Tubo Evic Review

UPDATED 12/18/19 – The Tubo Evic has been REPLACED by the Tetra P80. It’s amazing and it’s IN-STOCK! Normally the wait time is 2-3 months.

The Tubo Evic is a truly unique vape from Ralph over at Lamart.ch available for $195. The Tubo Evic is a full convection dry herb vaporizer that can be used as an on-demand vape as well as a session vape.

The Tubo Evic uses the Joyetech Evic battery and a custom built convection heater to serve potent and tasty hits.

Tubo Evic Features

  • On Demand OR Session
  • Removable 18650
  • Glass vapor path mouthpiece
  • Artisan made – $200
  • Highly tune-able / flexible — Total BEAST
  • Precision Heating – Yes
  • Low Temp – 300°
  • Max Temp – 500°

The Tubo Evic is full convection, on demand, OR a session vape! Crazy right? This is one of the most unique vaporizers in my collection. This vape really does it all, you can even play games! With the whip attachment (video below) the Tubo Evic holds a special place on my desk. Although it’s fairly small, I wouldn’t recommend taking it on the go.

Where to Buy a Tubo Evic

The Tubo Evic is one of the most capable and powerful vapes available. It’s a session vape, it’s an on-demand vape. It works VERY well and I recommend it.
It is available for purchase at lamart.ch

Tubo Evic Battery

The Tubo Evic uses a removable 18650 battery