been doing for the community. You both are great genuine people. Would love to be able to enjoy a fine sticky brick, here’s to hoping I win the giveaway! Cheers guys and keep up the great work! Stay hydrated

    61. Thanks for leading me to this guide Troy!
      I have been unsure of what sticky brick I want for about a year as well and I’m stoked I know now. Appreciate you giving back to the community! Cheers bro!

    62. Havent picked up a brick yet. Perhaps because of all the choices. Thank you so much for the breakdown. Think I may start w a runt and then I know how it goes from there. The question is a collection all one wood. Or one of each in a diffrent wood

    63. I’m so incredibly thankful that you posted this! I have been looking pretty hard at stickybricks lately, and this really was just the icing on the cake to solidify why I should get one next! Thank you Troy, and thank you Stickybrick!

    64. I’ve been following troy and modern cannibist for a bit now love the content , watched troy do review on the sticky brick and would love to try one as iam trying to stop smoking and it looks like it hits hard enough .and its even better now Kenny goes live getting to talk to the man who builds them is brill ,hope you keep up the good work and I stop smoking lol?

    65. I would love towin one of these bricks but not home enough to use it a bunch so send one to everybody else or if i had to pick one person seshncreate

    66. Congrats Troy! This is one of the most complete as comprehensive Sticky Bricks tutorial and guide that I’ve ever seen. Pretty impressive.

      I have a Maxx, but I’m sure your guide will help find out what Sticky Bricks to get next!

    67. Great guide!! The Sticky Brick Runt was a little tricky to learn but now has a permanent spot in my vaping rotation. The large bowl capacity and extraction rate makes this thing a real hitter!

    68. Love my flip brick. My first butane vape where you pull in the hot air. I have a mighty, splinter, dynavap, and the flip. Always reaching for my SBL flip brick. Hits like a brick. Literally. Thanks troy SBL dynavap and storz and bickle for making the transition from smoking to vaping flower seamless! I feel like I’ve entered a whole new world and I love how connected this community is. Legitimately a life changing switch for me and I will spend my remaining time informing whoever I can on the benefits of vaping flower

    69. It’s hard not to imagine having at least one of every stickybrick products.
      They all rock, I love the Runt for size, also the mini bubbler is too cool!

    70. What better way to enjoy the quarantine than at home with loved ones with a sticky brick ?

      It’s chaos out there be kind.

    71. I have the runt and jr and I I do find the runt to be the smoother and harder hitting than the jr. But I still think the jr is easier to use for some reason. I’ve noticed that it’s really hard to combust in the jr because the smaller mouthpiece makes it easier to feel when the vapor is thick/hot whereas the smoother hits from the runts larger mouthpiece make it a little more difficult. Overall love my runt and enjoy the smoother hits but if I had to choose 1 it’s the jr.

    72. Looks like a great little vape. Can’t wait to pick one up for myself and do some shaping of the wood maybe carve in some woodland Creatures on it.

    73. Love the looks of that fractal runt! Also glad to see you’re back to posting videos. I wish YouTube would get their s**t together!

    74. Hello! Thanks for all the great videos. You put so much detail into your videos to help others on product needs. Your videos allowed me to decide on my first vape with the Fury Edge with the WPA. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    75. Shalom, ma nishma 🙂
      StickyBricks are just gorgeous vapes, what a dream to have one of them. Kenny is a true wood craftsman.
      Love your content Troy, I’ve been re-watching your videos during this quarantine and can’t thank you enough.
      Hope to catch the live stream later on, cheers!

    76. I really like all of the brick line….and would love to own one when I’m able to…..

      I’ll most likely start with a jr.

    77. I’ve been curious about these for a long time. They look so cool, but was never quite sure how they worked. Thanks for this great overview!

    78. Sticky Brick Runt looks so clean. I love how unlike most vapes these have a more natural feel and doesn’t rely on electric power. Your review provided lots of information and hope to watch more of this great content thank you.

      – Miles

    79. Great guide! Big thanks to Troy for writing this and StickyBrick for making such beautiful yet functional vapes! Really hope some exotic Maxx will be soon available here in EU at GreenLane! Those fractals are simply gorgeous btw!

    80. Sticky is the new wave! I tried my buddy’s, I honestly prefer these over my Puffco.. that sleek piece of wood in your hands just feels more natural. I love this, gotta grab one sometime! ❤️✨(entering for the giveaway too pls)

    81. Such a beautiful vape and I would kill to try one. I love watching the modern cannabist, but especially when Kenny was on. You can see how much he loves what he does in how he speaks of his product and just by looking at them. All beautiful pieces of wooden ART. Watching SBL/Kenny live stream on IG is also awesome. Watching your vids on how to use it makes me feel ready to use one and not combust! Good luck to everyone in the fractal giveaway and best health wishes to all.

    82. I love that fractal runt! But more so I’ve loved having Kenny as an active part of the VapeZone family. His lives are great and his passion for his products and the community at large have been an awesome addition.

    83. Commendable Kenny and Treasonous Troy

      If this gets streamed, I’ve always wondered what’s one thing you guys wanted to do before you died?

      People call me G, bc my name is hella indian and hella long.

      High regards but also just high,

    84. Although I work in the cultivation side of the cannabis industry, I know very few people with dry herb vapes. I love having a far-reaching community to interact with in which everyone is guaranteed to share at least one passion. I am as entertained as I am inspired by The Modern Cannabists as well as the passion and craftsmanship of Kenny and his crew at Sticky Brick Labs. It gives me a hope and eagerness to maybe develop my own vaporizer some day. First I need to get hit by a brick!


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