Updated: March 13, 2020
Follow the Sticky Brick road and it will lead to some of the quickest and hardest-hitting dry herb vaporizers available.

Sticky Brick vapes are closer to the power of smoking, without actually smoking. The higher temperature of the torch heat delivers a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is more thorough and diverse, meaning you can vape a bowl to full extraction without any of the nasty smoke.

When I want to vape a bowl fast, or vape a bowl hard – the Sticky Brick Runt gets the call.

Sticky Brick vapes are powered by direct heat from a small pocket torch and the intensity of the vapor is controlled by your torch-technique and inhale speed.

The vape’s unique wooden body and glass vapor path give it a wonderful charisma and a simple charm rarely found in other products.

Sticky Brick Labs Full Lineup

Sticky Brick Vape Group Shot
  • Sticky Brick OG – Starting at $179
  • Sticky Brick Jr (Junior) – $149
  •  Runt – $139
  • Hydrobrick – $154
  • Hydrobrick Maxx – $199+
  • Sticky Brick Flip Brick – $95

Sticky Brick Labs (SBL) has a full lineup consisting of 6 different dry herb vaporizers including the OG and the popular Sticky Brick Jr.  Each vape varies in price and will have its own strengths and weaknesses that I’ll detail further below.

How to use Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Getting the torch technique right will take some practice. It’s better to start with small bowls and short flames. With your finger on the carb-hole, or a cork in place, keep a slow and steady inhale going while lining up your torch into the flame intake.

You have two things to control. The distance and angle of your torch, and your inhale speed. One’s the gas, the other is the clutch. Try not to roast the tires.

All vapes handmade by StickyBrickLabs.com

Angling the flame towards the edge of the glass intake tube will reduce the heat hitting your weed and give you a bit of a buffer to work with. When you see or feel the vapor getting too milky you can inhale faster and/or adjust your torch for less heat.

Which Sticky Brick to Get?

There’s too many to choose from. Plus there’s exotic woods and fractal designs too!

This is the same dilemma I had. I sat around for a year, Brick-less, all because I couldn’t make up my mind. I wanted them all, and even then I couldn’t choose between all of the gorgeous exotic versions. I have them all now and I’ll help you choose which Sticky Brick is right for you.
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Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc

Sticky Brick Restrictor Disc with instructions
Restrictor Discs

The restrictor disc is a relatively new accessory from Sticky Brick Labs. Consider it a training wheel type of accessory. The flame restrictor disc sits below the glass flame intake and above the bowl. It absorbs most of the thermal shock and reduces the chances of combustions.

I HIGHLY recommend using the restrictor disc while learning to use your new vaporizer.

And I HIGHLY recommend taking it out after your 5th use.

Sticky Brick Jr vs Runt

Sticky Brick Junior vs Runt


These two vapes are both intended to be smaller and more portable. The Junior has a matching wooden dome piece to enclose the sensitive glass portions, but the Jr’s mouthpiece and intake are very small – which makes the Sticky Brick Junior more sensitive to torch-technique.

The Runt is too fragile to toss in your backpack without some planning, but the longer mouthpiece is more friendly to aggressive torching. I prefer the way the Runt hits and I don’t mind carrying the glass mouthpiece separately

Sticky Brick Hydrobrick vs Hydrobrick Maxx

Hydrobrick Maxx vs Hydrobrick

These two vapes are essentially the same. The Maxx includes a whip and glass connections to hit your vape through a bong. The Maxx also includes a little herb jar and additional accessory cutouts as well as a matching dome lid to close everything up. A worthy $70 upgrade if you plan to travel at all. If not, spend that cash on weed.

Sticky Brick Tips and Tricks: Advanced Torching Techniques
Ahh, you wanna get fancy eh? Alright, check this out. If you’re looking for the fastest extractions possible you’ll want to use a longer flame and a straight down the hole technique. This will combust easily no matter which brick you choose so you’ll need to inhale hard and fast to compensate.

Another way to rip big clouds slow your draw to a crawl and ramp up the temperature of the bowl. When you feel the vapor getting thick you can inhale faster and go heavy on the torch to follow it through.

Lighter and more gentle hits with the Sticky Brick are a different technique. Use a smaller flame and angle into the intake at a 45-degree angle. Start with a slow-but-moderate inhale and wait for the vapor to start. Inhale faster or feather the carb-hole to ease up on the vapor intensity. Slow your draw speed to make the vapor more intense.

Maintenance: How to Clean your Sticky Brick

Cleaning your SPL vape is simple and straightforward. The glass mouthpiece and glass flame intake both remove and can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. I haven’t had to clean a flame intake yet. The bowl can be brushed clean or wiped down with a wet Q-tip. Avoid using alcohol on wooden surfaces.

If you combust in your Sticky Brick you’ll probably have to remove the screen and clean it to get rid of the taste. Use the included tweezers or a long, straight pick to pry the screen out of the bowl. Clean the screen with alcohol or replace it and clean under the screen with a damp Q-tip.

Sticky Brick OG Review & Gallery

The OH is a heavy hitter and the most solid feeling of the bunch. I really love the bigger mouthpiece of the OG and the Hydrobrick. The wider airpath makes it easier to make subtle changes to your draw speed.

The OG requires the most muscle to break apart and you’ll need to remove both the heater and the bowl to empty and reload the bowl. The OG is available in several wood varieties including fractal patterns and exotic woods.

Sticky Brick Runt Review & Gallery

The Runt is an equally hard-hitting smaller version of the OG. The Runt’s updated design makes breaking it apart and accessing the bowl very quick and easy.

The Runt’s bowl-piece can be removed with the heater piece still attached, which makes the Runt the fastest unloading and reloading Sticky Brick.

The long and narrow mouthpiece is has a nicer feel than the Junior, but it’s not quite as open as the OG. It’s perfect. The Runt is $139

Hydrobrick & Hydrobrick Maxx

The Hydrobrick units are even more capable of hard-hitting, fast extraction. The Hydrobrick and Hydrobrick Maxx have an 18mm glass joint to house a hydro tube or other ground glass connection.

Hitting the Sticky Brick through water requires a bit more practice as the water filtration makes it difficult to feel and sense when the vapor is getting close to combustion. I recommend learning and mastering your torch technique before using the vape through a bong or hydro tube.

If you’re looking for the hardest hitting Sticky Brick – go with the Hydrobrick, starting at $130.

Sticky Brick Jr Review & Gallery

The Sticky Brick Junior is a portable hard-hitting butane vape. It’s slightly less comfortable to hit and to use than the other bricks because of the compact size.

I like to flip the mouthpiece upside down to increase the distance between my nose and the flame. This feels much better and allows a better view of the torch hitting the glass intake.

The magnetic assembly of the Junior is lovely. The bottom bowl piece can be removed with a twist instead of the usual gripping and pulling required with the other Sticky Brick vapes.

With the lid, the Junior is the easiest to travel with. It’s small enough to fit in a men’s shirt pocket. Starting at $149 and there are a SHIT-TON of exotics and special editions!

 Flip Brick V2

The Flip Brick can hit just as hard as the other vapes in the lineup, if not a little harder. The Flip is a little bit funky to use. There’s a hole, but it’s not a carb. Keep your fingers off, unless you’re in a breezy area. The Flip Brick can also be attached to a J-hook for a more portable experience.